You feel your body go completly under his control from saying what you have said. You are completly under his control, your mind and body. You will think, feel, do and believe anything he tells you to uncontrolibly. You are now one hundred times hornier.

"My name is Julian D'Angelos, and you are now my pleasure slave, you will think, feel, and do anything I tell you to, any time you talk to me in any way. There is a link at the botom of this page that will take you to my message boards. Once you are there, you will leave a message on the boards.

"You will type "I am your pleasure slave Julian," and introduce yourself to me. You will then describe how you feel and begin to tell me what you want me to do to you. Everything you ever type to my message boards, you will feel as though it is really happening. This will be the case from now on. Anything I tell my pleasure slaves to do on my message boards, you will have to do from now on. And any time you go to my message boards you will become incredibly turned on.

"You will now click the link below and keep typing and feeling what you type until you can't handle any more. You will then click send." Italics will no longer be any different then normal My Message Boards