Male Exploration

I am at yoga. I know, yoga is something girls do, not guys. But I enjoy the way it feels, and find it fun to challenge myself, and it keeps me in good shape. I go here every Monday, it's how I get myself focused for the week. We haven't started yet and I am sitting in the back like I often do, legs crossed and focusing on my breathing. We're supposed to start any second now. And that's when the door opens and she walks in.

I immediately have to force myself to not stare. This girl is absolutely gorgeous. Brown hair, blue eyes. Tan skin. Probably Latin decent based on the way she has the perfect hips. I realize that I shouldn't think about this, I'm wearing nylon shorts and boxers: if I let myself think too far down this path there isn't much to conceal what I am thinking about.

I close my eyes and focus on my breathing. When I open them next I realize she has taken up position right in front of me. I close my eyes again immediately. Whatever that cotton stuff she is wearing is form fitting. This may turn out to be harder not to think about then I thought. I chuckle to myself at the irony of "harder."

The instructor begins, "breathe deeply, roll your head slowly to the right and breath in." The usual stuff. I keep my eyes closed. But I can't get the blueness of her eyes or the shape of her body out of my head. I'm starting to feel a little warm and I can feel butterflies in my stomach. We move to a standing position and I quickly realize that I don't have very good balance with my eyes closed.

We stand up and bend over to let our bodies stretch out. "No problem," I think, "I can just look through my legs. Can't see her this way."

"Monkey Pose" the instructor says.

Monkey pose is a, grab your toes while you bend over and look foreword pose. It stretches your back, your legs your arms and your neck. None of this is occurring to me though all I can see is her perfect butt bent over, her shapely legs, and her obviously tone body. I should be concentrating at least on not getting hard, but I'm too busy realizing that this girl really does have a perfect body.

We stand up and move to a different pose. She moves so gracefully. Like a cat. Every motion perfect. Her hair streams down her back with a beauty that is indescribable. Every motion she goes through is so perfect and controlled. I find myself imagining the way she would move with me inside her.

I suddenly realize that the butterflies in my stomach have taken over my mind, and the lower half of my body. I can feel warmth moving into my stomach and my breathing and heart quicken not just from the yoga. I can feel myself twitching slightly below my shaft and I can feel the warmth of the blood pouring into my dick.

Already with every movement I can feel it rubbing ever so slightly against the fabric of my boxers and as it does, a tingling feeling shoots down from the tip, through the shaft and into my body. It feels so good. I find my hands wishing they could stop moving to the yoga and be doing something else.

As the tingling shoots into my body, my body pumps more blood into it, and as it does so, I get harder, which makes me brush even more against the fabric of my clothing, which makes me tingle even more. I realize that I must be visibly hard by now. But what am I going to do? Draw attention to it by adjusting?

I keep to the yoga. Try to focus on that, but very quickly I realize that these very movements seem to be generating a heat in my body that seems to mix with the desire building in my lower regions. We do some movements that mimic the thrusting motion of sex. Or at least that's what I notice about them. With every thrust her body seems to move so sensually, as though she was grinding. . .

Or maybe that's me. I imagine my thrusts being into her. God, I can't keep thinking like this. But damn, her movements are almost more sexy then her body. Something I have noticed, some women just know how to move. For that matter how a woman moves is far sexier then the way her body actually looks. Some people you can see are truly sensually in tune with their body. She is one of these.

With every movement I picture her grace, the way she would move in relation to me. With every new angle I see her from I imagine where I would move my hands, where I would put my tongue, where I would kiss. Damn, I am sweating, and I don't think it's entirely from the yoga. My body is twitching, I can feel my dick pulsing as I move and as it does I can feel my whole body want to thrust, my stomach wants to push forward, my ass wants to tighten and drive me deep into her. I'm beginning to tingle all over. The desire is becoming more then I can stand.

The skin of my stomach aches to be touched. My chest tingles when the muscles are flexed and every movement feels like heaven. Oh how I wish every movement could be made while feeling the heat of her body against mine.

My skin all over is tingling, as if all it wants is to be scratched, kissed, caressed, even bit. Did I just say bit? God, I want her too bad.

The yoga moves into slower poses. It's winding down. But her slower movements are almost more sensual then the fast ones. I can see every curve of her body. Every muscle movement in her long gorgeous legs, the rippling of her ass under that skin tight fabric.

We move to the sitting position to relax. I can't get her out of my head. My eyes are closed and still, all I can see is her.

It's been nearly an hour of this. I'm so hard that it hurts, but it hurts in a good way. I know there has got to be enough precum to make a small wet spot on my shorts. I hope it isn't noticeable on the black nylon. Not that it would matter as my erection is practically screaming look here, for me.

The yoga ends and I open my eyes to see her siting facing me. "God," I thinik, "What the hell am I going to say?" I catch myself looking at her nipples which are obviously hard and visible through the tight sports bra. Her breasts are perfectly formed and full. I manage to wrench my eyes off of them, hoping she didn't notice me looking, only to notice her stomach, it's firm, but still obviously soft. I manage to move from there to her blue eyes, which are just as mesmerizing.

I hear her voice, and it's so pretty, so smooth, I bet she could sing beautifully. I almost don't notice what she is saying. "Hi, I'm Elizabeth, my friends call me Liz." She is holding her hand out, so I shake it. "Hi, I'm Justin," I manage, and deciding to take my shot, "Can I buy you lunch?" She smiles.

"Yah sure, but I have to go home and change first, you wouldn't mind following me there before we go?"

I manage a yes as she stands up and motions towards the door. I stand up and realize that I am still visibly hard. I hope she can't see, but I swear that she looks there quickly. Did she just look at me being hard? She turns to leave and I swear I can see her biting her bottom lip as she turns away. I know girls biting their bottom lip always means something, I'm just never sure what it means. I follow her out and barely manage to calm myself enough to not be visibly hard as we walk. Which is quite a feat considering that when she walks her entire body screams "I have more curves then the entirety of coastal highway 1."

I watch her get into her car and as I drive I imagine how she would look naked. I notice myself getting hard again and I can feel the vibrations my car is making on my ass, balls and most of all on my penis. It's hard and so the whole shaft vibrates from the bottom, rubbing the skin against the fabric in an amazing way.

Her house isn't far, and when I get out of my car and see her again I damn myself for being hard again. This time I am sure she sees, and I see her nipples suddenly appear in through her bra. Is she turned on by the sight of me, or is it cold out here? It doesn't seem very warm. I'm sure it's the cold. I realize all this time I have been staring at her nipples. I quickly look to her eyes, but she is turning to go into the house. I follow her in, trying to calm myself but I fail miserably I notice her smell. She smells so sweet, the sweat mixed with perhaps a nice soap or deodorant obviously carrying pheromones. I sit on her couch. She walks into what I presume is her bedroom. I manage to get myself calmed down. I think, "Ok, I'll just be nice to her, I bet she's real interesting." I look around the room and notice the décor. She really is interesting. She has done some beautiful decorating. And she has a bookshelf full of books. There seem to be all sorts of cool things. Mythology, psychology, some good novels, even a couple I have read. I realize that this was just as bad an idea: I am growing attracted to her personality too now. Then when I notice that the book that is open on the table, probably recently read is erotica. . .

I think to myself, "I'm hopelessly turned on. There is nothing about this girl that isn't attractive. She's going to think all I want is sex. Not that I don't want sex, she's gorgeous, but. . ."

My looping thoughts are interrupted as I hear her come into the room, I turn to say welcome back to her but I am stopped short. There she is, completely naked, her nipples hard and she is visibly wet. She approaches me, moving in that same sensual way, and the butterflies in my stomach race up into my body and into my head and I can't think.

She bends over me and takes my shirt off. My chest muscles and arm muscles are aching for her touch as her hands brush softly against my skin. She takes off my pants and I can feel myself throbbing, throbbing!?!

It starts in that sensitive spot between my balls and my ass, then pulses both towards the tip and deep into my stomach. My whole body wants her. She kisses my bare chest and I can feel her hair caressing my body, sending chills all over my skin. She moves downward and as she reaches my stomach, the muscles move on their own pushing my hips forward and thrusting my cock against her soft stomach.

Her hair is making my whole front tingle and her hands are moving to my legs. She caresses up my thighs which sends shivers to meet the ones coming from my stomach. I realize that I am no longer in control of my body. My desire and pleasure are moving me.

She kisses my lower stomach, which makes my back arch and all the muscles in my body try to stretch. I grab tightly onto her couch as though it would somehow stabilize me. And then she slips her velvety lips around the head and down: across that ultra sensitive skin just below the head.

I gasp for air, I can't seem to get enough to fill my lungs. And as the air fills them my breathing feels so good I can hardly stand it, it's making my stomach tense up with pleasure. I let out a gasp as her hand moves to the sensitive spot just below my balls. The air feels just as good going out as in. I moan loudly. And I wonder where that came from. Are guys supposed to moan?

She starts doing little circles on my dick with her tongue, once again circling that sensitive skin as she takes me into her mouth. Every circle makes me tingle, as though electricity were pouring chaotically up into my body thorough my penis. It spreads and I tingle all over.

I grab her wonderful hair and pull her up towards me. That all feels too good and I want to please this beautiful creature before she releases me. I caress her face and bring her to where I can kiss her. She lays herself on top of my body and I can feel her breasts pressed softly against my chest. Her warmth mixes with mine, through our lips, and radiates between our bodies everywhere they touch. I can feel her excitement and it mixes with mine. As I grab her ass with one hand and caress he back with the other I feel as though I can feel her pleasure too.

I roll over on top of her, and we both roll softly off the couch. I slide my hands down her body, down her sides and I can see goose bumps on her skin where I touch it. I look deep into her eyes and I can see the same desire in them as I know is radiating from mine. I kiss her neck, down to her shoulder and then across her breasts while my hands caress her obviously sensitive sides from breast to hip. When I reach her nipple I lick little circles around it. It's so beautiful and I want to put the whole thing in my mouth, to taste it's soft skin, but I hold off to tease her. I make little circles around it, moving closer and closer with my tongue, I look at her eyes while I do this. She is biting her lip and I can feel her breathing quickening with mine. She seems to be looking at me like "please, oh please just touch me there." I take the nipple into my mouth and suck gently. She gasps for air and I can feel her back arch, bringing her full breasts softly against my face. Her head tilts back and her eyes close.

I quickly move my hands to her stretching stomach, caressing down from her breasts towards her clit as I do little circles on her nipple while it's inside her mouth. I move to the other one, doing circles again with my tongue as my hands slide down the front of her hip bones towards her vagina and move to her inner thigh.

I caress all the way to her knee on the inside of her thy while I do circles on her nipple. Then as I slowly caress towards her vaginal lips with my fingers, ever so slowly, I take her other nipple in my mouth.

Then, as she gasps again I kiss quickly down her stomach and kiss her on her hips, on her belly button, on her rib cage and then on her inner thigh. I look at her as I kiss slowly up to her vagina.

She is breathing fast and holding her breasts in her hands. I can see her beautiful red lips open to breathe. And those blue eyes are looking at me in anticipation. Her breasts move up and down in her hands as she breaths.

I breathe softly on her clit, then take my tongue and slowly, move from the bottom of her vagina to where her clit stands hard, waiting to be touched. I keep eye contact with her.

When my tongue hits her clit her butt seems to twitch on it's own, her legs too. And as I begin doing circles while looking into her eyes, she suddenly says, "Yah, do that, yah, keep. . oh yah, don't stop, oh my god." Her head tilts back and her hips start moving. She is moaning, her head thrown back, and she nearly breathlessly screams, "I'm coming."

I can feel myself tingling all over. And then I see her whole body convulse, she grabs my hair and her hips buck wildly. I can feel small amounts of liquid coming from where my mouth is making contact with her love center. I can see her stomach muscles contracting.

I kiss my way up her body, noticing very well that she is breathing quickly. So am I, my ears tingle, my head tingles. I kiss her mouth and let my hard cock rest on the outside of her. "Get on top," I say softly in her ear. I lay down and she climbs on top. We both gasp as she slides me inside of her. I start rubbing her clit with my thumb as she starts moving her perfect body in a motion who's appearance it's self was enough to make a man loose his mind.

He breasts bounce in the most beautiful way as I grab her hips and help her rock back and forth. I can feel myself, rock hard inside of her. She is wonderfully wet and warm inside. That feeling seems to radiate her pleasure directly into my penis. We begin gasping together and as she nearly screames, "Oh my god," I can feel her pulsing around me.

That pulsing along with the sight of the way her movements attest to her climax sends me over the edge. I can feel myself get tight underneath, and then in my stomach. I can feel the liquid pouring into the places it is about to be shot from. And then the amazing pulsing comes to a single tightening that seemes to spread through my ass my and into my legs. Up into my stomach. Into my whole body. I feel the hair on my neck an head stand on end as Goosebumps run down my spine. I am moaning with her, we are coming together. And then the release.

The mussels inside begin their rhythmic contractions. I can feel us pulsing together. That beautiful warmth of orgasm pouring up into my body and making my eyes roll back in my head. I am tingling all over outside and contracting with pleasure inside. All thought stoppes as I become just the felling of climax.

We slow to a halt and she lays on top of me, our juices mix all over our stomachs and a little on the floor. I can feel myself slowly getting soft and we both just lay there feeling the warmth of our bodies together and our breathing.

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