I hate the way you dismiss what I, and everyone else feels. I hate when you look at a situation and limit it from itís dynamic tangled chaos of feeling and thought just by naming it. Donít you understand that names can only represent part of a whole? Donít you understand that in declaring a feeling immature or childish that all you are doing is naming it so that it will go away?

Tell me, if I am doing something ďjust for attentionĒ do you have to pay attention to it? Do you feel any need to give the action or the feelings behind it any credit? No, you donít, and that is why you classify things like this. If what I am doing is stupid then you donít have to feel bad for being the cause of it. Sometimes when you name what is wrong, you do it to protect yourself from the implications of it. For in naming it you find the right for yourself to dismiss it as not real and then you can stop feeling the pain that the real causes.

Why is it that you canít just accept what people are feeling? Why canít you just look at something without tainting it with a classification? Maybe instead of declaring me indecisive you should ask why I am. Maybe instead of saying that someone is doing something just for attention you should ask why they feel the need for attention so badly. Maybe instead of saying I was stupid for sitting in your driveway late at night you should ask why I felt so alone. Maybe instead of saying I was stupid for falling in love at 18 you should just accept that I loved you.

But no, you have to classify and dismiss what I and everyone else feels, and tonight, I hate you for that.

ďI see you naked but oblivious, but you donít see me. You donít see me. You donít see me at all.Ē ĖA Perfect Circle, Three Libras.

I will only live so long, and I know that waiting for you to see me slowly kills me. Please open your eyes and see me before I disappear from your sight entirely.