Between Gods and Animals

It's a strange balance that we as humans exist in: half the vary divine nature and image of god, half the shear beast and animal of the field. We exist as the only creature to completely harbor reason and logic, yet that is exactly what we are: a creature. We and we only have the ability of complete choice among that which lives, for no animal can go against it's vary nature but us. No animal is capable of giving up, pushing forward or imagining a better world. Only us. Yet within us is that vary beast that we are separated from: the shear animal passion, emotion, fierceness, and strength that is the beast of the field. We seem to be torn between two worlds, one of reason, logic, and order and one of passion, intensity and chaos. We spend our entire lives approaching the line that divides us from the beast. Always looking for the fiery intensity of nature and life it's self, wail trying not to get so close as to be burned. We want to be part of nature, but we know that we are, as a single person, greater then nature it's self. The eternal fight wages within our souls trying to find the balance that is perfection. Some venture full force into the beast, venturing so far into the night that they cease to be human. Loosing it all to the call of the storm, the darkness, the animal within. Others hide from the animal they are, never seeing the night, never heading it's call. Never knowing love, passion, or the sheer power that comes from emotion. They grow cold, and unable to be what they are. Both parish. For neither is truly what he was meant to be. So reason keeps fighting emotion and the war rages on as we all drift aimlessly into eternity until that day when we can except that which we are: that great divine reason that god gave us and that absolute power and passion of the beast within. When we finally find the path where we chasten the beast with reason, and power reason with passion, then and only then will we truly be human.