Surrender V

Jason stared at the message on his screen trying to contain the sexual energy that was pouring through him:

Sweet_Eva_001 : You had better be at my house by the time I get there because I won’t wait for you to start.

Messenger: Sweet_Eva_001 has logged out. (7/25/2003 5:57 PM)

What had happened on her end of things? Had she actually come? Was that possible? He had read about auto erotic orgasms, had he actually caused one? Jason read and re-read her last sentence, until what is actually said finally hit him: he had to go, he had to go now.

He stood up and grabbed his stuff, not even bothering to shut down his computer. Then, without hesitating he headed for the door.

“Where you off to in such a hurry?” Jason turned to see his coworker Eric looking at him oddly. Jason hoped to god that his throbbing erection wasn't obvious.

“I. . . emergency. . .you know. . .have to leave early. . . one of those things. . . I . . . I gota go.” And with that he was on his way to his car.

As he walked across the parking lot he pulled out his cell phone dialed Eva’s cell number, he had to know what had happened, and if he had any chance, he wanted to make her ride home one to remember.

The walk to the car had been a combination of sensual heaven and teasing hell. Eva could feel wetness literally running down her thighs as she walked and with the way she felt, she wasn't surprised. She couldn't believe she had actually come, it had just happened, overwhelmed her, and as she had walked quickly out of the library, hoping no one had heard her but being almost sure someone had in that quiet place, she had nearly come again from the sensations generated by her walking.

With every breath in she was all too aware of how badly she wanted to come again, how if there were no one around she would have had no problem hiking up her skirt and not stopping until she passed out. She unlocked the car and sat down. Her skirt was defiantly wet and she leaned her head on the steering wheel to try and steady her breath. She contemplated just finishing in the car. But what if he actually went to her house? She had to get home.

Eva started her car and was more then a little tickled by the vibrations moving from the engine, through her chair and right through her insides. She let out a little moan, at least no one could hear her now, and put the car in gear.

As she pulled out of the parking lot, on the verge of coming from the bump of the exit ramp, her phone rang. She put the head set on and set her phone between her legs to hold it steady.

“Hello?” Eva said a little breathlessly, trying to pay attention to the road.

“Hey, it’s Jason,” As she heard his voice she thanked god that it was all back streets to her house because his voice alone made her dizzy, “I’m on the way to your house. What happened? Did you. . . you know?”

“God yes, I can’t believe that happened. I considered finishing in the car, get to my house.”

Jason could hear her breathing and immediately he wanted to ask a million questions, but he decided he had a better idea.

“I’ve heard of girls giving guys road head, distracting them while they are driving, making them keep their hands on the wheel . . . I think it’s time a girl had to try and contain that. What do you think?” Eva nearly couldn't think, the vibrations of the car had her already on the verge of coming again, she let out a half moan half sigh that communicated the yes she couldn't say.

“Take in a deep breath feeling your the desire deep in your body. Feel the vibrations of the car fill your insides. Feel every nerve in your body vibrate with pleasure. Feel your breath fill your lungs and let your chest vibrate in your bra. Then, as you breathe out, lean forward and press yourself against your vibrating seat.”

Eva gasped. Jason could hardly drive his car as he listened to the sounds she was making.

“Breathe in,” he said and heard her gasp, “feel your insides fill with pressure.”

“Mmmm humm,”

“Breathe out and let your self press into the vibrations, let them move up into your body.”

“God. . .” She squealed.

“Immagine me inside of you again and as you breathe in imagine me sliding in. As you breathe out imagine me sliding out. Let your breathing move however it wants to.”

He could hear her, she was moaning with every breath. He adjusted himself, his manhood throbbing in the vibrations of his own car.

“Surrender to the feeling inside, let yourself want release, let the vibrations take over and feel yourself spiraling closer and closer to another climax. Let the vibrations have control of your body.”

“Oh god. . . please. . . just tell me. . . .god. . . “

Eva could hardly keep her hands on the wheel, every bump in the road made her squeal. Every breath was heaven. Her chest was swollen and vibrating as though the feeling in her breasts might set her into an orgasm. In this vibrating every item of clothing on her body seemed to hug her sensitive regions and vibrate against them. She could feel herself beginning to moan loudly.


Eva screamed and both of them nearly lost control of their cars. In the vibrating she wasn't sure where she was coming from. Her nipples vibrating against her bra felt like a second and third clit. Deeper inside then she thought she could feel pleasure there was a warm, almost violent explosion. And then, as warmth poured out of her and onto her inner thighs her whole body seemed to light on fire. She literally couldn't tell where her orgasm started and ended as warmth and tingling spread all through her vibrating body.

“Where is your phone?” Jason asked.

“Between my legs,” Eva said breathlessly trying to get the last couple of blocks home without crashing.

“Does it vibrate?”

“Yes, wh. . .” He wouldn't.

Jason hung up.

Suddenly the vibrating of the car seemed to increase ten fold on her inner thighs and swollen lips so that by the time she answered and heard him say “come” she was already there.

Once again she wasn't sure where the orgasm started and this time she was glad to round the corner and park on the side of the road in front of her house as her whole body shook. Thus it was near the end of a climax that she saw his car drive up and hearing his voice she got out of the car in a shaky but determined state, walking on unstable legs, while listening to his voice on the phone.

As he got out of his car he said into the phone, “Come,” one more time before hanging up and as the sound reached her ears via the head phones he watched her steady herself on her car looking at him with wide eyes.

Eva let out a moan, she simply couldn't contain it as her body more then willingly obeyed his command. She was in a state of utter bliss and yet somehow she still wanted more, to finally be filled by him, to share this pleasure with him. She tried to stand on her shaky legs and arms as her body filled with the throws of her orgasm.

Jason watched as liquid literally poured down her legs, and as she looked like she was about to collapse he scooped her up into his strong arms and carried her inside. He set her shaking body on the bed and they both striped as though their cloths were on fire.

They reached for one and other and embraced, intertwining into one being. He moved her on top of him and slid inside of her so that she could ride him however she wished, whispering, “Come for me baby, come for me until you can’t take any more.”

Eva began to come immediately and she wasn't sure how long it lasted, it could have been minutes or hours for all she knew. She came in multiples that seemed to have no starting point, her whole body so filled with bliss that she could hardly tell the length of time between when they started and when he came. One after another, sometimes by his command, sometimes just out of the blue. She wasn't sure if there was such a thing as a full body orgasm, but if there was, this was it.

And then, after an unmeasurabe amount of time caught in the flows of bliss they collapsed onto one and other and lay there for a long time not speaking, words wern’t necessary.

It was thus that they spent their second night together, a night that lead to a great many more nights, and days. . .and lunch breaks. And bathroom breaks. And Moments on the kitchen table. And adventures with the fridge. . . well, you get the idea.

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