I decided that I needed to learn something new - I saw a show on the different types of rock climbing and decided to check it out. I saw an ad in the weekend paper that classes were being offered. I called, and the only slot left was later in the evening. I waited for the day, and went in early to get fitted out for my gear.

When I got to the classroom, I saw that my instructor was a very handsome man - he had a lean, muscular build. I then looked at the wall and thought 'I am never going to be able to conquer my fear of heights.' He came up to me and we made our introductions - shaking hands.

He explained everything that was going to happen - I told him I was afraid of heights - he said, 'that's okay; you'll be fine.' As he checked my gear, the back of his hand brushed up against my nipple. It responded by getting hard, and I tried to act as if I didn't notice.

He started out right beside me, and things went great - until we reached halfway up. I made the mistake of looking down, and I froze. He said, 'you can do it' - and I tried - but fear had taken me over. He eased his way over close to me and hooked our harnesses together. He was then behind me - I felt like I was being pressed against two rocks, the wall and his chest.

I felt instantly better and told him that I thought I'd be okay. He said that he didn't want to chance it; and anyway, he needed to practice his rescue moves. He put his hands around my hands, and I was between his legs. He showed me where to grab next - this continued for a bit.

I could feel him press against me harder at some points, but thought that was due to the area we were in. Then he dropped his hands to around my waist and told me to keep going - he started working his hands up towards my breasts. I was instantly excited and alarmed. He said, 'shh, we'll be okay, just keep going up.' I could then feel his hardness press into my backside. I felt him kissing and nuzzling my ear. I could see we were getting close to the top, I looked at him and said "hmm, I feel like I'm between a rock and a hard place."

He just laughed. When we reached the top, he helped me over, placing one hand between my legs. He was so close to touching me, and I think I wanted him too.

When we reached the top, I said, "how do we get down from here," he said, because of how tired I was, we could take the stairs at the back.

When we were out of our gear, we started walking towards the back area. We entered a room; the stairs were at the end of it. He put his hand on my arm and turned me around, then he kissed me so deeply - I felt like I was soaring when he finished. He continued to kiss and explore my body as we stood there, telling me that a good climber always knows the territory he's scaling. He put my hand down on his rock hard prick and squeezed my hand over it. I told him that I was ready to go down. He said 'okay' and started to leave. I turned him around and got down on my knees in front of him, undoing his zipper and pulling out his hot, throbbing cock and placed it in my mouth, which was even hotter.

I sucked on the head and ran my tongue up and down the shaft. I then sucked it into my mouth, slowly, inch by inch until it touched the back of my throat. I worked my mouth up and down, up and down, running my tongue on the underneath of the shaft, driving him wild. I know this because he was moaning softly. He held my head gently, and after a few minutes, he started working his hips, making love to my mouth. I couldn't wait to taste him and knew that I would soon get that chance. As he filled my mouth with his juices, I also came. I climbed to new heights that day in more than one way. I may have to take another lesson one of these days.

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