Tantra II

This is my second attempt at an interactive fantasy. The more you interact with it the more you will enjoy it. Happy reading.

You aren't sure how you got into this position, tied to a chair, blindfolded and naked. Much less are you sure how you got here voluntarily. It had been this guy, a sweet, fast talking, strong and very attractive, but even that didn't seem to explain this perfectly. What had he said? You can't even remember for sure now how he had asked you to do this as the lack of any kind of bearing starts to sink in.

It's dark, you know he is in the room, you know that he too is naked, but you can't see him. Already the open air on your skin is making you wonder where his eyes are wandering. You had done this sort of thing before to guys, for that matter your friends sometimes jokingly call you a dominatrix because of how much you seem to love being in control. That's it, he had promised to give you exactly what you had so many times given guys, the feeling of total surrender in the hands of desire.

Suddenly there is a warm caress on your neck. Light, soft, sending a little shiver down your spine. And then breath on your shoulders. Then, dark again. Where had he gone? You can feel the goose bumps building on your skin. Where was he?

A soft kiss, on your thigh. Then again, nothing. The same game you have played so many times: tease, withdraw, tease, and suddenly you find yourself anticipating his next touch. Where will it be? You catch yourself about to demand his touch, but you aren't in a position to demand. Part of you suddenly becomes aroused in a way you aren't used to: is this what it feels like to be dominated instead of dominant?

His fingers run through your hair and down your back. Your insides are beginning to get tight, desire welling up inside. You have the sudden desire to push him onto the bed and climb on top of him, to ride him long and hard, but your hand restraints catch when you try to move and suddenly you find yourself hungry, wanting badly without any way to get on your own. He kisses your neck and you want his lips on your nipples, on your clit, you want his lips where you want them. Your imagination screams all the things you want and in the darkness of the blindfold you feel the longing to fulfill fantasies that burst forth like fireworks into your mind.

You can feel your breathing, it's shallow and fast, your pert breasts moving with every breath, your nipples erect, they feel the naked air and scream to be touched, but where is he? He has pulled away again?

"Untie me and let me have you already," you say, knowing that no man can resist your offer of your body to them.

"Not yet," he whispers in your ear as he traces around your nipples softly with his fingers, not yet touching them. "Not yet?" you think? And your breathing quickens. Never have you had to wait and want this long, this bad, and he says not yet? It almost feels like your desire doubles in that moment, when you suddenly realize that he really is going to make you crazy with desire. He is stronger then you thought and his dominance makes you want him even more. "this isn't the way it's supposed to happen. . ." you think, but your thoughts are interrupted.

You feel your lips part involuntarily and a little moan escapes them as his warm tongue finds one of your aching nipples. In the dark of the blindfold the intensity of that one short touch echo's for what seems forever. You can feel first, the heat of his tongue sending tingles into your breasts and then the absence of that heat and the dampness of his saliva evaporating making the tip of your nipple ache for his tongue again.

Where is he now? In the absence of his touch your nipple seems to light on fire with aching for him. You suddenly become aware of your whole body. You are biting your lip, and you know you have goose bumps all over your skin, you can't see them, but oh how you can feel them. They creep in waves all over your body. Your stomach is full of butterflies, tight, aching for something to fill it, and your breaths seem to make your stomach pulse with every breath. You shift the chair, trying to stretch, to arch your back and as you do you realize that your lips have become so moist that it is on the chair.

Suddenly you feel a quick warm sensation on your clit, it moves quickly and feels like fireworks in the darkness. Your body moves in response on it's own and you find yourself again, lips parted in a moan, only this time you can hardly stand the feeling inside.

You can feel your clit pulsing in the absence of what must have been his tongue. With every heartbeat your insides pulse. You feel light headed and reach to touch yourself, but you once again find your hands tied. "God damn him," you think as you suddenly feel a soft warm air on your vagina, he is breathing, his mouth only inches from where you want it.

Suddenly something unexpected happens, a little pulse inside, not an orgasm, but something like it, something you might not have noticed if you weren't without any other sensation at the moment. You feel your eyes roll back in your head and you are surprised by the sound that escapes your mouth and the little shiver that runs all the way through you. God, he's still breathing on your wet lips.

You notice your own breathing, in time with his, it almost feels like his breath is moving into you somehow, filling you with a desire so intense you can't stand it. His breath of pleasure moves into your lower stomach through your clit and vagina where it mixes with your pulsing heartbeat and that tightness that feels like it's going explode inside. Another electric wave passes over your body, from your stomach, over your skin in goose bumps, through your breathing, across your nipples, and out through another moan as your back arches against the chair and the restraints.

Then his breathing is gone and you nearly beg him to come back. You can feel his hands on your breasts and the warmth of the air near your skin lets you know he is nearby.

"I want you to do exactly what I tell you to do," he says softly in your ear sending a chill down your spine that makes you gasp for air. You are surprised at the, "ok," that breathlessly escapes your lips.

He caresses your breasts, softly pinching your nipples and then caresses down your stomach towards your clit, slowly. You can feel every touch make goose bumps and the tightness in your stomach begins to spread in all directions with his touch.

Suddenly he is breathing on your clit again, you shift in the seat without having to try, your body having a mind of it's own. You can feel another little pulse inside as he begins to talk.

"Focus on the desire in your stomach, let it fill you, with every breath and heartbeat let it move up into the rest of your body. Don't control your breathing, let it move wildly on it's own, each breath beginning in your clit, moving into your g-spot, then up into your stomach then from there into your breasts, up your spine, tingle through your neck and over your scalp, let it surge through you."

You aren't sure if it is the soft breath on your clit or what he is saying, but you suddenly feel light headed, tingles rushing all over your body, your breathing seems to come and go fast with a moan. Your whole body slowly lights on fire.

"Don't think," He says, "Just feel, feel the way your body moves, feel the way it wants, feel the way it clouds your head and pulses through your body, let it simultaneously give you pleasure and relax you, feel the way your body surrenders to desire."

Another pulse shoots through you, this time stronger. Your clit takes an electric spark from the warm air on it, and, starting from the very tip of your clit, it runs deep inside you and all over your skin. You feel your insides contract ever so slightly, then a tingling through your breasts and the back of your neck. You can't think straight, you aren't even sure what is going on now, you almost feel like you are spinning and since you have no sight to confirm it you begin to feel like you are wrapped up in a swirling energy of desire and pleasure, you want another pulse, only stronger. Every breath out ends in a moan and you find yourself immersed in imaginings of sex with this man. You want desperately for him to fill the emptiness in your stomach.

"When a pulse comes focus on it, let it echo and build inside of you so that it sets off another little pulse."

Suddenly his tongue is on your clit, licking very fast. The circles he makes with his tongue seem to spiral into the darkness that you now are engulfed in. You nearly scream from the sudden flood of stimulation coming from your clit. Another pulse begins, but this time it's not phantom, you can feel it building into a full orgasm, and then suddenly his tongue is gone. Your body is shaking, hot, and covered in goose bumps, you sit for what seems forever on the verge of orgasm, what feels like electric tingles drifting from your pulsing clit and insides into the rest of your body. You seem to be inching slowly over the edge of climax, the little contractions coming faster and faster. You moan a couple of short breaths.

Then suddenly his tongue is back and his fingers slide inside of you. The electric tingles explode into a maze of light in the darkness. The pulses burst into waves of hot pleasure. You are screaming and floating, and you aren't sure what is going on any more. The only sensations you are experiencing right now are his tongue on your clit, his fingers on your pulsing insides, the sound of your own pleasure filled moans, and the beauty of climax flooding your entire consciousness. The spinning changes to a pulsing, the warm darkness of desire that surrounds you echoing with the orgasm.

His fingers begin to move wildly inside of you and before you can recover you are coming again. This time your body seems to stop moving, it almost collapses, you are so relaxed and filled with the waves from your stomach that you feel like you are going to black out, your skin tingles with goose bumps as you fee the chair you are siting on get wet from your flowing juices.

He keeps the fingers going and brings you the verge of coming again, but just before you pass over the edge into another his fingers are gone and you are once again alone in the darkness. Only now the darkness is full of aftershocks, little pulses, you want him back here, you want him to take you over the edge again. Your breathing is still fast and his absence now makes you want him almost more then even before. You nearly shout for him to come back, but as you open your mouth you suddenly feel your hands freed.

As you tear away the blindfold you find him on the bed in front of you, naked and erect almost as if he is offering himself to you. His bright green eyes stare into your eyes with an intense desire as you look him over. Muscular, dark hair, green eyes and tan skin, his erection quickly drawing your attention to it. You quickly realize you still hold the ropes that bound your hands. As you walk towards him you find that your insides are still pulsing and that waling, moving, doing anything after not moving so long makes you nearly come.

With a quick movement you bind his hands to the bed, he obliges willingly, smiling as he watches your still hungry body move. You love the familiar territory of being in control as you move on top of him, but you notice one powerful difference: you want him just as bad or worse then he wants you. As you spread your legs over him another little pulse moves through your insides brought about by the parting of your vaginal lips.

You slide slowly down around his erect penis and gasp as you finally get what you want. His eyes close with pleasure from your insides closing around him. Immediatly, with an urgency like you have never felt, you begin to rock back and forth on him. The blindfold's removal has only barely dulled the strength of your sense of touch and you feel your whole body, sexy and filled with desire, moving over him like a dancer in a dance with pleasure it's self.

You can feel your breasts bounce with every motion back and forth, his body yours to give you what you have ached so bad for. Very quickly, what had been a light pulsing becomes explosions and you find yourself still breathing as he said, only now your body moves to make the climax. You try to keep moving as it begins to build but you find yourself overwhelmed by the delayed orgasm that began when he still fingered you.

Your hips surge back, your back arches and your hands fall to his chest. Your pelvic region angles on it's own as you fall forward, your weight on your arms. The further you lean forward while pushing backward with your vagina the deeper he goes and the more he presses on your g-spot. Your insides begin to pulse around him and you try to look into his eyes only to find that the power of your climax is causing them to roll back into your head. Your mouth gapes open and your moaning begins in short gasps.

With each gasp your hips make a little motion forward and then back, grinding your clit into his pelvic bone and his dick deep inside of you. You find yourself grabbing his chest and scratching as the pulses come extraordinarily slow and strong, in time with your breathing and the little movements your hips are making.

You aren't sure you can take any more as the climax calms down, but then he begins to move his hips, thrusting into you deep from underneath. The climax begins to build up again and you look into his eyes, their green fury obviously in deep pleasure and desire for you.

Your hips begin to gyrate in time with his thrusts and you sit back up on top of him. You begin to go even farther, laying back with your hands behind you and as you do so you notice his dick press harder and harder against your g-spot.

He moans loudly and you can feel his head pulsing inside of you as he comes. His pulsing mixes with your own as your hips begin to gyrate wildly and your climaxes mix in a rush of hot liquid.

Black begins to fill the edges of your vision as the waves again fill your insides. Then you collapse onto his chest, breathing hard with him. Suddenly you get an idea.

You take the blind fold and place it over his eyes and walk to the door. Closing it and leaving him there you say, "It's my turn now, but believe me, I'll pay you back for everything 10 fold when I am ready." You walk out the door leaving him with nothing but his fantasies for a while, he will be yours when you want him, and that idea has you nearly already in the mood for the next time.

--For Angie

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