I knock on the door to Amie’s house and stand there waiting for her to answer. “Hope this is the right house,” I think to myself. I have never been to Amie’s house, although I have known her for a little while. She is in my English class at college, which, incidentally, is why I am here. We are going to do homework together.

The door opens and the light from the sun pours in on the strawberry blonde hair that I have caught myself looking at quite often in class. Her eyes, a vivid green, look at me squinted a little because of the bright spring sun now well heating my back. Her eyes meet my eyes and then look away quickly as they always seem to do. “Come in,” she says with her sweet voice and I enter the house.

I let my eyes adjust a little as I close the front door behind me. She walks away from me into the house and as my eyes begin to make sense of the rooms I find myself watching the soft white skin just above her skirt and below her shirt. The sexiest part of a back in my opinion.

As she walks up the stairs I follow her, taking a moment to check out her ass in the tight shirt she is wearing. Women in anything tight, walking up stairs, is eye candy.

I remember that I am thirsty from standing out in the sun. “Before we get started on the homework, do you have anything to drink,” I ask her. “Yeah, sure, what do you want?” She says and heads back down the stairs.

“Water is fine,” I say.

“Ok, I’ll get it for you, my room is right there, go ahead in.” She has the prettiest faint accent to her voice. Something European I can’t quite place. I pass her on the stairs noticing a sweet smell as her hair brushes my arm. Girls always smell so good and I am never sure if it is their shampoo, their perfume, their soap, or if there is jut a natural smell girls put off that makes me want to get closer and become dizzy in the bliss that smell would cause if I smelt it too long.

I head to her room pondering the enchantment she seems to have just woven over my thoughts. She is the archetype of the feminine, Amie, and that is where the attraction is. She is beautiful, and seems nearly unaware of it. It’s what girls dressing as catholic school girls all wish they could be. Her movements, her smell, her looks, the way her accent shapes her words are all very sexually enticing, they conjure images of an old world enchantress of the woods, seducing the knights. Then, in stark contrast she appears so innocent, nearly unaware that she holds this power over men. One is left wondering what desires she hides, what things no one has seen behind those innocent eyes.

I find myself remembering the way her eyes don’t at first meet yours, as though she is unsure weather or not to let you see what is in them. The way that her eyes catch you off guard with their beauty, those shining emeralds, when she does look at you. She seems to effortlessly seduce you with one look, only to let you know the next second that not even she is aware of what she seems to deep down want. She radiates feminine sexuality but doesn’t give you anywhere to start from in exploring that.

Her computer is on, and as I sit on the bed I am caught by a message that pops up. She seems to have been talking to someone online. I sneak a look.

Someone named Melissa says, “If you want him you are going to have to stop being passive for once and just take what you want. I’ve seen the way he looks at you, he won’t mind, trust me. Besides I told you last night at circle. . .” The screen saver comes on. This drives me nuts for a second. I want to bump the mouse, to see what else is written, but if I do the lack of screen saver will let her know I saw. I want to know if I am the topic of conversation. I want to know anything at all.

I find myself wondering again what things she hides behind those eyes, the dichotomy of her radiant sexuality and her innocence coming even more to the fore front. The possibility of her liking me drifts through my mind. . .

I hear footsteps on the stairs as I notice that I am hard from thinking about her. I try to sit somehow so she won’t notice. She comes in, and I immediately catch myself looking at her chest. I try to correct myself and look at her eyes and for a second I am caught by their beauty again. I find myself staring as she looks away from my eyes and blushes ever so slightly. “Your water,” She says handing me a glass and going quickly to the computer.

She bends over her chair and moves the mouse. I try to see the screen but all I can see is her butt, which in my current thought condition, catches all of my attention. She is reading and, as seems to always be the case, she doesn’t know that her body is seducing mine behind her back. She has no idea that the shape she has, in that position, is making me imagine what she would look like under that skirt. How she would feel inside if I were to. . .

I snap myself out of it and drink some of my water, trying to cool some of the heat inside with it. I’m still visibly hard, and the familiar heat of sexual attraction seems to be flowing through my body. She moves as though she will turn around soon and I try to look at anything else in the room besides her ass.

She turns off the computer and then goes to close the door to her room. I find this odd, on one hand, conjuring a million thoughts of what I would love to do with her behind closed doors. I also find this ridiculously ordinary, I want privacy to concentrate on my homework most of the time, and images of me driving home wishing something besides homework could have happened float through my head. She stands there for a second, facing the door. She breaths in deeply, and then turns around looking me right in the eyes. Her look nearly stops my heart.

Her face is bright red, flushed all the way to her ears and down her neck to what I can see of her cleavage at the top of her v-neck white T-shirt. Her eyes, bright green, seem to glow in comparison to her red hair and blushing skin. She is biting her lower lip. Her eyes seem to speak more then any words ever could. I can see she is unsure of what she is doing. I can see that she is determined. But most of all, I can see her sexual power focused for the first time, and it is on me.

My jaw drops. My dick throbs. I can hardly manage to force myself to breathe. My eyes explore her body only to be trapped again by her eyes. She walks forward slowly, in a controlled manor, as though she is paying attention to every move she is making. One hand pulls the neck of her shirt a little lower, exposing that the freckles that are on her cheeks and nose also line her shoulders and decorate her breasts. Her hips shift back and forth, accented by the hand that is caressing her hip, as she walks. I barely manage to gasp for air.

She pushes me back onto the bed, her hair draping around my face as I lie on my back. She kisses me as she grabs my hands and I let her pin them. Her sweet lips are hot as is her face, likely from the blushing.

My dick is throbbing as it presses up against her body. I can feel the warmth of her body through both of our cloths and immediately I want to pin this beauty to the bed and take us both to heaven. I reach out to caress her cheek and she smiles, biting her lip and being seduced by the touch. Her head tilts to accept my caress and then suddenly her eyes open and she grabs my hand. The look in her eyes is one of someone waking up abruptly.

“No,” she says, softly, looking me in the eyes., “I want control for once, if you want me, you have to let me take you. You can’t have anything until I give it to you.” I can see that she is unsure of what she is doing, but again, there is the determination and as I look at her blushing face, her bottom lip between her teeth I give in and ask, “What do you want me to do.”

She instructs me to take off my shirt, and I do as she looks quickly around the room and then, going to the phone, pulls the cord out. She grabs my hands, and gently at first, but then very tightly, binds my hands to the headboard of her bed. She smiles, almost proud of herself, but her blush none diminished. I can already hardly contain myself as I wonder what could possibly be going through her mind, her radiant beauty and desire caressing me into willing submission.

She backs away from me, smiling, my eyes are transfixed on hers, which are looking me over. She steps forward and unzips my pants, sliding them masterfully off of my body. I want to touch her so bad, to tear her cloths off, but my bound hands don’t allow me any such luxury. She looks over my body again, as though deciding what she wants to do.

She walks over to her closet, and pulls out a video camera, and starting with the absolutely astonished look on my face tapes me, from head to toe. I am not sure what to do or say, so I lay there, staring at her, my mouth open and my breathing utterly getting away from me. My dick is throbbing, the excitement of the sexual nature of this, and my utter lack of control mixing into a potent energy that makes my pulse quicken and my head spin. I am breathing fast enough that I am wishing I had drank more water then I did.

She sets the camera on her desk, facing me and turns on some music, then steps back and gives me another look that nearly stops my heart. Her blush is so complete that it almost appears that she is somehow displaying my desire for her everywhere my eyes touch her. I can hear my pulse in my ears and I realize that I am already hyperventilating. My dick throbs with every heartbeat sending a tingling up into my body. My hands ache to touch myself or her, anything at all, but they remain bound to the headboard.

She starts swaying to the music and I nearly forget that every moment of my excitement and desire is being captured by her camera. I can feel my eyes open wide as she slowly raises the bottom of her shirt to her bra, and then back down again, teasing me. I can see that her hands are shaking just a little, a sign that she has never done this before, but somehow that just makes me want her even more: she can hardly contain herself. She is just as energized by uncertainty as I am. I feel my butt tighten in a mock of what my body wants to do so bad to her. My dick thrusts forward up into the air, my stomach muscles tightening on their own to assist in the motion.

She takes her bra off under her shirt and discards it without giving me so much as a glimpse of her chest. I can’t stand it any more. I try to move my hands. They won’t budge and she shakes her head, ‘no,’ in a way that I find I cannot help but obey.

She once again slowly raises her shirt as I find myself staring at her swaying hips, then her belly button, then the soft white skin of her tone stomach, and then finally on the lower half of her tit. She stops right before the nipple and I find that I can no longer control my eyes: she owns them. My mouth is open and actually watering. I nearly forget to blink. Her eyes catch mine again and as I am completely mesmerized by their beauty I see her hesitate for a moment, unsure what to do. Then, as her eyes keep mine locked her shirt comes off quickly and I realize that the blush covers her incredible perky breasts and runs down her stomach. I forget my hands even exist as the throbbing in my dick spreads to my stomach. I couldn’t move if I wanted to.

She walks towards me rubbing her breasts and making my hands ache to be where hers are. She stops just before the bed, and bends over me. She hikes up her skirt and slides what appears to be a thong off of her legs, once again, letting me see nothing. Not that I could look, her eyes have mine and her breasts hanging from her bent body would have my attention if her eyes didn’t.

I realize my back has arched and I am again humping the air as she throws the thong in my face and then straddles my stomach. I can smell her wetness on the underwear and my head reels from the scent of her sweet sex. Normally I would have removed them from my face, but my bound hands don’t allow it, and so I find myself swimming and lost in a the smell of her. If my hands were untied, she would not be able to hold me back at this point.

I feel her wetness on my chest as her hands caress my arms. Her hair brushes against my neck and chest and her thong is discarded just in time to present my lips with hers. My hips thrust forward as if believing they could thrust far enough to somehow reach her body, my dick stands on end, throbbing as the soft caress and taste of her lips fills my mouth. I smell the same sweetness that I did passing her on the stairs and my vision blurs as I do indeed get lost in her scent. She pushes my head back and then, at first timidly, brings her shirt covered crotch up to my face. She looks at my eyes and seeing the intense desire in them suddenly becomes commanding. She lifts her skirt slowly while whispering the order, “Please me, and maybe I will give you what you want.”

Her hands slowly uncover her creamy white thighs and then her swollen wet lips and slit, and finally her clit, which she slowly presses to my waiting, open, mouth. Her skirt covers my face and leaves me with very few senses in tact. They are all intensified by this.

I can smell her, I can feel every part of my body because I can’t see any of it. I lick slowly from the bottom of her wet slit to the top. I can feel that she is rigid, having had to force herself to let go this far, her hips not giving at all in response to the touch of my tongue. I realize now that she has surely never done anything like this: I am her first slave of pleasure. I set to work trying to make the first so memorable that she would never need another.

My tongue moves deep into her slit, tasting her juices. Most girls taste different from one and other a little bit, but there seems to be one consistency. If they are a little turned on, the taste is a little strange, but not too bad. If they are turned on pretty well, it tastes like water, not bad at all, and makes you head spin a little with lust from the taste. Amie is beyond both of these, so turned on she actually tastes sweet.

I loose control of my tongue, I want to lick up every last drop of her. It flicks her clit lightly, teasing her. Then moves to circles, and as it strokes her swollen clit, pressing it’s hood away and sliding across it’s soft flesh, I can feel the rigidness absolutely dissolve in response to my tongue. Her hips start to rock back and forth and I am given more of her sweet juices to taste.

I can hear her breathing, my own isn’t much different, quick and short. My stomach is actually hot from my desire for her as I hear her breathing change from gasps to moans. She rocks quicker and quicker and I mimic the motion her body is teaching me with it’s movements: the motion it knows it needs to come.

She grabs my hair and presses me into her pulsing clit and then as I keep doing circles her body stops moving for a second. I can hear a low moan start in the back of her throat as my tongue refuses to stop it’s newly learned motion and then her body contracts and rocks as she lets out a scream of passion and pours her sweetness into my mouth. My but and stomach tighten in response, trying to shove my dick into an imaginary version of what my tongue knows she feels like inside.

Her newly released juices only give me reason to lick more and so I refuse to stop as she tries to recover from the result of her command of me to please her. I feel her shudder in response, my licking almost tickling her after her orgasm. She pulls away and I ache to lick her cunt again.

As her skirt uncovers my face I blurt out something I don’t expect, “Please, if I am to be your slave, command me to pleasure you again, because I want to taste more.” She blushes even more, which I would have thought impossible as I see her filled with the realization that she really does have me. I really will do anything she commands. I can see a million ideas dart through her mind that had never occurred to her before as my dick throbs and I want her so much that I am ready to do anything to have her. She takes the reigns as I would have never believed this somewhat timid girl could have.

“Lick me both places, first the other, then make me come again.” She strips the skirt off quickly as she turns around, putting us in a 69. I find myself not even hesitating to softly lick her ass, which is clean enough to make me not even think about it. I lick around the edges, then across the middle much like I had just done to her clit. I hear her gasp and her back arches. She licks my dick in response and so I lick her even more there. She gasps again and says nearly breathlessly, “The better you do, the more I will give you.” Her newfound dominance seeming to run away carrying her with it.

She shakes as my licking makes her back arch and as it does she brings her clit to my tongue. I lick up her juices again as she begins moaning. I find my hands aching to grab her ass, but they remain tied, she sits back slowly as she licks my dick periodically, sending shivers of pleasure up into my body, rewarding me for what I give her. Her rewards only make me want to please her more and I quickly hear her moaning come to the point of near screaming. Once again her body freezes for a moment as I hear her breathe in deeply, and again, she screams as I taste her wonderful juices. I am nearly dazed at this point, lost in my lust for her and completely hers to do with as she pleases. She knows this and as she turns around I can see it in her eyes.

“I am going to give you your reward now, but in return you must continue to be my slave until I let you go,” she says. Just because I give you what you want doesn’t mean you are done satisfying me. Before I can answer she climbs on top of me and slides me into her soaking slit. I moan immediately from the feel of her soft warm, wet flesh sucking me in. I feel my throbbing dick held inside of her, being tightened around by her flesh. My spine tingles and the warpath in my body consumes me, my hips begin to buck and she commands, “Don’t move.” I obey and her fast rocking motion quickly begins to drive me wild.

Every time she slides back I can feel the muscles under my dick tighten to keep me hard as a rock, and every time she slides back I can feel myself rub against her sensitive insides. I am captivated by the intensity of her green eyes when they open and by the beauty of her rocking body as they close.

She builds to a scream and then stops for a second and I feel her insides pulse around me, tightening then releasing as I feel hot, liquid pour onto me. She rocks back and forth on me slower to keep her orgasm going as the sensation of her orgasm makes me tingle inside.

She starts up again, this time commanding, “Come with me.” My eyes roll back into my head as I can’t keep them open. I can feel the pulsing that keeps me hard beginning to clamp for longer and longer periods of time as a tingling builds in my stomach, I know I will come soon. I can feel her starting to clamp around my pulsing dick and as she screams my tightening builds to a single massive tightening below. I can feel myself fill with liquid, that tightness puling my juices into it and as my whole body tingles right at the edge of orgasm I hold onto it, making it last longer, and intensify until finally, just as I feel her contract in her own orgasm I explode and find myself screaming with her. Pulse after pulse rocks my body each one sending my juices to mix with hers. I can’t keep my eyes open as they roll back into my head and my body slowly builds to a state of relaxed euphoria.

She climbs off of me and I immediately realize that we are indeed not finished yet. She looks at me, the realization that she still has me to do whatever she wants completely evident by her gaze. She looks me in the eyes and then at my tied hands. “I am going to untie you and you are going to please me with your fingers, but no other toughing unless I say, “ She commands, and I find that the pleasure she has given me has only made me more hers to command.

She lays on the bed and spreads her legs, her entire body seems flushed, glowing. I move my fingers to her slit and slide one in, she gasps. “Give me your finger,” she says suddenly, and I give her the one now covered in our combined sex. She licks it off, then commands me to do the same, and I comply. My own salty, spicy taste mixes with her sweetness in my mouth and she tells me to go back to fingering her.

I slide one finger in past the swollen place at the entrance and to the ridges just behind. I caress first little circles on that as she moans. Then, slipping a second finger in I begin wiggling my fingers quickly inside of her. She immediately begins rocking her hips in response and it isn’t long before I can feel her body moving towards another climax.

I find that as I do this I am watching her move, her body filled with the power of her pleasure. Her movements fill me with a wish to please her more and I can’t help but be slowly turned on by her. I find my dick which had gone soft not too long ago is slowly throbbing back to hardness from the intensity of her movements. She stops again, grabbing onto the covers of her bed and then screaming again her little body convulses in full orgasmic glory.

She sits up, breathing fast as though to say she has had enough, but then she sees my hardness, hers to command and she gasps, “Fuck me, fuck me now and fuck me hard.” She almost seems surprised to have said that as I grab her legs and wrap them around me , lifting her by holding her butt as I slide deep into her. I press her up against her dresser and begin my commanded assault. My butt tightens with my stomach to thrust into her as I feel her nails dig into by back. I slide out of her, her pussy holding me as if to try and pull me back in, I comply and pound back in, only to pull out again, my hard dick pounding into her soft flesh with an intensity I did not know I could have.

We become a single motion, back and forth, banging loudly the dresser against the wall as I feel her tighten around me and my muscles begin to contract. I don’t let her stop this time. I pound right on through her orgasm and into my own. The tingling and tightening in me building to the point of being unbearable before the explosion rocks my body and makes me thrust into her even harder.

I am groaning and screaming with her, my head getting light as it always does when I come twice this quickly. Her tits against my chest with each thrust seem to make my orgasm occur all over my body and her scratching on my back feels good as well as painful in a form of bliss where burring pain can be mistaken for the burning of pleasure now pulsing through my body.

We slowly come to a halt and I set her softly on the bed. Moving to my knees beside her hot radiant skin.

“Is there anything else I can do for you, master,” I say with a smile creeping onto my face.

She says breathlessly, “Yes, you can go home now, and then you can show up here next week at the same time. Bring handcuffs, I want you to chain yourself up.”

I comply, dressing and then heading toward the door. She looks at me, lying naked on the bed, studying me, knowing that she has me, that she has dominated me to the point that I will indeed be back, and willing to chain myself to anything for her. She bites her lip in almost a form of triumph: I belong to her now. And I head down the stairs picturing how I had first looked up at her but and then the beauty of that same body part in my memory of her on her bed.

As I exit the house, I realize she has me even more then I thought: I can’t wait for next week.

-- For Amie, thank you so much for the picture (one of the sexiest I have seen and I have seen a lot) I hope you liked the story.

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