The stars so high above me, cold sharp points of light. Beautiful, bright, yet somehow cold and empty. Somehow, with all of their life, their sparkle, with all of their power and blazing glory they sit, still, COLD. No matter how bright no matter how on fire, they are cold, freezing, empty. Glorious power beyond imagination, but colder then the darkest ice.

Here, I can feel it, but here there is something else. There is something that no matter how ugly no mater how physically cold, or empty, this planet, contains the only heat in the entire universe. Though infinitely beautiful and infinitely huge the universe, it's frozen beauty and power cannot even match the heat of a single beat of the human heart. We may not be the center of the universe, we may be so insignificant compared to it's great icy glory, but just as the heart is not the center of the body yet is it's lifeline so are we. In all of it's greatness it cannot even produce a single natural thought, only we can. If not the center then we are the heart, the bloodline, the only true purpose. We are it. Every heart that stops is a greater death then a galaxy's, one thought is greater then all existence, because we are the only ones capable of it.

When we look at the stars cold emptiness we fill it. When we dream of far away lands we bring heat to those places. Wherever we go wherever we look we bring our heat. We look at the sky, WE bring life to it. Just our look destroys the cold, and changes the cold star into something living. That's why we are here. With all of the power in the universe, god was cold. A single thought floating in nothingness, with infinite power, because he could THINK! However with everything he created also came the cold beauty. He needed something, he needed heat. Alone without the heat of others, that's all he wanted, heat. So here we are. But what do we do? We destroy each other. We kill the only light in the universe, the only heat. With every thought that is wrong a little of that coldness seeps in, with every wrong thing uncorrected, we destroy the universe a million times over, for one thought is greater then all of this universe. With every person we kill, we destroy everything. Leaving ...only.....cold.