Story Code Key

I pretty much only use about 10 codes in my stories so I'll list the important ones. I've also added some that are specifically codes I use, because I think they might be helpful for the kind of stories I write sometimes. This is mostly so that first time readers can find things they like quickly.

MF: Capital M for adult male, Capital F for adult female. These could be used in any combination, ie, FF is two adult females having sex. Lower case usually means under age, but I tend to not write about that so you probubly won't see it. MMMFFF would mean three men three women. Almost all my stories are MF.

MC: Mind control. Hypnosis in almost every case.

MD or FD: This is used to indicate a specific relationship in the story. MD is male dominant, FD is female dominant. This could mean a Dom/sub relationship as in BDSM or it could mean that the hypnotist is male or female.

MR or FR: This is something you will only see on my site. I have written some stories in directive naration (you do this, you feel this) and because of that it is implied that the reader is either male or female. This is not to say that a story geared towards a female reader (FR) isn't going to be enjoyible to a male reader. You will just have to filter "you feel your nipples get hard" to be less direct in your own head. This may also specify a story designed to be interactive in some way that requires a specific gender.

Voy: Voyerisim. Either the main character is watching someone else have sex or someone else is watching the main characters have sex, or something of the sort.

Public: This indicates that the sex is happening somewhere public. A story that is Public but not Voy means that the story occurs in a public place but no one but the main characters know what is going on.

For a complete list of story codes that can be used anywhere click here.

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