Chance Happenings IV

There is a lightness as though you are floating, as though you could walk right off of the ground and into the sky. Each step towards the hotel room's balcony seems to be so light, so without effort. The moon light streams down from the sky and the breeze caresses your skin as you look out over the pool and the ocean behind it. You smile as you see the Jacuzzi.

In it are two lovers, locked in passionate embrace. You can't help the feeling of recognition that floats through your mind. You had been there only a few nights ago, and like the woman there now, you two had to control your screams.

There is suddenly an intense feeling inside as though the penetration of him into her were somehow into you. You imagine her moans as your own and suddenly you are floating off of the ground and into the air as though the wind were blowing through you in a warm sensual embrace and lifting you gently into the arms of bliss.

You seem to release all cares as they are too heavy to take into the air with you, and then, you float, descending softly through the air towards the Jacuzzi. The wind blows softly through your silk nightgown, and like hot breath it teases your lower regions. You nearly get lost in that sensation as you watch the extacy of the girl in the jacuzi.

A light moan escapes your lips in time with hers as your eyes dance over the man. His muscular arms flex as he holds her body. His but, legs, and back, strong with each thrust. He is the perfect man, the embodiment of masculine beauty. You watch his tan muscular body move, pressing himself sensually in and out of her as you drift blissfully on the wind.

You watch his hardness moving in time with his hips. In, filling her insides and forcing a moan of pleasure out of her lips, as though his manhood could fill her entire body. Out slowly and sensually, each inch caressing her wet and swollen insides making tingles flow through her body. The way they move seems to be the expression of all human bliss, the ripples of their movement flowing across the rose pettle covered water in the Jacuzzi.

You breathe in and feel his hands on her breasts as though they were your own. His manhood quickens it's movements in and out, a rotating motion of the hips. His hands caress so perfectly as though they knew every inch of a woman's body. His kiss is a warm fire that sparks tingles on the skin, tingles that seem to ripple through the whole universe. His lips are wine to taste, wine that melts the body in intoxication, wine that heats and moves the body. His hardness is like a warm perfect bliss that enters through the tingling undersides and makes one want to explode into screams.

You look down as that hardness slides quicker and quicker, in and out, filling and leaving empty to desire. Your back arches as his hands reach your hair and caress tingles into your head. You press your throbbing wetness against his body feeling that hardness fill you, then leave you empty as his lips gently, warmly kiss fire into your nipples. You open your eyes as you gasp for air. Your gaze meets his and the pulsing inside becomes unbearable. You feel the rose filled Jacuzzi ripple around your bliss filled embrace.

His eyes are desire. His masculine body pleasure in every touch. His kiss makes you nearly forget who you are and his pressure inside you as he presses you against the side of the Jacuzzi is the definition of extacy. You feel as though you are surrounded in love, wrapped in comfort, floating in bliss, he is the embodiment of all these things and they are directed at you. You give in to his seduction, your feelings, your desire and pleasure willingly placed into his more then capable hands and he gently takes you higher.

You can hear your name as you gasp for breath. His body is like the sun on your skin, heating your body as it does on a warm morning tanning on the beach. Your hips begin to move wildly, trying to feel his hardness everywhere inside of you at once. The warmth becomes warmer and warmer and he seems to shine like the sun as you near climax.

Your body feels like it's two places at once. Lost in the light and heat and there at the Jacuzzi making love to sexual perfection. You stretch, letting your body get lost in the light and heat and suddenly the calling of your name gets louder. It's a whisper and somehow you loose touch with him, you nearly beg him to come back, you are so close to climax. . .

"Kimberly." The wispier fills your ears along with a soft touch on your skin as you still feel the sun's heat everywhere.

You open your eyes and it takes a couple seconds for them to adjust to the sunlight streaming through the window. It still feels like bliss on your skin, as though you were somehow wrapped in sensual love. You slowly become aware of your body.

You are laying in bed, a bed still covered in roses. You are on your side and have one hand under your head while the other seems to have found it's way between your thighs; where it seems to have only recently stopped it's circles on your very wet sexual center.

You stretch and look at the man next to you realizing as you move how close you really are to a climax: the tingles rippling through every movement and your back arching on it's own as your body instinctively takes in a deep breath of air. He smiles. You smile back as your legs press together and make you all too aware of the wetness between them.

"They have decided to shoot the movie here, at the hotel. They've asked if we would like to have a rather large part in the opening sceen. If you don't want to, it's ok, but if you do we don't have a lot of time, they begin shooting in a couple hours." Justin's eyes meet yours with a soft gaze as he waits for your reply.

You are still a little drowsy from your sleep and it takes a couple seconds for what he has said to sink in amongst the images still floating around in your head, "They want us in the movie?"

"Yes, they said that you were the most amazing thing to witness the other night, it's really rare for someone to come like you did, without touching, just out of the blue. They figure that makes you perfect pick for the role, and so they recommended you to the director, he said he's give you a shot and so it's up to you. All you will have to do is act natural and enjoy yourself, and I will be with you so it's not like you would be trying this alone. What do you think?"

You let your mind wonder a bit, images floating in from your memory, everything that has happened; back to the Jacuzzi, to the hotel room with the porn stars, to the rose covered bed, and then to your dream and your still pulsing insides, "I'll give it a shot."

He smiles, "Better shower then, I'll have your breakfast ready when you get out."

As the warm water hits your skin your imagination drifts back and forth between the wonders of dreams and ideas of what this is going to be like. You imagine people watching you, as they had the other night, and even more so the people who would become aroused by you when they watched the movie later. You imagine an absolutely gorgeous couple watching you on their TV before they make passionate love, your arousal spread to them, sharing somehow in their pleasure. You imagine the camera filming the images of your dream, lending to the wonder of being watching and partaking in the act.

You imagine him at the pool, making passionate love to you while you watch, each sensation doubled by the fact that you are both feeling and watching it. The water of the shower cascades down your breasts like liquid desire, caressing your neck, chest, stomach and thighs. You imagine him there tracing the curves of your body and you catch your hands moving gently to your hard nipples. The water and your touch mix as you imagine his mouth there, lightly, warmly, kissing the tingles into your chest.

You become all to aware of the tightness inside and the way your legs press together to try and somehow fill the aching that has taken a hold of your insides. You catch your fingers half way down your stomach. You smile and turn the shower off knowing all too well that the best orgasms are the ones you have to wait for.

Somehow, as the two of you eat and get ready rather quickly you find that your desire doesn't seem to wain at all. You find yourself anticipating what is to come, wanting to be swept away like the man from your dream would sweep you away, to have your desire amplified and somehow in his hands. To be with a man who held your feelings gently in his hand and then, effortlessly, to have him guide those feelings directly into bliss, to willingly follow his desire and to have your own fulfilled.

You two head out and find yourself endlessly back and forth between fantasy and the reality you know is coming. As you walk, knowing where you are going, you can't seem to stop the flow between your legs. You walk by a mirror and realize that the sensual nature of your body, mixed with the way your legs want to rub together, seems to have you moving like a sex goddess already. You pass the ice machine in the hallway where you saw Mike the other night for the second time. . .

Then, as you walk into the pool area overlooking the beach, you are surprised to see a film crew set up. For a while things are a blur. The movie is being shot here, at the hotel, more specifically, in the pool area. You are escorted off by a makeup team and given a very sexy swim suit to wear while you get a complete makeover. Justin checks in on you a couple times to make sure everything is all right in between the many other people who seem to come and go in the dressing area that has been set up.

There are people walking around completely naked, some of the men naked and hard. The entire place seems to be packed with sexual energy and the tightness inside doesn't seem to go away for what seems like forever. You begin to wonder how much of this you can take.

The director comes in and introduces himself with a good strong handshake and then moves directly into information about what you are supposed to do. He briefly covers not looking at the cameras and tells you that all you have to do other then that is react to the situation around you. Then he launches into a summary of the movie.

Apparently the movie has a bit of a plot, even though, like most porn's it's not a very realistic one. Justin is going to be playing an alien visiting Earth. His species communicates telepathically and in the opening sceen of the movie he discovers that the humans around him feel everything he feels. The rest of the movie is about a female of their species that wants to better understand human sex based on what this one comes back and reports. Thus the one sceen appearance. You chuckle at the absurdity of the plot.

"Oh, one more thing," the director says as he gets up to go back out of the dressing area, "Your bathing suit. It has a vibrator sewn into the bottoms so don't get into the water with it on. Also, you may want to find the round part and place it over wherever you are most sensitive. Justin will have a trigger that will set off all of the vibrators in the place. He has been instructed to use it whenever he is turned on. In essence you should feel exactly what a person in this story really would feel, that way all you have to do is go with whatever feels natural. Are you comfortable with all of that?"

You smile and nod yes while feeling your cheeks flush red.

"All right, whenever you are ready just head out to the pool area and act normal, the cameras will roll at a random point so as to catch you acting the most natural. See you on the set."

The second he leaves your imagination goes wild. This is crazy, you can't believe you are doing this. You adjust the round part in the fabric so it sits right over your clit, which you find is already throbbing. You take a deep breath and head out to the pool area.

As you walk you find yourself lost in thought. The man from your dream, there is something dangerously similar to your current condition, and for a second you can't put your finger on it. And then, it hits you as the dream plays vividly in your mind.

What is it that is so dangerously seductive about the storybook dark stranger? What is it about the man in your dream? It's that he purely represents your pleasure. In your dream, all that man has to do is look at you, and immediately you are week in the knees. He is so dangerous because he has total control over your desire, you WANT him to seduce you, his look, his touch, his presence, makes that feeling well up deep inside your stomach. He is so seductive because effortlessly he sweeps you off your feet, you feel safe because you know he will give you bliss without coincidences, bliss without guilt, you feel safe there and you let yourself submit to his control of your deepest desires.

You feel safe because he holds you, your desires, your pleasure in the palm of his hand and he treats them gently but firmly, pushing you effortlessly into bliss weather you were expecting it or not. It is as though you melt willingly into his embrace because of what you know is in that embrace: pure worryless effortless extacy.

You pull out of your spiraling thoughts only to find yourself go week in the knees. You are standing across the water from the Jacuzzi in your dream, the same Jacuzzi that you first met Justin in. You're not five feet from the lawn chair that Shelly watched you from. You decide to sit down and let your feet dangle in the pool water hoping to somehow control the beating of your heart.

You see a camera out of the corner of your eye and the reality of the situation suddenly hits you. Here, in the middle of a pool area filled with people and being watched by cameras, you are going to encounter a man who by simply being turned on is going to make your insides vibrate clear into bliss. A man who's simple look, by nothing but his presence, is going to have complete control of your deepest desires. A man who could make you come just by wanting you.

There are no worries, this is a set, all these people are safe. You will be surrounded by bliss while wrapped safely in his arms, and you know full well that you will melt into them. Every fantasy you have ever had floats through your head. The carelessness of public sex, the embrace with a man who's look could make you come, being able to do whatever you want in public without consequences, being an object of desire, the kiss that melts your body, being safe yet free in the arms of a man who's magic touch will send you directly into cascading orgasms. . .

Your eyes find focus on the Jacuzi and you imagine a man like that with you in that Jacuzzi, your insides contract in response and you decide to move to one of the pool side chairs before you come just from that memory. You lay down in it and close your eyes, trying to control your imagination. . .

. . . You had been watching him for a good 20 min swimming laps in the pool. Every stroke he took, his muscular arms reached out of the water, a sight in and of it's self. It was as if he was just another item of good scenery on that full moon Hawaiian night.

He had kept doing laps, obviously not only good looking and strong, but he also seemed to have quite good endurance. You had shaken off the thought that followed that one. . and yet. . .

When you watched his muscular form retreat towards the bar area and watched, in your minds eye, how that all would have looked if he had gotten from the pool naked.. . .and hard. . . and looking right into your eyes. . . And then you had stood up to cool off a bit, and one of the Jacuzzi jets had blown softly against the front of your bikini bottoms. . .

For a second you are confused, you swear you can feel that Jacuzzi jet right now, as though it were real. A soft, gentile vibration caressing tingles up into your body. . . you get lost in the sensation for a second, it's soft vibrating sending a wave of goose bumps and tingles all over your body. You feel your nipples ache as you realize they have been very hard for a very long time now. You feel your lips part and your back arch as a very soft moan escapes your lips. Your hips rock ever so slightly as your legs press together against the soft vibration. . . the vibration. . . you aren't in a Jacuzzi. . . .

You open your eyes to see Justin in the chair next to you, his eyes softly looking over the curves of your body. You realize what the film must have seen: him approach, sit down, look at you, and then your body responded, however subtle it may have been you know it must have been obvious. His eyes move to meet yours and the light vibration doesn't let up.

"Hi," He says, holding out his hand to shake yours, "I was wondering if I could buy a pretty girl like you a drink."

You look at him in his bathing suit, his muscles shining in the sun as that light vibration makes your insides tingle so much that your hips are nearly impossible to keep still, already you wonder how long you will be able to keep from moaning.

"Su. . . Sure. . ." You nearly laugh at yourself. Did that come out in a breathless voice? Are you blushing? You watch after him and although the vibration stops while he isn't looking you swear that no one bothered to inform your insides that the vibrating has stopped. You shift in your seat watching the movements of his body as he walks. You catch yourself biting your lip and realize what the camera is seeing: You are helplessly turned on, watching after him, biting your lip and shifting around while your nipples press visibly through your top. How is this stranger so attractive? Why can't you calm the fire inside?

He orders the drinks from a nearby outdoor bar, and you decide to do what you figure any woman would really do in this instance; see how long you can pretend you aren't interested. You decide to play the part as long as possible.

When he turns around, a drink in each hand, you realize how difficult that really is going to be. His eyes meet yours and your back arches on it's own in response to the renewed vibration. Your eyes catch a glimpse of the bulge in his shorts and you realize that your wetness is probably visible on your bathing suit.

You smile and bite your lip again as your eyes communicate directly to his. What are you doing? Are you flirting? You're supposed to not be interested. You see his eyes drift to your swollen chest and know he must see your nipples, the are so hard they actually hurt as they press themselves into the fabric, begging for attention. You feel the vibration suddenly increase, his looking at your chest must have turned him on more. You see that his shorts barely contain his hardness as your back arches, flirtatiously pressing your breasts toward his hungry eyes. Your legs press together and for a moment the only thing on your mind is how full of pressure your lower regions are. You do your best to hold back the building orgasm, feeling your insides fill so full of liquid tingles that you are sure you will burst if you hold in too long.

Your attention is taken off of the slowly increasing swelling only briefly by him handing you a drink. His fingers brush yours, and you feel like a teenage girl having your first physical contact with a boy, his light touch lingering for what seems like forever. Justin introduces himself using a different name and seems to be making small talk, but you can hardly take your attention off of his last touch. . .

.. . . the heat from that touch spreads up your arm. . . is that going to be what makes you come. . .what makes it impossible to contain? You become aware of your body through that touch, the tingles moving from your arm to your now heavy and aching breasts. . . you feel tingles run down your back. . . up your neck. . . The swelling in your breasts is the same feeling somehow that now fills everything below the waist: a swollen, hot, tingling build up of liquid desire held back by nearly nothing. . . .

Your eyes see past his face for a second. . . not far away a girl shifts in her seat, looking around, her body filled with the same vibrations yours are . . . she is looking at a nearby man. You can see her chest heaving, her breathing getting carried away with it's self. . .

. . . you realize your lips are parted too, your breathing, like hers, short and nearly moans. . . you feel the levy cracking and you nearly don't care, you want it to break. . .

You look Justin in the eyes, a look of desperate pleasure. His face reacts with a knowing smile, his eyes and yours locked together. . . and then you can't keep your eyes open at all. . . For a moment you are in the rose pettle filled Jacuzzi, held by him.

You know vaguely what the camera sees: your lips part, the drink falls to the ground. Your back arches, head tilts back, breasts push forward, arms go limp, and a moan of pure extacy escapes your mouth as your legs press tightly around the vibration between them. You fall forward, shaking as your swimsuit becomes suddenly soaked, and you land in the arms of a very turned on but very confused man.

What the camera can never see, will never see, is where you somehow go to. In that Jacuzzi, surrounded by the bliss you have ached for all morning. It starts in the middle of the vibrations, that spark, that crack that breaks all ability to hold back. It's as though the pleasure simply overflows into your body, without any effort on your part. There is a leak in the pressure, then a full on explosion as the tingles pour through you, over you, through you. Then the tightness pulses and one after another the contractions pour hot wet bliss into you. For a moment you are flying again, in heaven. Your legs go week, you are screaming, you aren't sure where you are or how you find yourself in his embrace.

The vibrations intensify, your orgasm must have made him more turned on. Your eyes open and meet his. His arms hold you, he seems to have caught you and swept you off of your feet. He is asking if you are ok, you can feel his hardness against your thigh while he holds you in his arms. You don't let him talk long as your lips desperately seek to drink his.

As you kiss him the vibrations go up yet another notch and this time you suddenly hear more then your own moan as his kiss sends you directly into another orgasm. You aren't sure how exactly this happens, but its so intense you don't care. There is a spark from his lips meeting yours, then a shiver, then his full on kiss, and somehow the sensation of your kiss makes your whole body shake. Somewhere in that shaking is an explosion and you are forced to break away from his lips in another moan.

In his arms you shake, in pure safety and pure bliss. Your nails dig deep into his neck as your stomach muscles contract, making you hold onto his muscular form tighter and tighter as you shake in the after shocks. You realize that you really are in the arms of the man from your dream, you let go and let him make the next move.

The vibration intensifies as you realize your moans and screams have really gotten to him. Your body seems to crave his touch, each place you feel his skin is hot bliss. You know another orgasm is only seconds away, but you can hardly move already, so you let yourself melt into his arms and into bliss.

He sets you down softly and you manage to open your eyes. He is hard enough that it looks like it might rip right through his shorts, much like the way you are sure your breasts will soon press right out of your top. You see his eyes look over your body and you can tell he is nearly out of control himself.

You suddenly become aware of the people around you. More then one girl is coming and they are all looking your way. The sound reaches your ears as you can no longer stand the way your breasts are confined. You tear off the top as he takes off his shorts and the next climax seems to come purely out of seeing his naked body.

You feel your insides tighten, then tighten more, then more. You nearly fall out of the chair he has set you in as the release becomes not one, but many.

Your hands reach your breasts and you can hear the sounds of extacy surrounding you. Your breasts feel incredible to the touch and you aren't sure where one orgasm ends and another starts as the vibration seems to intensify every second.

You are moaning with every breath, each one another climax, you can't believe it but you are begging for him to be inside of you, breathlessly asking. When his hands finally touch your body you shudder in extacy, his touch alone setting off a whole new wave of pulses His hands are on your thighs, your legs, your stomach, your butt. You can't stand it, you have to have something inside.

Then, as you are trying to communicate this need, before you can even speak, he slides the bikini bottoms to the side and you are suddenly filled. This time your eyes are somehow pried open as your whole body seems to give out. You can't move the extacy is so complete. Somehow the vibrator has remained on your clit as his manhood presses you into another climax with each thrust.

All around you are naked people having sex. You can see them drift through your vision as the waves of extacy seem to pour not only through you but through the entire world. Each of your moans mixes with a curious of bliss as you see the people from the other night enraptured in extacy. Even the sunlight on your skin seems to heat you in extacy.

You swear this is a dream. The bliss is complete. There is nothing that isn't filled with this pleasure.

You try to grab onto anything at all but you can barely control the movements of your body. You feel him slide in, inch by inch even though he is moving hard and quick. You know he is doing it hard and deep but you feel every bit of it as though every thrust were a slow sensual caress inside followed by a huge pressure and a release.

Blackness fades in from the corners of your eyes. You come. You come again. And again, and again. You know somewhere, somehow, that he is coming with you this time and soon the blackness is complete. All there is in the world is bliss.

You find yourself floating again. . . you are in the rose pettle filled Jacuzzi, he is holding your body, which has given all it can give. He gently strokes your hair. Somewhere, somehow you know that likewise Justin is now holding you, you aren't sure when or how this happened, but you can feel his gentile touch. You can hear his voice as he holds you. With your eyes closed you are in the rose pettle Jacuzzi, and you realize that it is Justin holding you in both places.

You open your eyes and smile. He smiles back.

For my orrigional fan: Kimberly

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