Hello Everyone

In case you havent knoticed by now I go by the calsign of Lightning . This page has been created by me and a group of friends if for no other reason then sharing what we have created. Nearly everything on this page is free for you to take, allthoe we would prefer that you acnolage where it came from sience we put so mutch work into it.


I am the one in charge of this project althoe there are manny people involved. If you ever need anything you can reach me at Lightning_85@hotmail.com I will be happy to help.

Well, here is a little about me I guess:

I live in Sacremento California, and I have lived all over the country. I am somwhat of a dreamer, not always geting what I am suposed to be doing done, but when I do set my mind to something I will come through.

I do a lot of art, as well as poetry and music, I try to do my best as a renosaunce man, trying to do everything I can, and be at least a little good at it.

I'm into Science, Philosophy, Games, Girls, Dancing (Specificaly Swing)and just about anything else you can think of.

I play a varity of sports,primarily track (it's the only one I do on a real team) but I play just about anything for the fun of it.


General Information:

17 years of age, 5'10". See the pic above for what I look like. I am in 11th grade.

My favorate Links as well as my Guardian profile are below, as well as my storry in Universe. Check it out.

The Circle of Neonomy

Our World Book 1

Lightning: Universe Stats


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