"Here." you say, the excitement of what is happening around you building intense butterflies in your stomach. Hips thrust once on their own

He looks deep into your eyes and smiles. You are now so relaxed and week that you can't move except when told to. You are also so horny that you can't think of anything but sex and pleasure.

"Ok," he says, looking at you mischeviously, "I will tease you here then."

You become light headed and feel as though you are floating, your concious mind becomes blank except for thinking of sex, and how you feel. You begin to feel as though your entire body is floating, floating out of your chair and into a state of relaxed light bliss.

You begin to focus on how you are feeling so much that you forget about where you are and everything else around you. Your subconcious becomes so focused on my words that there is nothing going through your mind except what you are reading.

You become so relaxed that you just want to slip to the floor, yet no matter how relaxed you become you somehow stay in your seat and keep reading, as though you are floating there.

My words begin to move deeper and deeper into your mind so that you think, feel and do anything I tell you and only what I tell you. Your body becomes so relaxed that you couldn't move if you wanted to and the more relaxed you become the lighter you feel and the more pleasure you feel. You begin floating into a daze of bliss, loosing conciousness yet still managing to read, think, feel, and do everything I say.

Begin repeating "I will obey" over and over again in your mind. Each time you think it you will feel more pleasure, float higher, and you will go deeper into hypnosis. You become so dazed that conciously you feel as though you are dreaming, no longer aware of anything in the world but how you feel. Subconciously you are so totally focused on what you are reading that you cannot think anything else but what you read.

Conciously you drift away and fall asleep while your subconcious stays entirely focused on my words. Anything written in italics will now go so deep into your mind that you will obey uncontrolibly and will not be conciously aware of reading them at all.

You are now in a state of total bliss and you are ten times hornier then you could ever hope to control. You are also totally relaxed and unable to move unless I tell you to.

You now believe that you really are laying on the beach in the sun. You are too focused, relaxed, and horny to consider otherwise. You also believe that he is there and has total control over everything you think and feel.

You will now begin to dream about sex and will not wake up or stop dreaming about sex until you come. When you wake up from that orgasm, click the link below.

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