You pick up the secretaryís outfit, a blue womanís suit thatís bottom half is a fairly short skirt. You set the outfit on a chair nearby and begin taking off your cloths, first your footwear, then your shirt and bra, and finally, everything else. Suddenly you experience a very strange daze, as though you have forgotten something but are not sure what. You try to remember what it is that you have forgotten but the only thing that you seem to think in response is ďI Will Obey.Ē You realize that you were changing your cloths and see a blue womanís business suit nearby. You pick it up and begin to put it on, and as you do, you remember what it was you had forgotten. Somehow, for a moment you had forgotten who you are, but that is ok now, you remember that you are a secretary. Itís all coming back to you right now and you know why it is that you forgot everything for a little while. Your boss told you to read something that was going to hypnotize you, and you must have gone really far under, which isnít surprising because you normally do everything your boss says even without being hypnotized. Your pussy is throbbing so much right now that you canít think very clearly about where you are, but you know you are in your office at work. You are becoming more and more aware that you are sitting at a desk, the desk you work at normally, and you are more and more aware of your body, and more and more aware of how horny you are. You are actually so horny right now that your pussy is throbbing and you are having trouble thinking straight or concentrating on anything besides the need between your legs. Thatís not surprising though, you are always horny like this when you are at work, your boss makes you that way. Itís always been that way, when you came in for the interview you had sex with him on the desk, itís how you got the job. You know that you are a bit air headed, and even a little bit of a bimbo, and defiantly sluty sometimes, but that doesnít bother you because you know that you get to have all the fun that everyone else doesnít. You have sex every day, most of the time more then once. A day doesnít go by that you donít have at least two orgasms and you never think twice about it or feel guilty like some people do. You tried to go a day without coming once, but by the end of the day you couldnít control your hands any more and masturbated till you passed out. Ever sense the first time you had an orgasm at age fourteen youíve been enjoying your body without a second thought. Sometimes when you get really horny you get totally distracted by the feelings in your pussy. Some people think you are an air head because of this, but thatís because they arenít being distracted by that wonderful feeling like you are. You realize now why you are so horny, itís almost time for your lunch break. Every day at this time you go into your bossís office and have sex for a full hour. Itís your favorite part of your job. The only thing that comes close is when the delivery boy comes in and you masturbate under the desk without him knowing. You start to daydream, to think about what you are going to do when he calls you into the office today, and while you daydream, your hand slips down absent mindedly to rub your wet pussy through your cloths. Everything you are thinking right now seems to make you uncontrollably horny. Will you sit on his desk with a pen, taking down whatever he tells you, and then slowly uncross your legs and watch him slowly become unable to focus on anything but your bear pussy? Will you drop your pen and bend down, letting your skirt hike up a little to display your butt cheeks and then feel him grab you and fuck you from behind? Will he command you to do something and you will only be able to respond with, ďPlease, I Will Obey,Ē as you have no choice but to do everything he tells you to, even come? You are getting so horny now that you canít think at all, you just want him to call you in right now and do whatever he likes. You know that you are so horny that the second he even touches you youíll nearly come. Just the thought of his dick makes you squirm in your seat. Iím so horny I canít control myself. You become aware that you are still reading, but you arenít even sure what you are reading, you just have to finish it because your boss said to, but itís making you so horny that all you really want is for him to come out and fuck you till you canít walk straight. You know you are hypnotized right now and completely in his power because you can feel yourself not in control of anything any more. Heís making your pussy throb so much that you couldnít even walk if you stood up right now. You whisper out loud, ďPlease, Iím so horny I canít control myself, I Will Obey.Ē You decide you canít take it any more and begin to masturbate wildly. You have to come right now, but it seems that no matter how hard you try to come right now, you canít. The more you touch the more you want an orgasm, the hornier you get, and the closer you get to coming, but you seem to be right on the edge of a tidal wave, but not quite going over. And suddenly you realize that you have been hypnotized to not be able to come until you are told to. You find yourself even hornier from how much control your boss has over you, but itís also incredibly frustrating. You want to come so bad that you are shaking. If you could walk right now you would stand and storm into his office and demand to be taken right now, but you are so horny your legs are week and your pussy is literally soaking, so much itís dripping down between your legs. Please, I am so horny I canít control myself, I will obey. And then you get a message on your computer from your boss: Hello My Sexy Secretary, Enjoying the foreplay so far? You are hypnotized to do whatever I tell you right now, and I am sure you have discovered that you canít come till I tell you. Feel your hands suddenly tied to the keyboard, and your feet tied to the legs of your char, your legs spread just enough for me to reach your pussy when I want to. Here is what you will do for me today. You are going to type me an e-mail and tell me how horny you are right now, like a good secretary should. Only you will discover that anything you type to me, I will actually do to you. If you say that you want my dick inside of you, you will suddenly feel it inside of you. I want you to let yourself get carried away with this, typing everything you want to feel and then feeling it happen. You will even come whenever you type about having an orgasm, but you wonít be able to come today until you type to me about it. You will come uncontrollably every time you type about it though. Below is a link to where you can e-mail me, go ahead and go there and type to me what you want to feel, and then feel it. And then, when you have had as much as you can stand, you will click send and have the biggest multiple orgasm of your life, which will wake you up out of your trance, and make you go back to normal, remembering everything.