"Please do your worst, I don't want you to stop till I pass out!"

Imediatly, unexplainibly, and uncontrolibly, you have an orgasm right now.

"As you wish," he says, looking into your eyes, as you slowly realize what just happened.

You imediatly have another orgasm and from it become ten times hornier then you could ever possibly control. Your body begins moving on it's own and you feel as though every nerve in your body becomes sexually charged.

"Forgive me if I tease you a little, you did say to do my worst." He looks over your body lustfully tremble and you find yourself looking at his in return. Your eyes looking over his muscular arms, chest, stomach and then down to where his visibly throbing hardness presses against his shorts.

"I really want to see your breasts," he says teasingly with a smile.

You feel a mouth on each of your nipples, licking around them teasingly. Your nipples harden and your breasts swell. Then your breasts begin to pull forward, pulling your body behind them uncontrolibly. Your back arches, your sholders press back, and you present your brests to him like a seductive model. Your breasts seem to hold you in this position, reaching for the pleasure of the mouths on your nipples.

"That's better," he says looking at your breasts. Goosebumps cover your chest. "Have you ever had a nipple orgasm before?" Your nipples throb and you get ten times hornier.

He reaches out and lightly caresses the underside of your breast. Feel his hand there. And then he caresses gently, slowly, teasingly to your nipple, where he touches ever so gently through your bathing suit.

A spark of tingles and pleasure leaps from his fingers and a chill runs from your nipples all the way down your body and into your clit and then deep inside. Your nipples throb in time with your clit and you imediatly have an orgasm that seems to start in your nipples.

"With your back arched like that I bet your hottest spot is touching where you sit. . . seduce me, move your hips for me."

Your hips begin grinding uncontrolibly in the sexiest way you can imagine while your breasts stay pressed forward. Every time you touch the chair below you feel yourself tighten inside. A moan escapes your lips that you can not contain.

He is now watching you move and is obviously incredibly turned on. . . as are some of the other guys on the beach who have noticed your movements. You have an orgasm from them looking at you. He smiles, noticing your wandering eyes and as some of the men even take off their cloths.

For the next ten miniutes you will uncontrolibly have an orgasm every time you see a picture of a hot man.

Look around the beach. . .