Hypnotic Seduction III

Lori stood on her front porch, her legs still a little shaky from what had happened to her that night. Part of her still didn't believe what had happened, but the euphoria she still felt told her that it defiantly had. She had been hypnotized and had ended up coming again and again without even having sex, something she had thought was only possible in stories.

She slid her key in the door and was surprised to find herself still horny enough to be turning everything into sexual innuendo. She smiled and whispered out loud the thought that had been floating through her head all night and had somehow made her bliss possible; "Please, I Will Obey."

Her pussy began to throb and she hurried inside, surprised by how turned on she was at just the thought of submitting to that kind of erotic command. Lori hurried inside and went straight to her bathroom, taking her cloths off as she went, the throbbing in her pussy building to the point that it was actually difficult to walk.

She was thinking back through the events of earlier that night as she absent mindedly touched herself while taking off her final items of clothing.

She wasn't sure of all the details of how she got from the bar to his house, all she was sure of was that she had desperately wanted to go there. Then she had remembered being on his couch, and then on the beach, experiencing things she didn't think were possible, only to return to his couch in the middle of an orgasm.

She had been about ready to pounce on him, to tear his cloths off and have wild passionate sex till she passed out, but she found that she couldn't move, restrained by the same power that was making her pussy throb even now, as she undressed. She had heard herself nearly begging, "Please, I Will Obey," as her body shook.

And then she wasn't sure what had happened, all of the details got very jumbled. She knew she hadn't had sex, he had said something about not taking advantage of her state, assuring her that if she chose to come back he would fuck her brains out, but right now, he was going to send her home. . . and then she didn't remember anything till when she was standing on her doorstep with a phone number in her hand.

The thing that drove her nuts was that trying to think of that missing time seemed to make her intensely horny, so much so that she couldn't think straight and just found herself saying "Please, I Will Obey." She wanted desperately to know what it was she couldn't remember and why, just thinking of it, was making her so horny she couldn't control herself.

Lori turned on the shower and waited for a moment while the water heated up, before getting in. She couldn't believe she was fantasizing almost obsessively about what had just happened, there should be no way at all she could be this horny after coming till she was soaked only an hour earlier, she got in the shower, her hands already wildly exploring her body.

"Please, I Will Obey!" She moaned out loud as the water poured over her body, an enticing warm heat of tingles and sensual wonder that seemed to make her even hornier then she had been, something she thought impossible. She imagined back to being in the waterfall, then bent over and began to fantasizing she was really there, having passionate sex. She wished she could really feel his dick slide into her and then to her surprise, it did.

In an unbelievable rush she felt her pussy lips part, then the intense pressure of penetration as it pressed all the way deep inside of her. She felt his swollen head part her wet pussy lips, pressing her completely open and making her explode into an orgasm.

"Please, I am so horny I can't control myself, I Will Obey!" She screamed, sure she was really finally having the sex she had wanted all night.

She felt him begin to fuck her and no matter how she moved she couldn't seem to stop feeling him going in and out and hitting her spot perfectly every time. She found herself building towards another orgasm immediately as she became so horny and so full of bliss that she was shaking while being fucked.

She felt the water pouring over her body and sending hot streaks of pure, goose bumps filled bliss across her skin as she was thrust against the wall of the shower rhythmically. She could feel his strong body slap against her ass and his balls bounce against her clit as her butt rose high into the air to try and take all of him in. She felt his hands on her hips, holding her in place as the shaft slid in deep, touching all of her sensitive places as it went in.

She began to scream with every thrust as she began to come. She felt as though an energy were pouring through her entire body, a desperate desire that she couldn't deny, and a pleasure that made her pussy try and clench around his hard shaft.

She found that she couldn't think straight, moaning and screaming as she lost all control. His dick thrust in so deep that she felt it press an orgasm all the way to her head, an explosion of intense release that began as a spark at her clit and ended in her being dizzy.

It was followed immediately by another orgasm as she found herself screaming the words between thrusts, "Please. . . I am so horny. . . I can't control myself. . . I Will Obey!"

The whole world seemed to become blurry as she found herself coming again, hard enough that if it weren't for the strong hands on her hips she would have fallen over. She could feel every sensation so vividly that she was shivering.

His dick slid in, pressing her lips open first, then deeper, parting the wetness inside and forcing the wonderful pressure deep into her lower stomach. She was sure, as it hit the place that made her week in the knees, that if she were to watch just below her belly button she would see the impact.

Inside she felt waves of pleasure as the head slid outward, brushing against the soft flesh on the front of her insides, and then another thrust, ending in a tap of his balls against her clit and that incredible impact against her deep insides.

Then from her clit a tingling rushed deep inside, then again, then again, a couple waves of pleasure that signaled that the orgasm was arriving. Then the electric explosion poured through every nerve in her body.


Lori had gotten out of the shower only because the water had been cold for quite some time. She had turned and been absolutely shocked to find herself alone as she turned the water off and nearly collapsed on the floor of the shower.

She was shaking with the aftershocks of pleasure and her insides still tightened and released periodically on their own. She felt faint and dizzy, but in the most blissful way she had ever imagined. Then she lay her head back against the side of the shower and laughed out loud, an emotion she could not explain, but somehow completely understood.

Time passed, and eventually Lori stood and managed to walk to her bed, where she fell asleep naked, almost instantly upon laying down.


"Will You Obey?" A voice asked from the darkness.

"Please, I Will Obey," Lori heard herself respond.

"Open your eyes and look at the full moon high above the ocean. Feel your feminine connection with the changes of the moon as you gaze into it's silver light.

Many creatures of myth find themselves changing with the changing of the moon. Werewolves, for instance, undergo a complete change with the full moon. But it is not just mythical creatures that are in tune with the lunar cycle. Women are aware of the changes in the moon as their bodies echo the same cycles. You too are aware, on some level, of the changes of the moon and on some level, you change with it.

Look at the moon now and know your connection with it. Feel the energy of that connection filling your body as you sit next to the waterfall that just made you feel intense desire.

Deep inside every woman is a sex goddess, just like deep inside every man is a primal instinct. The longer you stare at the moon right now, the more you become in touch with that part of yourself. Feeling the sex goddess beginning to grow stronger and stronger, until within the moon you can see your own body.

Watch the moon and feel yourself being drawn to it. You want to go closer, closer, and soon you find yourself floating upward towards it's white light. You are riding on moonlight towards the stars, a tingling sensation pouring through your body as your mind goes blank except for a desire to obey and move closer to the moon. In your mind you find you are being pulled into the white light and soon the moon occupies your entire vision. You feel like you are floating.

You are surrounded by the white light of the moon, as though you are part of it, and in the white light, you see a female form.

She walks with a seductive swing in her hips, her hands accenting every sensual movement of her body. Her breasts are pressed forward, nipples erect and the feminine weight of her breasts visibly bouncing. Her eyes are gazing forward, a look of unhidden lust pouring from them as her lips are parted lightly as though to moan or kiss.

Every movement of her body is seductive without her even having to try. She could be having a casual conversation about anything and her body would continue to flirt for her, drawing eyes to her as though her body it's self were asking to be pleased.

She is seductive, unashamed, and uninhibited. She wouldn't sleep with just anyone because she knows she wants the best, but every movement of her body compels men to be the best just to be able to touch her.

Looking into her eyes you know that she is not afraid of her deepest darkest fantacies. She isn't worried about weather or not they are acceptable, only weather or not she can live them. She is constantly thinking of how she can live out her deepest darkest fantacies.

You are amazed by her sensualness and find yourself wondering who this sex goddess is. You look at her face and are suddenly shocked to find that it is your face, your body that you are watching. You walk towards her and reach out only to find that you are looking in a mirror. It is your movements you are watching, your eyes that are overwhelmingly seductive, your hard nipples, and your swaying hips.

You suddenly become aware of your wet pussy and the hunger inside. You are hornier then you have ever been in your entire life because right now, through the mirror of the moon, you are seeing the sex goddess inside of you. Let that part of you that you often keep hidden come out and have control.

Will you obey?

Please, I am so horny I can't control myself, I Will Obey.

Feel your body moving like a porn star's, seductive and sensual in every move, and find yourself enjoying the thought of mens' desire filled eyes looking over your body.

Feel your hands sliding over your body and touching, seducing yourself and anyone that would watch at the same time. Hear yourself moan seductively as words so hot they would put a phonesex operator to shame run through your head on their own. Right now you only care about pleasure, giving and receiving it, because you know that giving pleasure, and seeing that look in someone's eyes could nearly make you cum right now.

You find yourself discovering one of the secrets of seduction, that you seduce yourself by seducing someone else, and you have always known this deep inside.

Feel your back arch and your hips move in a way stripers would envy, but you are doing it because you are so horny you can't sit still, and because of that, it's as if your body is doing it on it's own.

Feel your head fill with all the fantasies you have ever had. You know you think about sex quite often, but you never really tell anyone. Right now, as a sex goddess you would almost have fun watching people's blushing reactions to your thoughts.

This part of you is a bit of a nymphomaniac, you know if she were in control you could have sex for hours every day, coming again and again. She would find it so hot to just be told to surrender.

The next time you see the full moon, it will be a special full moon, it will pull you into it like you are right now and you will become a sex goddess for a night. You will undergo a transformation like warewolfs do: you will feel your body morph into a sex goddess, it will be an incredible sensation, ending in an orgasm to signal the end of the transformation. And then, for the rest of the night your body and mind will be incredibly seductive all on it's own. Flirting and teasing so automatically that you won't be able to stop it.

You will not do anything you would regret later, but you will have an incredible hunger for pleasure. You could come a hundred times in a night and still want more. You will be able to say, or write the most incredible seductive and hot things. You will be able to get wet and horny at your own will, or on command. And you will be able to cum just from being seductive.

If you were to post something hot on my message board that night you would find yourself coming repeatedly and uncontrollably from how hot it feels to know you are seducing me and many others on there. To simply post a message or write to me would result in at least one uncontrollable orgasm.

During the rest of that night you will always be horny. And the most intense part is that if you say the words "I will obey," to anyone you will become extremely suggestible for about a half an hour. You will remain completely conscious but while you are like that you will do anything you are told to do and you will want to do it intensely. If you were told to cum every five seconds for a half an hour, you would, if you were commanded to give a blow job, you would and you would cum suddenly from how hot obeying makes you.

you would cum suddenly from how hot obeying makes you.

cum suddenly from how hot obeying makes you.



Lori woke up mid orgasm, her own moans almost a foreign, yet very sexy sound. She was breathing hard, back arched, and legs spread as she grabbed onto anything she could get her hands on and clenched her fingers tight. Deep inside her stomach was an earthquake of an orgasm, a tremoring that made her whole body shake until she had rid it all the way through.

A couple moments passed as she caught her breath and looked out her window at the rising sun. She felt her head clearing and found to her astonishment that she could not remember what she had been dreaming. She knew it had something to do with the missing time she couldn't recall, but she still couldn't remember it, or her dream. She thought about it for about a minute more before she felt her pussy throbbing again just from trying to remember. Something incredibly hot had happened during that time and trying to recall it made her so hot and bothered that she wanted to scream, but she could not remember it, or what she had dreamed about.

Eventually she gave up and got up to get ready for work. . . after one more orgasm.


Lori went about her day the same way she normally did, for moments almost forgetting what had happened the night before, and at other moments staring at the phone number and pondering going to the bathroom to relieve herself in a different way then usual.

She was still somewhat in shock from what had happened, and yet, during most of the day, she was her normal self. What had happened wasn't interfering with her usual life in any way and she was happy about that. She went about work the same way as usual, talked to people the same way as usual and in general just enjoyed the day, with the only alteration an unusually large smile on her face.

By the time she got home she was back in her normal life enough to almost forget the phone number, but then, when she saw it, she called immediately.

"I've thought about it today and I am sure I want to see you again, even if it's just for the orgasms. Although of course I'm not saying I wouldn't enjoy some conversation. I'm sure you hypnotize a lot of people, but I don't care, I want to try more."

"Are you sure?"


"Ok, then I will pick you up at sunset three days from now. Do you mind if I hypnotize you again then?"

"Please, I Will Obey. I don't even care if you hypnotize me to be your pleasure slave, make me do a strip tease and then have sex with me, so long as I remember it," Lori laughed, she was surprised she had been that forward or had said that at all, but it was the truth even if it wasn't like her normally.

"I'll keep that in mind," I said, laughing with her.

Three days passed relatively slowly for Lori. When she was busy with her normal life she didn't think much of what was going to happen, but when she had moments of boredom, or time to daydream, she found herself fantasizing about what was going to happen, what she wanted to happen. She found herself running and hiking more often then usual just to relieve some of the sexual tension that built if she sat still for too long.

Then, sometimes, when she did sit still too long and her imagination began to wander to what was going to happen or that blank space she found herself touching almost uncontrollably until she had cum.

And then, as time sometimes does, the long days seemed to immediately pass and it was approaching sunset. What had seemed like an eternity at the time, now seemed like the blink of an eye as the knock came on her front door.

Lori walked to the door with butterflies in her stomach, as her imagination went wild. She was almost ready to say, "I will obey," the moment she opened the door. She opened the front door, and there, on her doorstep was the man who had made her cum just from his words.

The butterflies seemed to fill her stomach all the way to her throat as she found herself weak in the knees and almost unable to speak. I smiled as she bit her lip and her eyes wandered over my body with the same intensity that mine were looking over hers. She was wearing a tight, short black dress which appeared to have nothing at all under it, and heals that made her legs and butt look amazing.

"Shall we be on our way?" I asked.

"Let me grab my purse," She responded, and hurried back into the house, my eyes following her butt as she walked.

It wasn't long before we were on our way and as we drove I could tell that Lori was visibly nervous, and visibly turned on. She kept crossing and uncrossing her legs, and seemed unsure what to say as her nipples grew visibly hard through her dress.

She was finding herself thinking back to the last time she had been hypnotized and forward to what she imagined would happen tonight. The thoughts pouring through her head were making her pussy throb so intensely that she couldn't seem to think about anything else. She didn't want to admit out loud that she kept looking at my hands on the steering wheel and wishing that those fingers were inside of her. She didn't want to admit out loud that part of her wanted to skip everything that night, stop the car, and just have sex right there. And so she kept quite, unsure exactly what to do or say as the vibrations of the car made her pussy tingle.

"What kind of music do you like?" I asked, "You can put the radio to anything you want."

Lori smiled and fiddled with the radio for a moment until she found something she liked.

"Read any good stories lately?" I asked and she smiled.

"Yes, some. I've been reading a bit more then usual this week, something has had me a little more turned on then usual." Lori looked at me playfully.

"Well, any favorites or any stories worth mentioning?" We began to talk about stories, and writing, and what we each liked and I could see her relaxing a little bit, although she was becoming more flushed and her nipples remained visibly hard.

By the time we arrived at my house we were talking casually and the sun was just setting. I invited her into the house where we sat and continued to talk on the sofa.

The moment Lori sat down goose bumps covered her body as a chill ran through her that made her back arch. She could barely remember this room, but she defiantly remembered what had happened here: she had came over and over and over again without even having to try.

Her pussy throbbed so intensely from remembering sitting here and chanting, "I Will Obey," that she shifted in her seat. Somewhere in the back of her mind a chanting began, "Please, I'm so horny I can't control myself, I Will Obey."

"You know, I haven't shown you the balcony yet. Let me pour us both a drink and then I can show you around more then just the living room." I said to her, standing up and going into the kitchen.

Lori let out a soft moan the moment I left the room, a moan she had been holding in sense the moment she had sat down. She put her hands over her face and laughed a little at how overwhelming the memory of sitting here was. It was as if part of her was still in that trance, getting hotter and hotter with every moment that she sat there. She remembered the beach, the waterfall, the orgasms, and then her mind ran directly into the blank space and suddenly she was so horny she couldn't control herself.

She imagined striping. She imagined sex in every position she knew. She imagined being tied down. She imagined obeying every command imaginable. She thought about being a sex slave. She nearly found herself masturbating but managed just barely to restrain herself as I came back into the room. Part of her wanted to just stand up and bluntly ask for sex. Part of her wanted to just blurt out, "I Will Obey." But part of her had never done anything like that before, and so she did her best to hold in the impulses that were pouring through her.

I handed her a drink and noticed that her chest was rising and falling quickly, her skin flushed, and goose bumps covered what I could see of her beautiful skin. "C'mon, I want to show you the balcony," I said smiling and knowing the sun had set.

We walked up the stairs, out the sliding glass door at the top, and into the moonlight. Lori walked to the railing and looked down over the view of the city, while sipping her glass of wine.

"It's a full moon tonight you know." I said watching her intently.

"Oh, is it?" She said turning and looking back over the roof of the house at the moon, "It's beautiful. . . "

Lori's pupils dilated, her voice trailed off, and her whole body relaxed to the point that she dropped her glass of wine on the balcony absent mindedly. She starred at the moon as her breathing quickened, lips parted, and a light moan escaped her lips, "I. . ."

The moment Lori had seen the moon it was like a switch had flipped in her mind and a transformation had begun, all of the thoughts that she had held deep inside came flooding to the front of her thinking, instead of the back. Every fantasy she had imagined over the last three days played in front of her eyes, including the ones she would never have told anyone about, and all of her other thoughts became background so she could concentrate on this.

She felt herself floating into the moonlight as she imagined making love, having sex, being fucked, being a pleasure slave, having sex with more then one man, being tied down, being a striper, and being a sex goddess who could do as she pleased when she pleased with no second thought.

She felt herself getting lost in the moonlight, floating so high and tingling so much from the moonlight that she wasn't sure where her body was, and then, she wasn't sure where anything at all was. She felt herself floating in white light as though she was dreaming, and in the moonlight there was a figure walking towards her.

This seemed very familiar to Lori but she couldn't seem to think of where from, she tried to remember but all she seemed to be able to think was "Please, I am so horny I can't control myself, I Will Obey," Lori gave up trying and just watched.

The figure walking towards her was beautiful and seductive beyond words, so much so that Lori was astounded to find herself attracted to the movements of her body. The swaying of her hips, the movements of her seductive eyes and lips, the visible hardness of her nipples. The figure walked closer and closer until she reached out her hand towards Lori.

Lori looked down at her own hand reaching forward towards the beautiful fingers that moved towards her and then she felt the cold touch of the glass mirror on her finger tips. Lori gasped as she realized she was watching herself and suddenly became aware of her body.

Her pussy was throbbing so intensely that she knew she was going to cum soon. Her hips were moving seductively like a strippers because she couldn't stop the thrusting of her pussy towards the dick, fingers, and tongue that she kept imagining. She liked the sensation and found herself wanting more.

She imagined every sex act she could think of and in the moonlight felt some of them as though they were actually happening. She imagined the taboo things that she would never tell anyone about and just enjoyed them. And then in the midst of imagining that a hundred people had arrived naked at her door just to be able to be pleased by the goddess of sex she felt the tingling in her pussy begin to rush up into her.

Her pussy lips tingled as her clit throbbed so hard that she could swear she was pulsing liquid out of her pussy. There was a strong rush, goose bumps covered her body, and something inside of her tightened, then tightened harder, then tightened harder and poured intense tingles into her, then tightened harder and was accompanied by a hot rush of liquid, then tightened harder, and exploded all the way through her body as something in her memory said, CUM NOW, YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND!

Lori felt herself disoriented for a moment, then she stood straight up, her breasts pressing forward like a pornstar ready to be filmed. Her legs pressed together around her wet pussy and her back arched, pressing her butt back and breasts teasingly forward, as her hands slid down her thighs and grabbed the bottom of her skirt. She felt her lips part and a pleasureful "Oooooohhhhhhh" escaped her lips as she opened her eyes and turned to look at me, "I Will Obey," she said in a breathless moan, licking her lips teasingly afterwards as her eyes locked on mine in the lustiest gaze I have ever seen.

She began to walk towards me, hips swaying and eyes looking me over seductively. She placed her hands on my chest and kissed me teasingly, ending by biting my lip gently and looking me in the eyes. Lori turned around and pressed her butt up against my throbbing hardness, letting her skirt hike up higher and higher as she moved her butt teasingly over me, leaving visible wetness on my pants. I could smell her sweetness and would wait no longer.

Lori grabbed me by my tie and began to lead me towards my bedroom, her butt swaying teasingly, confidently, in front of me as her hiked up skirt sometimes betrayed enough of her butt to let me know that there were no underwear underneath.

I was throbbing and almost unable to think straight myself as she looked back at me with seductive eyes, licked her lips, and smiled, stopping to rub up against me some more to make sure I was still hard for her.

Lori let me into the bedroom and crawled onto the bed as I turned on the radio. She began to slide her skirt off her shoulders and covered her breasts teasingly before turning around and bending over, letting me see up her wet pink slit.

"CUM NOW, YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND." I said and watched as Lori's butt pressed high into the air, her slit actually visibly throbbing. Lori felt her body release into an orgasm immediately and effortlessly and she let herself ride the pleasure through, immediately wanting more.

I slid off my cloths as she turned her head to watch, her look even hotter then before as she uncontrollably humped the air, "Please, I am so horny I can't control myself, I Will Obey. Please, Fuck me, Please, I Will Obey."

"CUM NOW, YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND." Lori's body shook as I stepped forward onto the bed naked.

"The second you feel my dick inside of you you will begin to cum uncontrollably, and you WILL feel it inside of you. It will be as if the pressure from it being inside is so intense it's almost unbearable and it will cause you to begin to cum every couple of seconds over and over again. As long as it is in you you won't be able to stop cuming. Will you obey?"

"Please, I am so horny I can't control myself, I Will Obey."

"Feel my dick slide into you now."

Lori felt her back arch and her butt press high into the air as it pressed deep into her so intensely that she came immediately just from the parting of her wet, tingling, lips. As it slid in she was aware of her pussy muscles clenching and griping and tightening around the hard shaft, which made it seem even bigger to her, as though it were pressing against every place inside.

Lori screamed as she came again and something deep inside let one of the many fantasies she had long hidden come out:

"Please, I want you to go wild, fuck me wildly. I am your pleasure slave and I want you to treat me like one, don't hold anything back." Lori came again from the combination of the tingles shooting through her from her words and the intense pressure of the dick deep inside of her, "Please, I Will Obey."

Feel me begin to fuck you wildly, knowing that you are so sexy right now that I can't control myself. CUM NOW, and feel us both loose control. You've known that all this time it is you that is hypnotized, feel my dick begin to slide in and out of you so intensely that you can't even really sit any more, feeling yourself bend over as much as you are comfortable with and letting me fuck you.

Feel yourself have an orgasm as you begin having sex right now, CUM NOW, YOU CANNOT RESIST MY COMMAND. And then, as my dick pounds into you hard, deep and fast, feel yourself CUM AGAIN BEFORE THE LAST ONE HAS EVEN FINISHED. You can't seem to escape the feeling that you are being fucked right now and cuming every couple of seconds from it as I continue to hypnotize you even now.

On the next full moon you will become a sex goddess the moment you look at the moon, it will wash over you quickly and the transformation will end with an orgasm. For the rest of that night you will be a sex goddess, all of the movements of your body completely seductive and you will be a bit of a nymphomaniac. Imagine all the things you secretly fantasize about right now. If you have a partner you will seduce them and do something that you have fantasized about doing but haven't had the courage to do. You will find yourself doing it automatically and you will cum from the intensity of trying something new. At the very least you will tell them that you will obey.

If you do not have a partner, when you find yourself that horny on that full moon you will go to your computer and will go to either a chat room, your e-mail or my message boards and type the thing you are afraid to do and find that as you type it, you will experience it happening immediately as though it were completely real, just like your experience in the shower. Will you obey?

Please, I'm so horny I can't control myself, I Will Obey.


You will now continue to be fucked, imagining you are in Lori's position and cuming every couple of seconds as my dick slides in and out of you no matter how you move. This will continue uncontrollably, getting more intense as time goes on until you are bent over and screaming and can't take any more. This will only stop when you click the link below. Will you obey?