You pick up the school girlís outfit, a white shirt and tie and a plad skirt. You set the outfit on a chair nearby and begin taking off your cloths, first your footwear, then your shirt and bra, and finally, everything else. Suddenly you experience a very strange daze, as though you have forgotten something but are not sure what. You try to remember what it is that you have forgotten but the only thing that you seem to think in response is ďI Will Obey.Ē You realize that you were changing your cloths and see a school girlís outfit nearby. You pick it up and begin to put it on, and as you do, you remember what it was you had forgotten. You realize that you are still a little tired from waking up this morning for school and were just a little dazed. You try to remember what it was you were planning to do this morning. And then you remember, you were going to read a story someone recommended to you. You had been telling your friend that you had never had an orgasm before and she recommended that you read a story about it, and that is what you are doing now. You are about to read a story about sex, and already you are feeling kind of hot and flushed, sensations you arenít used to feeling. You have never been this aroused before and it is incredibly intense, you even find yourself wandering if this is what an orgasm feels like, but you arenít sure. Youíve never touched yourself before and arenít even sure how to. If an orgasm is any more intense then this you donít know if you can handle it. Below is a link to the story you are going to read. As you read it you will constantly get hornier and everything the girl in the story does, you find yourself wanting to do, and then doing. You will find that you are experiencing everything she experiences and will associate with her because she is like you. Actually she seems exactly like you, a young, shy, experimental, and horny, schoolgirl around seventeen years old who has never had an orgasm. In the story there will be a man telling the girl what to do, you will obey him completely just like she does. Will You Obey? Please, I Will Obey. Read the Story