Desire is a treacherous master. The more you tend to her the harsher she becomes. For in seeking to satisfy her, she will gladly take all you have, but in denying her just a little while, you put her in her place: the slave, and not the master. This must be so for she is not wise and she will steal your love to satisfy her want. But chastened, forced to let loose of control she gives way to love, and as the slave, she bears fruit to feed you, instead of her. Remember, the more you seek to have, the less you will get. Only in giving can anything real be gained.

There is this vacuum within us that we cannot fill. It is a manifestation of the ego. We seek to fill it, only finding that things disappear into the abyss. Instead this must be used like gravity: creating orbit, but not drawing in. In doing so it makes motion, not destruction. You own only your experience, seek to create the now, seek to draw near so that you can experience, but seek not to gain, or to control, for neither of those things are possible. To try to gain is to try to fill the void. To try to control is to halt motion. Both are death of the loved. Let go control, let go possession, and only then will you have control (in bring things to motion) and possession (the experience of something is the only ownership.)