Niki nearly didn't say come in. This man that stood in her doorway was not Lisa, her usual massage therapist, although seeing him carrying the massage table in his amazing arms left her sure that this was indeed who had been sent to massage her. She forced herself together quickly and asked, "Where's Lisa?"

He replied in a calm manor, "She called in sick about a half an hour ago, I'm Brian, her cousin. I usually don't do house calls to women's houses because they sometimes don't feel comfortable having a man come to their house, but I was the only one who didn't have a pre-arranged appointment. If it's at all a problem, I can go."

"No," Niki caught herself, "No, it's ok come in and set up in the living room, I'll get ready."

She immediately wondered how good that decision was since the whole reason she was tense was men, but after seeing him, she knew she would have been mad at herself for sending him away too. He was tall, well built, with brown eyes and brown hair, his skin was tan, which showed the definition in his muscular arms and the thing that had really caught her eyes: his hands.

His hands were visibly soft, likely from the oils he worked with all day, but at the same time, his hands were visibly strong and masculine. As she headed toward the room she watched those hands effortlessly set up the massage table and she imagined all the things he could do with those hands. Hands like that, could drive a woman mad.

She tried unsuccessfully to stop thinking about his hands as she got undressed in her room. This was the worst idea she had ever had. The reason she had called in for the massage in the first place was men. She had been at the gym working out when she had become all too aware that it had been over three months since her and Jason broke up, and as a result, over three months since she had any sexual contact of any kind. It had been one of the men at the gym that was working out right in front of her while she was on one of the bikes. He had been doing some sort of aerobics and the motions he was going through had reminded her all too vividly of something one of her ex boyfriends used to do to drive her nuts in bed.

She had decided right then and there that she should go home and not think about it. When she had gotten home all she could think about was the way that guy at the gym had moved his muscular stomach and butt. So she had called Lisa in hopes that a massage might relieve some of her sexual tension.

She had gotten Brian. And Brian's hands. Which would soon be rubbing all over her body with the same skill that he had set up his table. She tried to calm the butterflies of sexual desire starting to rise in her stomach, donned her towel and walked out into the living room.

Brian turned his head to watch her come back in. He loved and hated clients like this. He loved them because as they were beautiful, and as Niki walked in, her blonde hair streaming behind her framing her perfect features he admired the way her long legs, nice hips, stomach moved as she walked covered in nothing but a towel. This was of course, also why he hated these clients. He was not the type of man to make unwarranted advances on a woman. He was a gentleman in all respects and this was work, not play but he couldn't help what he felt in his lower regions when he saw a half naked woman as hot as Niki. He instructed her to the table and went about what he always did in cases like this: he tried not to think about it.

Niki, was also trying not to think about it. She hoped that when his hands first touched her she could immagine that this was still just Lisa. But the second she felt his hands on her back she knew this was going to be a loosing battle. From the first touch her nipples hardened because from that first touch he was already sending tingles to her brain and all over her body. She couldn't get his hands out of her head.

They ran up and down her spine, they made little circles on her back, they ran through her hair and made her head tingle. She pictured how his gentle caress would feel on her breasts, how those strong fingers might feel inside her. And as she daydreamed, all the while his hands made every little bit of skin they touched come alive.

She began to feel her lower stomach tense up. Her breathing was beginning to send shivers down her spine. She could even feel her body heating up. She decided she needed to keep her eyes open, maybe then she wouldn't dream of what his hands could do.

She opened her eyes and turned her head for a second to stretch the muscles in her neck that he had just rubbed. And immediately she decided she was better off with her eyes closed. He had taken the shirt he was wearing off and was now wearing only a tank top. His chest was just as perfect as his arms as he put lotion on his hands. His hands. Oh, his hands.

She closed her eyes and tried to convince herself that she was sweating because it was hot in the room and not because she wanted him. But she did, oh how she did. She could feel wetness between her legs and the muscles in her stomach, butt, and thighs seemed to call out to be touched.

She always had Lisa massage her butt and legs after a work out because they always were a little sore and before she could stop herself she was saying it, "Could you do my legs and butt too, I just worked out."

Brian took one look at her butt. Women nearly never asked this, especially not ones this hot. If they wanted that they usually asked the women masseuses. He tried to ignore the fact that he had already been looking at her ass the whole time he was massaging her. Even through the towel it had the perfect shape. The towel? He stammered, "With or without the towel."

Niki had always had this done without the towel and again, as force of habit she said without.

Before she could correct herself Brian slipped the towel off her ass and began rubbing. He couldn't believe how tone it was, how it was simultaneously so soft and so well formed and so, well, he couldn't think straight. He quickly noticed the blood rushing to fill his penis and the feeling of warmth in his stomach, he couldn't keep his eyes off of her.

Niki felt his hands gripping her ass in a way that made her head buzz with sexual energy. Every time he grabbed and released, every time he caressed, every little circle his hands traced on her butt made her entire skin tingle. She was breathing hard even though she tried not to. Every breath rubbed her breasts into the softness of the massage table, oh how she wanted those hands to hold her breasts. Niki's heart pounded as she tried to not let what she was feeling show.

Brian was doing everything he could to try and make his now full erection go away. He had been doing ok, managing to keep his cool until he realized that there was wetness between her legs, not a lot, but enough to make a definite shine in the light. He now had no idea what to do. Everything he had been through up to this point had taught him to just stick to the routine massage techniques he had learned, so, he continued, trying as hard as he could without the use of his hands to conceal the now all too visible bulge in his pants.

Niki decided that maybe some conversation would help, she could talk about anything at all so long as it got her mind off of his hands. She turned her head to ask how he had gotten into the massage business but the words didn't come out. Her mind was successfully off his hands, and onto what she now saw in his pants.

She turned back to the table all too aware that her heart was racing and her back wanted to arch into the pleasure that was now coming in waves from his hands on her butt, her vagina which rubbed ever so slightly against the table when he pressed, and her heaving chest. She could feel the involuntary muscle movements in her thighs and lower stomach. Little twitchings. Her clit was throbbing waiting to be touched and she couldn't get the picture of his erection out of her head, not to mention the constant sensation of those wonderful hands. And the feeling of desire was now washing over her in waves. She began to wonder if it would really be that bad if something were to happen. And then he began rubbing her inner thigh and butt at the same time and she found that her butt was starting to move on it's own.

Brian's heartbeat started throbbing in his pants, he could feel the twitching from below his manhood that meant he was too turned on to even expect to be able to get rid of his erection. Her back was arching, her butt slowly raising into the air to meet his hands' touch. And as it did so he began to be able to see her vagina. His whole body was hot and he was so hard he thought he might explode.

Niki's entire body felt like energy was flowing through it, her muscles starting to move on their own, it was all she could to to keep from rubbing her thighs together let alone stop the slow arching of her back. With every touch of his hands on her ass she felt waves of pleasure and desire moving up her back and through her insides. She decided she had to do something so as to stop her butt's slow progression before her sex took over. So she tried to move her legs a little in any way she could to subtly bring her butt back down.

As Brian went to try and rub her innermost thigh and her butt, she jerked a little suddenly and before he knew what had happened his thumb had slid clear past her thigh and brushed against her vagina. He was too stunned to move.

Niki let out a gasp as she felt a shock of pleasure run through her entire body. Her lungs seemed to be trying to get out all the air she had in them and it was all she could do to not moan. And then she realised that his amazing hands hadn't moved, his thumb still rested there, and before she could decide if she wanted this to go any farther she found herself grinding against it, her thighs closed on his wrist, locking his hand into the place she now decided she wanted it.

Brian was in shock, he was shaking. He could feel her wetness rubbing against his hand and he was shaking from the power of his own built up desire. He slowly turned his hand so that his fingers could reach around to her clit, and he began to rub little circles with his well trained hands.

Niki nearly came immediately. "THOSE HANDS!" she thought as he moved perfectly with her, rubbing circles on her clit better then she could usually do herself. She moaned loud and gave up trying to fight. She moved up onto her knees and as she did so he put his thumb inside her as his fingers continued rubbing her tingling clit. She felt his other hand still massaging her butt and within seconds of having arched up she came.

She felt her thighs tighten, her back arch involuntarily and his movements inside her cascaded through her. She grabbed onto the massage table with her hands as the muscles inside tightened to a point where her whole body seemed to freeze for a second and then the release poured through her stomach and up into her body. She felt herself pulsing, grinding, and her body slowly being forced to relax by the power of what was moving through her. Her body shuddered and she laid on the table face down, butt in the air.

When she regained her composure a little she turned to look at him, she first saw his eyes, looking at her intently. Then his hands positioned as though to ask where she would like them. And finally, down his muscular stomach to his erection. She felt the desire building inside her again as he made the next move.

He picked her up with his strong arms and hands and turned her over. He laid her on her back and caressed down her thighs towards her soaking vagina and down her breast and stomach with his other hand. And then he put his fingers inside of her.

She gasped and felt herself opening up inside, her lower stomach tense. She felt her legs twitching and her hips moving. Immediately she could feel those hands doing the magic she had hoped they could do. His fingers were moving, two of them, back and forth alternately inside her with amazing speed. She felt like he was somehow vibrating her insides. Then he began to move in and out at the same time.

Every in and out sent a pulse through her. And the whole time she could feel herself vibrating. She looked across her hands which were now grabbing her own breasts and across her stomach to where he moved his hands. He was moving so fast and deep and strong that she could see her stomach moving where his fingers would be inside and that vibration was already spreading all through out her body.

She felt herself beginning to tighten around his fingers and as she did little waves began from the vibrations in her stomach. Her back arched and she gasped for air as she felt herself beginning to climax. And then, not just one, but a series that she could not count came. It was as though as long as his fingers kept moving on whatever he was touching she didn't come down from her climax. She screamed and moaned and her hips went wild. Wave after wave of tingling moved through her as his fingers refused to yield. Her vision was getting black around the edges and finally, he stopped and her body came to a shaking halt. She was in a state of total euphoria, her body barely able to move.

But she managed, she wasn't about to not feel him inside her. She reached for his belt and took it off, then turned over and put her butt up in the air.

It didn't take long before she felt the thrust inside her that felt like it went all the way up through her. He filled her up inside and she could barely keep herself from gasping from his entrance. Then his hands grabbed her thighs and he began moving her efforlessly. She felt as though this man had just taken control of her entire sex drive and she didn't care because those hands were amazing on her thighs too.

As he pumped away she could hear him grunting, moaning, she could feel him pounding on her g-spot from behind and with each thrust she felt herself thrust closer to another orgasm.

Brian, had given up trying to rationalize, this woman wanted him and he was not about to decline. As he thrust into her he could feel his stomach muscles tightening up and the twitching building from beneath his shaft. He grabbed her body and moved her wet accepting lips back and forth over his erection and as he did he nearly had the sensation that she was drawing him inside her. He felt the building, he felt the rush of fluids from his insides into penis and then the tensing of the muscles into that all too good feeling he loved.

And then he exploded, pulse after pulse moving through his penis and through his body. He moaned loudly and felt his whole body buzzing.

She heard him and felt him twitch inside of her and that was it; over the waterfall and into the deep sea of pleasure. She could feel herself rippling around him and she could feel him pulsing with her. She screamed again as her climax met with his and they moved as though they were one person.

One pleasure shook them both, both of them vibrating from their nether regions all the way through their bodies. They rocked back and fort together and moaned together. They both felt as though the pleasure was going to make them pass out and then they both slowly came to a stop together.

The both lay down on the soaking wet massage table and fell asleep together.

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