Standing naked together, you open the new door in front of us. We leave the fog, the laser light show, and the cargo net (I smile and say that I'm sure are going to mess that damn cargo net LOL) and step into the new room. "This is the strangest room I've ever been in!" I remark with wide eyes.

And it is a very strange room - completely white with bright intense lights. The only thing in the room is us and a sheet in the middle of the floor, bundled up in a pile. We take afew steps forward and the door shuts behind us. The floor below us is smooth to our touch and has some bounce to it. The door shuts automatically, leaving no visible exit out of this room. No windows, no exit point, nothing to get any reference of our whereabouts except for the sheet.

You pull my nakedness to you, feeling the curvature of my shapely ass against your groin. You gently kiss my neck and caress my full breasts. Our mouths meet with a long passionate kiss, our tongues probing each others mouths. We then decide to pull this sheet up and have a look of what's underneath it.

To our wonderment, there is a small blue kiddie pool, some white cushions, and three white cans. I suddenly smile and start prying the lids off the cans - sure enough they contain red, blue, and yellow paint. I dip my fingers into the blue and flick some droplets at your chest, giggling at your mock of surprise. You then plunge your hand into the yellow and run them from my shoulders to my ass. The vivid yellow heightens my beautiful skin and makes you aroused. Soon we are busy "painting" each other, the paint leaving it's trail of everywhere we explore on our bodies. A game of paint and chase begins, our footprints and handprints bringing color into this white room. Soon colors of orange, purple, and green have appeared, along with the blue, red and yellow. We are like two young children finger painting each other and then trying to escape before getting painted ourselves.

You color one of my breasts and my wonderful tummy, giggling at yout ability to catch me unaware. You try to slide away from my attack, but fall into the kiddie pool. That's where I tackle you and pin you down to the ground.You beg for my mercy as I swirl a can of paint above you. My smile is so bright and the look in my eyes is so intense - I know I've got you and now I'm going to do you in with the whole can. But you grab my ankle and pull me on top of you, the paint going everywhere.You press your chest against mine and kiss me deeply. Your hands work there way up and down my shapely thighs, leaving a paint trail behind.You nibble your way down to my perfect breasts and suck on my nipples as your finger finds my clit.I moan and my hand finds your hard cock and I slowly stroke it, swirling my fingers along it's big, purple head.You kneel and pull my legs over your shoulders bringing my pink pussy to your mouth. Your tonuge darts around my swollen clit and then in and out of my love tunnel. Soon you're sucking hard on my clit and every now and then you give it a playful bite. I squeeze your head with my thighs and have a wonderful orgasm. You then slide me to my back and you stradle my chest. The paint is slippery and makes a wonderful lube as you fuck my tits, slow at first but soon your pace is faster and you send streams of cum onto my cleavage.

You pick me up and carry me around your waist till we find a wall. There you pin me against it and slide your hard cock into my tight pussy. You fuck me slow and deep, your dick coming all the way out before you pound it back into my love nest. Soon I cover your cock with my cum and my body goes limp. You let me down and turn me so that I'm are facing the wall. I place my hands against the wall for support and shove my ass out to meet your hard strokes. My breast sway as your balls slap against my ass. My pussy feels so good on your cock! Then I lie you down and crawl on top of you. I ride you slow at first but soon I'm pounding on your prick with fast, long strokes. I have a series of orgasms and then fall forward where our mouths meet. Then you stand me up against the wall again and hold one of my legs in the air. You slide your cock deep within me and fuck me frantically. My eyes meet your's and the look of complete lust on my face causes you to cum instantly, your cock pulling out of my pussy sending it's juices high onto my tits. We both then collapse on top of one another, gently kissing each other.

The lights dim and we noticethe wonderful room that we've "painted". What beautiful artwork I mention with a wink in my eye. A door opens, beckoning us to pass through it.

"Wonder where this one goes?", you say.

"Hopefully to a shower!", I giggle.

A knock comes at the door and before we can do anything in walks a butler and a maid with a covered tray.

"We have brought you dinner and desert" exclaims the butler, all the time watching me with his eyes.

The maid picks up a bathrobe and holds it out for me to step into. "My what a hot body you have!" she says as she wraps the robe around me. Then she turns me around and kisses me on my mouth. This is quite unexpected and I try to step back, but she grabs me by the waist and pulls me to her. "Henri and I have a surprise for the both of you" she says as she takes me to the bed.

Once at the bed, she pushes me down and grabs my legs. She rips open my robe, exposing my lovely breasts. Then she slithers out of her maid outfit exposing her ample breasts and a very fit, shapely body. She lays next to me and she kisses my neck, my ears, my shoulders, and then finally she sucks a nipple into her hot mouth. Her fingers make their way to my wet pussy and she slowly slides two fingers in, slowly fucking me at first but soon her fingers are pounding into my hot box. "Is this how you liked to be banged?" she asks, busily plunging her fingers in and out of my wet pussy, "Or maybe you want to be licked!" With that she runs her tongue onto my erect clit. She bits my little sensitive joy button and sucks it deep into her mouth. Then without warning she slides two fingers deep into my tight ass. My eyes roll as she licks my pussy into an intense orgasm, making my thighs quiver and my head spin.

She then demands Henri to come over in front of me. She rolls me over onto my knees and tells him to turn his back to me and take off his clothes. She is kneeling behind me with the thumb of one hand in my pussy and it's fingers rubbing over my clit. She tells Henri to slowly turn to face me and when he does I catch a view of his huge cock - it must be 10 inches in length, very thick, with a big purple head and ready for action. "I want you to suck his cock real good" she says to me, "or you will be punished!" With that she slams her fingers back into my ass and uses the other hand to grab my pubic bone. I open my mouth as wide as I can and slowly slide this massive dick into it. He tells me just how he wants his cock sucked - lick the head with my tongue, run my tongue down the shaft, stroke the cock with my hand. I are so busy with him that I haven't noticed that Yvonne has brought you over to the bed and has tied your hands to the post so that all you can do is stand and watch the two of them fuck me.

"Your cock is very nice and very hard." she says to you. "Maybe I should suck it for you." She then swallows your cock down her throat and is voraciously sucking your cock. She plays with your balls. I try to look over your way to see what you're moaning about, but Henri grabs the back of my head and slides his cock deep into my throat. "Do you want to cum?" Yvonne says to you. "You know that you can't cum until I'm ready for you to cum!" and with that she pulls away from you and looks at me.

"Henri, I want you to fuck her pussy with your big dick, and fuck it good!" Yvonne says. She rolls me onto my back so that my head is resting on her thighs and pulls my legs back so that my ankles almost are behind me. Henri kneels in front of me and slowly slides his cock deep into my wet pussy. All I can do is watch this huge cock assault my tightness, stretching it, filling it, rubbing my pussy like it has never been fucked before. Soon his cock is gaining speed and it's rubbing on my clit just right causing me to have another huge orgasms, coating his cock with my cum. Yvonne tells him to cum and he fucks my box with a few more strokes and then grabs her and shoves his cock deep into her throat and cums hard. She then lets the hot cum drip out of her mouth onto my pert nipples and rubs it into my flesh.

"Now I want you to watch me fuck your lover." Henri picks me up and places me between your feet. Yvonne bends over in front of you and tell me to stick your hard cock into her pussy. Upon doing so, she slides her hole all the way down your cock and starts fucking you, hard, controlling the rhythm and length of each stroke. I watch intensely as you cock goes in and out of her pussy. Then Henri spreads my legs and starts to eat my pussy again, sucking on my clit and running his fingers around my lips. I start to cum again and the sounds of my orgasm causes you to start to have your own. Yvonne pulls off your cock and jerks it off all over my cleavage just as my orgasm over takes me.

"We have more surprises for you" Yvonne says as she drags me back on the bed. She repositions you so that you're facing the bed, but you're still tied to the posts. Henri lays on the bed, his huge cock still hard, as Yvonne straddles me over it. He grabs my hips and guides his cock deep inside of me again and pulls me down so that my ass is in the air and I'm face to face with you hard cock. "Suck that cock!!!" Yvonne demands of me as she comes back from the dinner cart. Now she is sporting an impressive strapon cock of her own and she is busy pouring lube over it. She stops Henri from fucking me for just enough time to slide her cock deep into my waiting ass. At first it's just small strokes, but soon she is giving my ass the hole cock, fucking me with long, smooth strokes. My body is overcome with passion and the orgasms build within me. I'm racked by big multiple orgasms, my cum running down my thighs and around Henri's cock and balls. I'm now fucking the three of us hard, taking her cock deep into my ass, pounding my pussy onto his impressive cock, and sucking your cock deep into my throat. Another waves of orgasms take control, followed by another. Then you can't control yourself and shoot a huge load of your hot jizm into my mouth, which I lustfully swallow. Then Henri pulls his cock out of my pussy and shoots his load high onto my lovely tits. With that all four of us collapse and fall off into sleep.

We are awaken by Yvonne struggling with Henri. She has been tied to the bed and is on her knees. Henri brings me over to the dinner cart and helps me into a strapon cock of my own, one that his as large as his cock. He picks Yvonne up around the waist so that I can slide underneath her and he plants her pussy onto my cock in one powerful motion. Yvonne's eyes widen as my cock stretches her pussy to it's maximum. She is cursing in French and Henri decides that the best way to keep her quite is to shove his cock deep in her mouth. She tries to get away, but he grabs her head with both hands and fucks her mouth hard and deep. He then suggests that she has a tight ass and needs your cock deep inside of it. You slide your hard cock into her ass and our two cocks make quite the team - when I pull out, your cock is slamming in. We fuck her hard, her pussy juice running down my cock. She is now our servant and we enjoy having our way with her. Then Henri pulls his cock out and unleashes a very copious load of cum onto her face, coating it quite nicely. This causes you to shoot your load deep into her ass as I grab her hips and bury my cock even deeper into her box.

Henri unties Yvonne from the bed, puts her on top of his mighty shoulders, smiles and says "What's good for the goose is good for the gander." He tips his head and wishes us a good night and heads of the door.

It seems to me that the dream started with us leving the shower with you kissing your way down my back and to my wonderful ass. As you nibble my perfect checks, you spread my legs and slowly slide you fingers along my sweet, shaven slit and find my erect clit. I moan as you rub my clit and tease my tight asshole with another finger. Then I turn around and grab your head and grind my pussy into your face! You tongue flicks along my clit and snatch, teasing and biting at my lovebutton, sucking it deep within your warm mouth and then aggressively assualting it with your tongue. Then you slide one, then two, fingers deep into my pussy and fingerbang me hard while your other hand reaches out and finds my hard nipple on my pert, perfect breast. At this point I am grinding my mound against your mouth and my legs tremble as a big orgasm overtakes me, flooding your tongue with my sweet juices. Then I drop to the floor of the shower, exhausted from the power of my orgasm. Your rampant hard cock finds my lips and you slide your whole member deep into my throat. You slowly face-fuck me, holding the back of my head as your cock goes from it's tip just in my mouth to all the way in to your balls. I look up at you with my wonderful blue eyes and the look is so full of lust it's amazing that you don't cum on the spot! You pick me up and put me on my feet and hold one of my perfect legs over you shoulder as your hard cock finds my moist opening. You drive your cock deep within me in one slow thrust, it's shaft rubbing against my clit. I gasp as my pussy stretches to take in your girth and length and you slowly start to fuck me with long, big-cock strokes. Your head bends to suck on my hard nipples as you pound away at my box. We get into a frantic rythm, your thrusting pelvis timed to mine and soon I have another wonderful orgasm, flooding your cock with my wonderful juices. But you haven't had your orgasm yet when you pull you hard cock from me and turn me around, bending me over and grabbing my hips from behind. You press the head of my cock against my waiting ass as you look back at me and say .. somthing.. dont remember. i woke up :P sorry

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