The Tease

The conversation had begun as a comment about a bumper sticker that read, "Save a horse, ride a cowboy." After that it had become a kind of flirtatious teasing, a joking about how anything can be taken as sexual if you think about it right. Almost a kind of game to see who could be more subtle. Analogies had ranged from song lyrics, to phrases, to things they had heard people say that were "just wrong", and in the process their imaginations were working overtime in a kind of way that was almost dangerously fun.

From there the subject turned more blatantly to what was on their minds and a passing comment somehow lead to a "promise," that was half serious half flirting.

"I really want to try one of those vibrating toys sometime," she had said.

"If I buy you one, will you let me tease you the entire day before giving it to you?" He had quickly responded.

"Depends on the kind of teasing," she had said with a laugh, "The "I can't believe you are going to use that," kind I won't agree to, but if you mean. . . "

"The kind that makes you blush because of your own thoughts?"

"Give me the toy and the inspiration to use it? How could I turn that down, sounds like a deal to me." She said smiling flirtatiously.

"Promise?" He had said mischievously.

She laughed out loud, "Do your worst."

From there the subject had moved on to other things, leaving a kind of dare in Sean"s mind, and a kind of curious anticipation in Lisa's. Neither one was sure if the other would do it, but both quietly wanted to find out, and both were all too aware that Lisa's birthday was only a week away.

Five days later, a day before her birthday, Sean brought her a box containing her birthday present to her front door.

"I bought you something, but I'm afraid I'll want to cash in on a promise if I give it to you." Sean said, that same mischievous smile returning to his face with that certain twinkle in his eyes that Lisa liked so much.

"Oh really," she said, her eyes containing a glimmer of their own, "Does it have multiple speeds, purr like a kitten and make women go wild?"

Sean stared at her speechless.

"I always wanted a car for my birthday," She said smiling.

Sean laughed, "Hey, I thought it was me that got to tease for a day, not you."

"Well, there aren't any rules about me teasing back." She met his gaze, "So what do you have in mind for the day?"

"Depends on how far you let me take a tease."

"A promise is a promise, do your worst."

"I was hoping you would say that," Sean gave her an envelope and walked away still carrying the box.

"Hey, aren't you going to give me that?" Lisa said with a knowing smile on her face.

"Yep, but not till I'm done with my day of teasing, and it's already 3:00 in the afternoon, so I have to get started." Sean continued walking. She opened the envelope.

Inside were several pages of typing and an invitation to dinner at Sean's house, it said to be their by 5:00.

Lisa went back into her house, to her bedroom, where she sat down and began reading.

Sean and Lisa had been friends for a while, and ever sense they had met their had defiantly been sparks, but it wasn't something that was usually a topic or an issue. Their chemistry was kind of taken for granted, and while the desire to connect sexually was there, it just didn't come up as a topic except in a kind of teasing, flirtatious way. Now, she almost wondered if things might take a turn tonight towards something more intimate. Part of her hoped so.

She stopped reading for a second as she realized his first tease was making her a little warm.. It was an erotic story, and a very descriptive one at that, and reading it she began to feel more then she had expected to.

She shifted positions on her bed frequently as she read, finding it hard to sit still. When she had finished reading she lay down on her bed looking at the ceiling. She knew she was blushing because her face felt warm and for a moment she just lay there, letting her imagination wonder. She imagined how good his gift was going to feel by the end of the night if her thoughts continued the way they were going.

She sat up, enjoying the heat in her body and then went to begin getting dressed for her dinner date. She began putting on the same casual clothing she normally wore around Sean, but then stopped, remembering her idea to tease him back. . . she rifled through her cloths and found a short skirt that hugged her butt, and a low cut shirt. She smiled, knowing he wouldn't be used to seeing her like this. She put on some perfume and looked at herself in the mirror, happy that she looked like she was going on a very intimate date. She did a little turn just as her phone rang.


"Hey Lisa," Sean's voice said, "How are you doing?"

"Unusually warm actually, you?"

"Oh, I'm just playing with the speeds on your gift, getting an idea of what you'll be playing with tonight. You know I bet this thing feels like you are being touched by a hundred tongues all at once. I mean, one tongue can only move so fast, but this vibrates, so it's like you can feel more then one moving on you. I think you'll enjoy this thing."

Lisa closed her eyes and smiled, blushing at the ideas going through her head as Sean kept talking.

"You know, I bet it's a lot more fun with someone else controlling it though, you know, so you don't know what's going to happen next. Maybe someday, after you're used to it you can play with it with some one else. I can just imagine the possibilities. Can you?"

"Not a bad tease there Sean," Lisa said, not wanting to admit to herself that there was a strong heat between her legs. She decided that she wasn't going to let Sean have all the fun and so she let her voice get breathlessly sexy, now determined to get back at him, "Yes, I can imagine the possibilities: me bending over in front of my long mirror so that he can see my face as he slides it, slowly, already vibrating between my legs as my back arches. Letting my butt press up into the air as he slides it in and out with me moaning." Lisa moaned.

"Touch"," Sean said, his voice noticeably shaky as he tried to ignore the fact that he was incredibly turned on by the sound of her voice. He hadn't ever imagined her having such an effect on him.

"Yeah, I defiantly think I can tease you better tonight then you can tease me." She said, her smile almost audible over the phone.

"Oh really?" Sean said, "How's about a bet on that?"

"Alright," she said, "First person to utter a sexual request or exclamation such as a moan or cussing, has to do what they are told for the rest of the night."

"You"re on, hope you're ready to strip when I tell you to," Sean said with a laugh.

"Oh, just you wait, you're going to be cleaning my whole house, my car, and buying me more toys by the end of the night." Lisa said matching his mischievous chuckle.

"See you at 5:00."

"That you defiantly will."

They said goodbye and hung up the phone, both preparing for the night ahead.

Lisa walked to Sean's door all too aware of the butterflies in her stomach. In her tight clothing she could feel every movement of her body, and the thoughts going through her head sense the reading of his story were even more sexual then usual. She could feel her butt, waist, and breasts when she walked and was all to aware that ever sense the phone call she had been aroused, her nipples hard and a slight wetness between her legs. She was dressed sexier then she had ever been in her entire life and though she didn't want to admit it, part of her thought she might just loose the bet, and worse, part of her wanted to.

She knocked on his door, and smiled at him triumphantly when she saw his expression. His jaw literally dropped.

Lisa was wearing heals, stockings, a short skin tight skirt, a low cut shirt through which her nipples were visibly hard. Her hair was beautiful and she had a visible sexual tension in her movements. Sean realized he was in for quite a challenge as he felt himself getting hard from the combination of her sight and smell.

Lisa walked by him, secretly enjoying the way his eyes flowed over her body, but also aware that hers had wondered as well. He was wearing a silk shirt that moved fluidly over his upper half, accenting the muscles of his arms and chest. He was more attractive then she remembered and she noticed his scent as well.

He took her hand and lead her to the dinner table where dinner was already set out. "I'll admit," he said, looking her in the eyes, "You look absolutely amazing tonight, and that is going to make this a hard bet to win, however, I intend to cheat. There are 25 known aphrodisiacs in our meal tonight. If you want to concede without loosing at this point, you can."

"Not going to happen," she said, making a point of tasting her food. He smiled and they began dinner. Right away Lisa noticed that Sean wasn't a bad cook, the meal was actually quite tasty. She also noticed right away, that before she even began eating there was a tension between her legs. He was visibly attracted to her, his eyes moving over her body, and yet, although his eyes betrayed his desire, no other part of him did. He was obviously restraining himself and somehow that was very sexy.

"What kind of tea is this? It's good, but it tastes odd." Lisa said looking up and letting her attraction to him show in her own eyes to tease him.

"It"s made from Damiana, an herb from Mexico. It's supposedly potent enough to cause sexual dreams if you drink it before bed time, as well as being likened to foreplay if drank before sex."

Lisa smiled mischievously and downed the whole cup of tea. Sean felt himself get suddenly hot, his face actually blushing as he felt himself begin to press hard against his pants. The thought of what she had just drank, and how fast she drank it, made his imagination run wild, thinking of what she would soon be feeling and imagining the sexual tension building within her. The sound of her moan earlier on the phone flashed through his mind.

"Excuse me a moment," he said, visibly adjusting himself while Lisa playfully laughed, "It seems to have suddenly gotten hotter in here."

Lisa liked the way he blushed, and found herself blushing as well as he took off his shirt and threw it to the side before continuing eating. She crossed and re-crossed her legs, unaware that he was making similar motions to try and calm his own throbbing.

A few minutes passed in silence, both enjoying the meal, and both all too aware of a growing sexual tension in the room. Lisa felt herself slowly getting more and more turned on, the effects of downing the tea somehow hitting her rather quickly. She looked at his bare muscular chest, which would have been quite a turn on even without the help of aphrodisiacs and felt her body literally aching for his touch. A moment ago, when she began her dinner she would have described herself as "a little horny". Now, the only word that came to mind was "ravenous."

She felt her breasts getting heavy, almost swelling within the embrace of her tight clothing. The stockings and garter belt she wore were literally teasing her legs and thighs when she moved, and her stomach below her belly button was full of butterflies and tension. She decided she was going to have to do something to get him more turned on then her soon, or she was going to be headed towards loosing this bet.

She began desert by licking her spoon sensually while looking Sean right in the eyes. She ate her ice cream slowly, sensually, teasing him with every bite. Stopping to laugh periodically as he became to distracted to even eat, his eyes stopping to stare at what he couldn't believe she was doing.

Sean felt his self control slipping a little, the sight of her making him more turned on then he expected. Here was a beautiful girl, dressed like a model, turned on enough to be blushing, literally seducing him across the dinner table. He felt his hips move on their own more then once in an involuntary thrust, his body getting hotter and hotter until he was sure steam would come off his shoulders and back.

He felt every move of his body, the muscles of his arms and chest feeling good in their movements as she watched. It was as though her eyes on him transferred her desire into pleasure wherever they looked at him. He watched her mouth on her spoon, and the seduction in her eyes, imagining far more then he could stand, wanting her lips badly.

He laughed out loud, the kind of laugh that accompanied with his blushing conveyed both how much she was effecting him and how much he felt silly for not being able to stop the feelings she was inspiring. She laughed with him, aware of what she was doing and feeling somewhere between a porn star and a joke. Their eyes locked and they smiled.

"Well, that's dinner, where is my toy with six speeds, that purrs like a kitten, and drives women wild." She said with a laugh.

"Oh, that, it's outside where you left it. Unless you walked here instead of driving."

She shook her head and laughed, feeling how her stomach tightened in a kind of little contraction with her giggling. She bit her lip to control the moan that almost resulted.

"The night isn't over yet, we still have a movie to watch," Sean said, standing up and heading to the TV room, "You'll get your present when my day of teasing is over."

Lisa barely managed to contain the feeling that shot through her when he walked by. He was all to visibly hard, the bulge in his pants drawing her eyes to it in a way she had hardly ever experienced before. Her heart seemed to skip a beat as she bit her lip and held her breath.

Somewhere deep inside her it felt like something moved her body without her effort as a chill ran down her spine and seemed to rush between her legs and up into her in one fluid movement. The thought of his hardness inside of her was so intense that for a moment her imagination seemed to supply the sensation for her. She felt her hips move, almost grinding and rotating on her seat as she felt the stockings and garter belt were his fingers running over her legs and thighs and butt. There was a tingling that spread through her body as her back arched lightly against her will, pressing her wetness against her underwear for a moment. Her breasts pressed forward against the tightness of her shirt and her hard nipples sent goose bumps all over her breasts from the contact with the fabric.

She took a deep breath, trying to calm the raging between her legs but not being able to do anything but spread it with her breath. She never believed she could be this horny in her entire life, her whole body was already craving an orgasm. She let the breath out in a sigh and stood to follow Sean into the TV room.

As she walked she was all to aware of everything. She realized how wet she was, feeling her underwear actually soaked in the passion that was now pouring from her body. She noticed how she walked in her heals, her hips swinging and producing a kind of sexual tension in every movement. She noticed the way her tight skirt grabbed her butt and thighs and held her as she walked. She noticed the heat of her body contained in her stockings, her legs actually lightly sweating in the heat of her arousal. She noticed how the straps of her garter belt were like fingers caressing her thighs and near pussy. She noticed the draft of cool air moving up under her skirt, caressing the undersides of her butt cheeks, between her legs, and especially the wetness, making it almost cold against the hot of her throbbing insides.

She felt the way her tight shirt held her stomach, and the breeze that sometimes drifted across her belly between her skirt and shirt, making goose bumps form and run in every direction from her belly button. She felt the heavy, slow, sensual bouncing of her breasts as she walked, their weight a swollen tingling reminder of her arousal. She felt the way her tight shirt held her breasts like a lover's hands, warm and caressing, the fabric making her nipples throb when it touched.

She felt the heat on the upper part of her chest, her collar bone, her neck, shoulders and arms evaporating off her body in a pleasurable coolness. She felt her hair on her neck and shoulders caressing her and sending shivers down her spine as she imagined it was Sean's lips and fingers that caressed her there. She felt the heat in her face, blushing, and the heat on her neck, trapped by her hair. As she walked, she felt like walking desire.

And what was worse, was that her desire seemed, even though she thought it was impossible, to be getting stronger with each passing minute. By the time she had walked the short distance from the table to the couch she felt as though she would just explode. She had gone from, ravenous, to hornier then she ever imagined, to even hornier, and she knew it wasn't all just the aphrodisiacs, it was the way he teased.

Before she sat down next to him she noticed that he was still visibly hard and she looked over his body. She forced the thought of sitting on his lap, on top of his hard dick and letting it slip into her, out of her head. She sat slowly, deliberately, trying to control her hips which seemed to want to gyrate on their own, to rub against the teasing cloth of her underwear and garter.

Sean watched her walk into the TV room, completely captivated by the movements of her body. She seemed so composed, and yet in her eyes there was a look of determination, and in the deliberate nature of every movement of her body he was sure she was struggling as much as he was.

It was as though his hardness was going to press it's way out of his pants on it's own, every bounce of her breasts making his dick throb. He barely managed to take his eyes off of her long enough to start the movie as he worried about the wetness of his precum showing through his pants. He took a deep breath as she sat down, smelling the wonderfulness of her perfume and suddenly feeling almost dizzy. He shook it off as best he could before letting out a long controlled breath and let the movie play.

The movie began and for about ten minutes it almost succeeded in distracting them, until, the movie did what Sean was planning on. The film, which was a French romance, started the first of it's fourteen sex scenes.

Within a second of the first kiss Lisa could no longer control parts of her body. She bit her lip to contain the gasp that she almost let out as she imagined her own lips in such a passionate kiss. She felt her legs press together around what now seemed to be flowing wetness as her breasts seemed to actually swell, pressing outwards as she held her breath. To stop the way she knew her hips were about to move she bent her knees and brought them almost to her chest, wrapping her arms lightly around her knees to keep her fingers in a specific place.

The scene progressed with such passion that Lisa found her own jaw dropped as she began to feel as though her whole body and mind were made out of pure sexual desire and pleasure. She was imagining herself in the place of the woman on the screen, feeling her body move in his arms. She felt her insides getting so sensitive that she was sure she would come if she just touched herself for a second. And then, she felt her nipples somehow filling with the same pleasure.

Every breath she took in seemed to make her stomach tense up, her clit throb and her breasts swell. It was as if her whole body were somehow connecting, all the sensual spots throbbing together. She began to feel as though a string of sexual tension somehow connected her nipples, her breasts, her stomach, her clit and her deep insides. So that when she breathed in and her chest grew heavy, swollen, and full of tingles, she felt a tension in her stomach and felt her clit throb in response. It was as if the movements of her breathing, pressing her chest outward, were pulling on her insides too, making her own pussy almost feel penetration with the girl on the movie.

Her insides were throbbing, her legs even beginning to shake a little. She wanted to come more then she had ever wanted anything in her life, her whole body wanted it. She remembered the vibrator for a moment and bit her lip as for a second she felt like she may come if she even moved her body.

As their bodies moved on the screen, rocking, and their moans reached her ears she realized her own breaths were coming faster and faster. She closed her eyes for a moment, but that only left the sounds to her imagination and she almost humped the air as she imagined it was her and Sean making that noise together. She felt dazed, and her pussy lips were throbbing between her legs as every nerve in her body seemed to become as sensitive as her clit usually was, while her clit seemed to become so sensitive that to touch it would certainly set her off, and what was worse, her nipples seemed to be growing just as sensitive.

Then the scene switched and the sex on the TV had stopped, but somehow for Lisa, it was as if it were still happening in her head. She found herself not paying attention to the movie, completely consumed by the desire inside.

Sean hadn't managed to watch practically any of the movie at all. When Lisa had bent her knees and set her feet on the couch he could see the perfect curve of her butt and the connections of the garter belt to her stocking. He had watched that ever sense, noticing every little movement of her body, the squeezing of her legs, the wetness now visible on the underside of her leg, her quickened breathing, the movements of her hips. His own body was moving on it"s own, his hips thrusting ever so slightly with every throbbing of his dick as his stomach tightened. His breathing was close to becoming a grunt and he worried if he watched her come he might just come with her just from seeing the magnificence of her pleasure.

Then, another sex scene began on the TV. Sean and Lisa looked at each other with a laughing desperation before turning back to the screen. They both knew one of them was going to loose by the end of this one.

Lisa put her head on her knees as she felt her pussy throb so much she almost felt like she was already having sex. She heard the kissing and movement of the people in the movie and felt a shiver run down her spine as she imagined what they were doing so vividly that her hips actually gyrated on their own as her back arched it's self, her body trying to stretch out some of the tension inside. She felt her wetness actually drip down her inner thigh as her throbbing seemed to press out a steady stream of liquid heat.

She felt her eyes roll back in her head as she bit her lip with a deep breath in. Her pussy seemed to move on it's own, as did her breasts, a swelling pressure inside that moved her without her permission and as she opened her eyes to see a dick slide sensually between the legs of the woman on the screen her breath came out in a stifled moan.

She looked quickly at Sean who shot her a glance of triumph and desperate desire as she noticed his teeth biting his lip and his dick visible in his pants as his abs flexed lightly on their own.

She closed her eyes and smiled shaking her head. She knew she had lost, and so she gave up holding it in, letting a long low moan escape her mouth unobstructed as her hips humped the air for a moment. She looked at him as the sounds of sex filled their ears.

"Alright," Lisa said breathlessly, "You won the bet. What do you want me to do?"

Sean stood slowly and deliberately and walked to the box that contained the vibrator as both their lower regions throbbed.

"I want you to strip for me, dancing, taking off only your shirt and skirt, and then I want you to sit on the couch, legs spread and hands on the back of the couch, and I don't want you to move from that position till I am done with my teasing for the night."

Lisa smiled and stood, lifting her shirt only to the bottom of her breasts so that he could see the softness of her flesh below her shirt. She moaned as she discovered that standing up felt better then she had expected, her underwear rubbing against her clit and making her sure she was about to come. She felt her back arch and she bent over involuntarily, putting her butt high in the air as she felt a little contraction inside. She grabbed her stocking covered legs for support and then arched her back up, so that she remained bent over, her butt high in the air as she brought her head up to look sensually at Sean, moaning from the tension in from her stomach all the way to her butt. He saw her breasts hanging below her look of desire and couldn't keep in the gasp that escaped his lips.

She stood and turned around, taking her shirt off completely as she bent over again, feeling the stretching bliss of her legs and butt as Sean looked at the bottoms of her butt cheeks under her skirt. His dick throbbed so much he moaned and let his hips thrust as he imagined being closer to her, and in her.

Then, dancing, rocking her hips back and forth she slowly slipped her skirt down and for the first time he saw how wet she really was.

"oh my god. . ." he whispered completely transfixed on the movements of her body as her butt emerged framed by the garter. She stepped out of the skirt and turned, slowly, deliberately, sitting on the couch and moved into the position he had told her to. For a moment Sean just stared at her, his eyes moving across her body and then to her eyes, then back across her body, watching her breasts rise and fall with her breathes, her stomach moving and her hips rotating as she threw her head back and moaned.

Lisa couldn't believe how she felt. Every movement of her body as she stripped felt like near orgasm she swore that if she were to touch even her nipples for just a moment she would come. She felt all the pleasure of having sex just from sitting still, let alone from moving.

Every movement of her legs had made her insides fill with tightness and sent goose bumps across her butt and up her spine and through her wet hot insides. The garter and her underwear were so tight on her throbbing that she couldn't even sit still any more. She literally couldn't control the movements of her body any more and she was about ready to just ask him to. . . she couldn't believe what she was thinking.

Then, as she lay there, she heard a soft vibration and she realized what he meant to do. She felt so ravenous that she began to moan uncontrollably and somehow even that felt good. The sound of the vibrator seemed to end what was left of her restraint as she began to feel as though her body were in his control, as though he could tell her to get hornier and somehow she would, even though she couldn't imagine being any more turned on then she already was.

Already, with every breath, she throbbed inside. Already, she couldn't think straight, imaged of what she wanted him to do completely filling her mind. Her body was so hot that she could literally feel herself beginning to sweat. She let go and let her body begin to move wildly, humping the air, kicking her feet a little, and letting her hips rotate.

"When you are about to come, tell me." Sean said, his voice obviously shaky. Lisa managed a breathless, "ok, " which was followed by a scream that turned quickly into "I'm gona come," when she felt the first vibrations on her clit through her underwear. And then, the wonderful, terrible, reality of how far he intended to take this tease sunk in as the vibrations stopped just before her climax.

Lisa realized immediately that she could indeed want it more then she had been, as she felt herself actually begging, "oh god, don't stop, you can't stop," which was followed by another mixed moan and scream as the vibrations began again. She grabbed the couch as hard as she could as it felt like her clit were being licked by a hundred tongues somehow, her body grinding against the vibrator. She screamed as she felt tingles shoot through her with every individual vibration. Sparks that moved up into her in waves. She began to scream wildly, getting closer and closer to climax, she yelled, "I'm. . . going . . .t"

And the vibrations stopped. Her whole body shook, a chill running through her that made her unsure what was happening as she got dizzy and even hornier somehow. Her breathing was all moans and she couldn"t seem to calm it down enough to say more then a couple words at a time.

"please. . . " she managed, her hips thrusting forward as though they could reach what she desperately wanted. He kissed her thigh which made her let out a short sudden moan. Then kissed slowly up her shaking legs while she moaned with every touch, unable to control anything any more as it seemed her whole body was one giant erogenous zone.

Every touch made her shiver, shake, moan and squirm and all she could do was hold on to the couch. Then he placed the vibrator on her underwear again and she let out a long, low moan as her body shook. The pleasure of the vibrations was so intense that her eyes rolled back in her head and she felt as though the vibrations were almost as strong as her orgasms normally were. She shook with pleasure, the shivers making her chest shake, causing her to feel sparks of pleasureful fire in her nipples, as they grew so hard they throbbed with her clit, and for a moment she had the sensation of both vibrating.

She screamed again, her orgasm approaching and she literally shouted out, "OH MY GOD, I"M GOING TO KILL YOU" when the vibrations stopped just before her orgasm..

She looked him in the eyes and grabbed his face, kissing him with so much passion that she nearly bit his lips. Her hips moved in wild circles and thrusts unable to stay still any more as the taste of his lips made her literally dizzy and melted her body in a way that made it hard to move or think.

Sean grabbed her hands and pinned them down to the couch, "keep them there," he said sternly yet playfully and she dug her nails into the couch as the vibration began again.

She felt a tear run down her cheek as her desire grew to be so overwhelming that it seemed to be an all encompassing emotion. The vibrations seemed to flow through her body like electric current and she was so overwhelmed that she could no longer stop shaking, moaning, throbbing everywhere, or moving like her body was no longer hers.

She began to hear things come out of her mouth she had never heard before as the vibration felt like a fire of pleasure on her clit. A fire that spread up her belly, across her butt, down her legs, up to her chest, and into her mind. She felt unsure if she was coming or not, the pleasure and desire were so intense. Then just as she discovered that somehow there was more pleasure, a full orgasm that she still hadn't reached the vibrations stopped.

This time she didn't even stop screaming, she just screamed "please, oh god, please," in between moans caused by what were now almost violent shivers.

Lisa felt as though she were being pleasured beyond her wildest dreams, and yet she felt as though she still had not even gotten a taste of what she wanted. Strangely she began to kick her legs as she actually cried from a desire so intense it was now in charge of every part of her.

Then, he slid her underwear to the side, prompting a flow of intense tingles, and then, the vibrations began directly on her clit.

Lisa felt as though the whole world suddenly evaporated. Her overwhelming desire mixed with the sudden direct contact with the vibration made her unable to perceive anything but the sudden pleasure pouring up into her. She felt a warm tingling that seemed to be made up of a million indistinguishable strokes as the pleasure in her clit became an overwhelming sensation. She couldn't tell when the actual orgasm began because it seemed, with as sensitive as she had become, that every vibration was a beginning of an orgasm, flowing up into her body in the form of a million waves of tightening. She felt as though the vibration on her clit spread with each individual pulse, each one stronger then the last, rushing in wave after wave from her clit, down, inside through the entire length of her insides., where it exploded into her entire body in the form of a white hot vibration of blissful tingles.

She felt the orgasm peak in one giant rush from her toes to her head that made her breath catch in her chest. Her scream stopped dead in the middle and her whole body froze. Then, slowly, her hips began to gyrate forward as a slow gasp began to exit her lips and her fingers gripped hard onto the couch as her back arched. Then, without warning, in the midst of the head rush that was making her head spin, another bolt of pure bliss exploded from the vibrations and shot up her arched back with such force that her whole body shook at once and her held breath was pressed out in one short moan, half cut off in her throat by the third orgasm rushing up into her and making her whole body feel as though it were on fire with tingles.

Then, just as she was sure she was done coming, the vibrations suddenly stepped up a notch and everything between her knees and her breasts tensed up in a rush of hot vibrating bliss. Another orgasm sparked almost immediately as her held breath could no longer be contained in her body. She felt herself rocked by the orgasm as all the air was pressed from her lungs in a wild squeal. She suddenly realized, through spinning thoughts that the vibrator had been on it's lowest setting the whole time.

Her body shook as the vibrations got even more intense, her moans becoming constant as she came again, even harder then before, feeling liquid literally pour out of her as she began to move without control, her hips now rocking so fast and hard against the vibrator that she could feel her breasts bouncing from the movement. She felt as though she was going to pass out as it seemed the tightening rush of pleasure inside was full of little vibrations that made her orgasm feel like one long one filled with little ones.

Then the vibrations got stronger again and she felt another orgasm begin before the first one had ended. Her whole body began to shake as she began to feel as though she was coming uncontrollably. She could feel the vibrations pouring up into her so powerfully and constantly that she it seemed every second or two another orgasm would pour up into her. She gasped for air, felt her self fill with pressure, her breasts pressing forward, a wave of vibrating tingles flowed up into her and she came. The orgasm pressed a moan from her parted lips and she gasped again, taking in a deep breath and feeling the pressure inside. Her lips and clit vibrated intensely and tightened in a rush of pleasure filled with vibrating bliss that rushed up through her rocking hips, into her stomach and through her breasts before rushing to her head and making her moan with her intense exhale. She bit her lip as her hands dug into the couch and her back arched with her breath in. She felt as though the orgasm hit her and knocked her over as her stomach tightened and her hips rocked back hard, pressing her butt into the couch and pressing her breasts forward.

The vibrations got stronger again, pressing on her clit like a thousand tongues at once. She felt her legs press tight around Sean's hand with the vibrator and felt the vibrations everywhere along her inner thighs, her wet lips, her clit, and her stomach all the way to her belly button. She felt her clit throb inside a constant movement of vibration that seemed to be vibrating so intensely that she felt as though the thoughts of pleasure in her mind were vibrating. Black sparkles filled her vision behind her closed eyes as her whole body shuddered in bliss.

Her clit throbbed and the orgasm that hit her made her whole body suddenly week. She felt the tightening and then the explosion from the tingles rushing up into her as her body suddenly slumped down against the couch, her breath caught in her throat again as she found herself almost unable to breathe. She put her shaking hands over her face as she felt the orgasm get stronger and stronger, almost unwilling to reach it's peak, rushing up into her deeper and deeper and then releasing her into a state of dizzy, floating bliss.

She felt as though she were floating up into the air as the pleasure became dizzying. And then, while her orgasm seemed to still be rushing up toward it's peak, Sean slipped the vibrator off of her clit and down into her.

She felt her lips vibrate so intensely that her clit vibrated with them. Then a solid pressure parted her lips, pressing hot solid vibration against them in a way that made her body melt. Then slowly, it slid deeper and deeper inside, the pressure of penetration filled with the constant movement of vibration made her feel as though every part of her insides were being caressed all at once. She could feel every inch of it slide inside as her orgasm continued to build with every inch it slid in. She could feel a constant rushing that was making her unable to move as her insides were pressed open by the blissful vibration.

Then, somewhere inside, the vibration reached a place that sent the orgasm completely into motion. She felt a pressure inside that made her whole body go limp on the couch and then shiver wildly. The orgasm that had started before she ever felt the bliss of the vibrator inside, didn't seem to want to stop once that spot inside was vibrating.

She could feel her whole body exhausted yet energized, week but overwhelmed in orgasm, relaxed yet coming, climaxing again and again yet not ever having a time in between orgasms where she wasn't coming. She began long moans that were interrupted only by her gasping for air.

Sean wasn't even moving the vibrator practically at all in and out of her and yet she felt like with every breath in there was the impact of her body against the vibration as her insides tightened and moved in waves around it.

She felt as though pure blissful energy were vibrating up into her in an almost constant stream, interrupted only by intense peaks of bliss where new orgasms started in the middle of other ones.

She felt as though she were constantly coming, wave after wave of bliss pouring through her, as though the vibrations weren't letting her stop, as though every little vibration was the beginning of an orgasm. Her body was so overwhelmed that she just lay there, moaning, shaking, but otherwise too week to even move as she felt herself floating higher and higher, black fireworks filling her vision.

Her body felt so hot and so full of bliss that she was sure she was going to come forever.

Then, suddenly there was a climax even stronger then the others that made her body tighten through it's exhaustion and made her breathlessly scream. Sean moved the vibrator slowly out, sliding against the top of her insides and then thrust it back in and Lisa's whole body exploded. The vibrations slowly slid outward then came crashing back inside with such force that her orgasm came from her entire pelvic region. Then again, still coming, another peak of explosion rocked her body as he thrust in again and Lisa felt hot liquid pour out of her while she screamed.

Lisa felt herself coming constantly from the vibration and yet, coming more intensely from the thrusts as though she were experiencing a whole new level of orgasms. Orgasms that were so strong that they made it impossible to move, and impossible to breathe, while they exploded from everywhere all at once. She felt tingles rush through her body, chills down her spine, goose bumps across her skin, and then a blissful wave of orgasm that seemed to contain her entire body. Lisa screamed with every thrust and tried almost unsuccessfully to breathe in between.

She felt her light headedness become so dizzying that the room spun and her whole body tightened into one long orgasm and she barely managed to breathe as the black closed around her thoughts. She barely managed, "I. . . I can't. . . . take any more."

And then she screamed as he thrust the vibrator in and out hard and fast all at once. She came with every thrust and yet with the speed he was moving she couldn't even keep mental track of his thrusts. She felt herself literally drowning in orgasms as she felt her insides impacted by the penetration of vibration filled hard thrusts. She couldn't think, she couldn't breathe, her exhausted body managed to flail arms and legs wildly, she couldn't remember where she was, what was happening, or even her own name, let alone Sean's.

She screamed constantly as her entire body was rocked by orgasm after orgasm as she became so overcome that she literally couldn't move. And then, in one last explosion the vibration stopped and she lay on the couch feeling as though she were floating between this world and some other.

Lisa wasn't sure how much time passed. She slowly became aware of her body being held and her hair being caressed softly. She tried to sit up but felt her body go limp as she had an orgasm as an aftershock from tightening her stomach to sit. She felt it rush up into her and she held her breath and then heard herself moan. She saw Sean smile.

She slowly became aware of the room around her and of Sean's body pressed against hers, holding her. She took a deep breath and again, felt an aftershock of an orgasm rippling through her relaxed body. When her moans stopped Sean asked, "How are you doing?"

Lisa whispered, "Never mind the car, I like this gift better."

Sean smiled, "Yeah, maybe next time we'll get you something to ride. . . like me."

Lisa wasn't sure if it was the thought of what he said or just her body's continuing bliss that caused the immediate aftershock that shook her near limp body.

She moaned, "Save a horse. . . . . ride a cowboy."

Sean smiled and she became aware of his dick throbbing below her body where she lay on top of him.

"Yeah, but if you ride me, I'm afraid I'll have to give you the whole cowboy treatment: I'd have to tie you down with some rope and then only untie you when you REALLY want to ride."

"Oh god, don't tease me like that." Lisa said feeling another aftershock somehow making her want more even though she was sure she still couldn't sit up.

Sean looked at the clock, "It's only 8:00. I can still tease you all I want for another four hours."

Someone on the TV moaned and a jolt ran through both of their bodies.

"Well then," Lisa said breathlessly, "You'd better make good use of your time cowboy."

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