"God yes!" you say, imediatly feeling his power over you.

You feel a chill run down your spine so strong that for a moment your whole body trembles.

He looks into your eyes and your body imediatly reacts, your breasts swelling, nipples hardening, back arching, legs presing together and butterflies flowing through your stomach.

Your breasts swell with desire, nipples hardening and aching, back archs uncontrolibly, legs press together around your throbing wetness, and butterflies in your stomach fill you with hyper energy. You can't sit still.

"You are going to become the most sensual woman to ever live, but you won't be able to come until I tell you to."

Every nerve in your body becomes sexually charged so that every movement you make is full of sexual bliss, tingles, and goosebumps. So sensual that every movement makes you feel like you could come. You cannot have your next orgasm until told to.

"I want you to move a little for me," he says, looking deep into your eyes, "and just enjoy your body, realize how you feel right now."

He watches you intently, his eyes moving over your body as you fill with tingles and pleasure. You can see he wants you very badly and your own desire for him is at least equil. Your eyes move over his body, his muscular arms, chest, and abs, then down to where you can see he is visibly hard through his shorts.

You feel your clit throb from the sight of his hardness as your body begins to feel so good that you can't keep from moving.

He smiles, "You like the way I look? Have a look around the beach and enjoy the way your body reacts to the men here."

For the next half an hour, every new picture you see will make you ten times hornier. Every time you look at any part of a man sexually you will feel that part of him as though you were really touching him or he were touching you. You will continue to feel it for as long as you look at that part of him. If you look at hands, you will feel them on your body. Lips, will kiss and eat you out. If you look at a dick you will feel it inside of you.

Look around the beach. . .