When I was a Child

When I was a child, I knew of these things. But not untill now did I see them to this extent. When I was a child, I stood on the battlefield of the mind, and faced down enemies greater then hell it's self. When I was a child, standing in the feild outside my house, near the deep woods, I stood, wooden sword in hand, and I knew what I was. When I was a child, I was mightier then I have been sence, for when I was a child, I could dream.

When I was a child, I believed in magic. I would not have called it that, but as I sat in wander at the taurential rains, the hail, the wind, and the lightning, I knew what magic was.

When I was a child, the most ordonary places and people were wanderous. Each new sunrise was the dawning of a kingdom, a story, a life. The world was mine to make, and I knew it. When I was a child, I knew what I could do.

Now I stand here. Newly crestened an adult by some arbitrary state. The places I used to play stand only a memory, and I grieve for them. The brambles that we faught with sticks for years, torn up in a day by some monstrous piece of moving metal. Magic has become a thing in children's books. People are that anoyance that you have to deal with in between important work. Work is that thing that has to be done to ensure life in between the rising and setting of the once grand orb that lights the sky. Education has taught me that there are no crusades left, there is no magic, no mistery. It is often taught that creativity is ineficient; "write this way" they tell me. And as I stand here staring into the dark abys of the night I shead a single tear for the lost, who cannot believe, and for me, one of the lost.

But somewhere in this mess of insanity we call civilized world, I remember being a child in this. And I wander, what changed, what went so totaly wrong? How do all of thoes people that I knew as a child become such pesimistic adults? Why are we loosing hope, when I know, things were just as bad then.

And I sit here in the night and see stars instead of the dark. When I was a child I swore I would never grow up. Like the children of never-never land I would fly away from the darkness I saw in the hearts of the once-children.

When I was a child I dreamed I would be stronger then this. But these four years of learning have taught me the greatest lesson of my life, one I should have already known.

There is Magic. Nothing is really as simple and plain as it seems. Dreams are the only thing that live when we sleep forever. Work is what we do in between living, not vice versa. When the sun rises tomarrow it will be the most beautyfull sunrise ever, and no sunrise will ever be like it again. Things are not as bad, stressfull, or impossible as they seem, remember how incredible it is that you are even where you are. And last but not least, you never did grow up. That, my friend is the biggest myth there ever was. Sure, you're taller, smarter, more mature, but you are the same person who woke up earily on cold winter mornings to build a snow man. The same kid that challenged the world every morning with a smile. "You can either go through life believing nothing is a miricle, or believing that everything is a miricle."