Welcome gamers. This is soon to be the home page of the Universe RPG, hopefully this site will make gaming a little easier by allowing players access to the core game materials from anywhere in the world. This may take some time to get fully running and I am sorry for the delay, but listed below are the sections that are or will be availible on this site. If it has a link then it's working if it doesn't then I'll have it as soon as I possibly can. As a side note: the game has finished it's first complete playtest run, this means two things; a) the game is fully playable in at least it's most basic forms from what I will upload here b) nearly everything except the core rules is subject to some change in order to finish the play-ballancing and to correct loop holes. For instance there are currently 60 pages of magic; there will soon be 100 in order to complete the spell list (this of corse may actually shrink in page numbers as we edit the format to make it look nicer but we are adding almost 150 new spells). Also for technical purposes: currently everything is in word perfect format, I will have it in a couple of other formats when things are finalized but for the moment you need something that can read word perfect 6.0 or better. Also I will be uploading some spreadsheats to make some of the math easier for things like vehicle creation: for this reason and the previously stated one all downloads contain the format in (brakets). At any rate have fun looking around. If you have any questions or comments my current e-mail is Lightnin_85@yahoo.com. --Lightning

Universe Online

This section will contain an interactive map of the universe that will allow players to click on systems, planets, ect. all the way down to specific cities. This will allow players to aquire planetary modifications when creating charicters and allow a basic explanation of areas so that it is possible to get a feal for specific locations. It should be possible after downloading the core rules listed below to make charicters from specific places directly from this site: this is going to take a long time to make but should be up and running within a year.


Charicter Creation Sheets (.wpd)
Complete Race and Occupation List(.wpd) 
Complete Skills list (.wpd)
Attribute Explanations (.wpd)
How to Create a Charicter (.wpd)
Combat Rules (.wpd)
Magic Skills List/Explanation (.wpd)
Psyche Skills List/Explanation (.wpd)
Tech Skills List/Explanation (.wpd)
Compendium for Sol System (includes weapons and ship listings)(.wpd)
Compendium for Gaia: Arcadian Teritories (.wpd)
Glossery (.wpd)