About This Site

Text is the forgotten erotic art form.

More accurately, text is the forgotten art form in general; it just happens that erotic art is a specific interest of mine (and I believe an interest of most honest post pubescent members of the human race, but I digress.)

Text is the forgotten erotic art form, and, I might add, the most powerful forgotten erotic art form; no other form of communication offers the insight into the depths of a person, and thus into their lusts and desires the way that text can. A picture may paint a thousand words but 965 of them are about the exterior. What is truly powerful about any person sexually, is a matter of what is inside. And it is text alone that has the power to draw up from in the depths of its reader the same powerful sexual desire and feeling that the author put into it.

That, simply, is the purpose of this site: to communicate in a manor that not only speaks to the mind of a person, but to their innermost feelings. I hope to place a series of writings on here that not only communicate my thoughts, desires and feelings, but also draw into the reader those same feelings: to take the levy of inhibition off of the reader and let their own desires flow from them.

Human desire is infinite in itís capacity. That is to say you can love an infinite number of things or desire even one thing infinitely. It is that passion that makes humans interesting. I have found however that it is difficult to maintain a constant state of passion without exterior input. In the case of sexual desire that means I cannot simply, turn myself on.

On the other hand, something as simple as the right kind of look from another person and I am turned on with no effort from myself. This is the difficult paradox of human desire: it can be given to you, but you cannot create it or take it. I want to create a place where people can bee filled with desire, a place where they can come and read, and feel that powerful thing that makes humans really live: desire.

This is where I feel text is the most powerful resource, and the reason why there is nearly nothing but the text content on this site. If I write a story and place my own passion into it, and people come across it and really feel this thing I feel, then the desire can grow and flourish on itís own, it becomes itís own thing.

This is an idea that I feel many males fail to grasp: give your desire away and you will have an infinite amount of it. Keep it in and you will loose it. Men have a reputation for being selfish in bed because they think that by pleasing themselves they will be happy. What I have found, and what I feel inspires me to make this into a major project of mine, is that by attempting to please others, by giving my desire to them, and hopefully a little pleasure to them, my own desire and pleasure is multiplied. Through communion we all are filled.

To put that simply: this site is for you. I hope you enjoy it, take pleasure from it, and are filled with your own desire. I hope this site inspires in every way possible. I hope through feedback I can tailor it more and more perfectly to itís readersí taste and hopefully we can all learn and grow and experience the wealth of feelings available by sharing what we feel.


PS: I hope to update this site weekly, so please check back often and have a look at my stories as I post them.

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