You have entered the changing room, you can feel its power over you and you know that if you take your cloths off in here, you will forget who you are completely. You also know that if you put on one of the outfits nearby, you will become someone else for a while. What is the capitol of Arcadia? Let yourself wonder about that for a moment, and let your mind discover that you donít know what the capitol of Arcadia is. You donít even know where Arcadia is or if it even really exists. You really have no idea. Let yourself feel that you defiantly donít know the capitol, and you defiantly donít care. It doesnít really mater to you. Right now, I want you to think of an item of clothing and imagine your name on that item. Then I want you to actually take off that item of clothing and the moment it is off, you will not remember your name. Trying to remember your name will be just like trying to remember the capitol of Arcadia, you donít know it, but you donít really care either. Please, I Will Obey. While you are in the changing room if you take off all of your cloths you will forget everything about yourself, but you will regain your identity whenever you are told to. When you are ready to continue, click on the clothing you want to try on. Secretaryís Outfit School Girl Uniform Leash