It'd been a long time since he'd gotten that hard that fast again but watching them eating each other made him rock hard in a matter of minutes. Each of their juices tasted so different - Jana's was like warm honey - Gin's was a bit muskier but still sweet.

They just smiled after he'd cleaned thier faces. At the same time they smiled and turned away from him still on hands and knees. He couldn't believe it as they looked toward him and said, "PLEASE FUCK US"!!

He dropped to his knees and slowly teased them as he used one hand to caress each of their heads. Moving Gin's long red hair to the side as he caressed down her back. Jana's shorter hair he didn't have to move to caress her back. They were both wriggling their asses begging for him to touch them. He leaned forward letting his hard cock dangle against their outer thighs as he cupped a breast in each hand and pinched their nipples. He licked down each spine - causing each woman to moan and get wetter. There heads close together their breathing harder, he finally started running his hands over each of their asses. As if they couldn't stand it any longer they started kissing each other. He quickly slapped each of their asses and told them to hold still and no kissing until he said. They gasped and you could barely hear them say ok as they put their heads together. They were so hot they could barely stand it, each one knowing they didn't want the slow sweet torture to stop but they needed to cum so badly.

He finally dipped a finger in to each pussy and in a slow rhythm pulled one out as he pushed the other in. I could feel my pussy tighten around his finger as it entered and even when it pulled out my pussy muscles would clinch, as if I was feeling exactly what Jana was feeling as his finger entered her hot wet pussy. Part of me wished I could be fingering her at the same time. Finally he stuck his hard cock in her waiting pussy. I could hear her moaning next to me and the lust in her eyes was enough to drive me crazy. He gripped my hips with his one hand and leaned over to lick my back. I shivered as I felt my pussy tighten against his thrusts - I've never felt so close to another person as I did to Jana at that moment. My juices were flowing as if he was jabbing his hard cock in and out of me.

I wanted to feel his fingers or her tongue or anything against my throbbing clit - something that would let the orgasm that was building inside of me overflow, letting the hot juices run down my thighs and onto the floor. Finally after agonizing minutes he plunged deep inside of me - causing me to scream as the orgasm finally shattered. Jana's head got closer to mine and he yelled kiss her now. That's the only thing that stopped my screams as wave after wave of liquid heat seemed to flow from my body. Jana stopped kissing me to moan loudly as he entered her once again. I reached over and whispered to her how good it felt to have him inside of me. He started ramming in to her hard and fast. So hard my tits were bouncing from her moving beside me. She started to scream as she came and he told me to kiss her. I did as he said. It felt so good to be kissing her as she came. We were all three breathing so hard, when he pulled out and told us to get on the bed.

We lay on our sides gently caressing and kissing each other. He rolled Jana on to her back. He pushed my mouth down to her breast and then started sucking on her other one. My own breasts were feeling heavy wanting to be sucked on by them both. She was moaning so loudly, her head rolling side to side as we both started finger her pussy together. Suddenly she arched her back and it felt as if the waves of her orgasme were flowing through her body in to mine. My pussy felt wetter than it ever had before. He kissed her until she calmed down.

Then he rolled me on my back and they both started sucking on my breasts. I felt as if I might pass out when their fingers met in my pussy. I have never felt so horny and yet satisfied at the same time. My back arched just as Jana's had and she whispered that's it honey cum for me. Hearing that she wanted me to cum made caused a ripple of excitement that ended in the center of my being. It felt as if my orgasm lasted for a full 5 minutes until finally I feel fell back against the bed spent, moaning breathlessly. I don't know if I had one continuous orgasm or if it was several. He kissed me as he had Jana until my breathing calmed a little.

Officer Rob told Jana to lay on top of me. He made sure we were laying nipple to nipple. The feel of her hard nipples against mine was so exciting. It was as if our nipples had become one. He then carefully spread our wet lips to make sure our clits were pressed against each other. The feeling of our swollen clits touching was enough to send a jolt through us as if we'd been shocked. We both shuddered and smiled at each other. Not knowing what he had planned but sure we'd love the feelings it brought us. I told Jana how good he looked standing at the end of the bed with his hard cock throbbing. He grabbed Jana's hips and slowly entered her. She had a smile of contentment on her face as she gently kissed me. She didn't have to tell me how good it felt, it was as if our bodies shared the same sensations. We kissed as we felt our nipples get harder from rubbing against each other. Our juices flowed on to each other and over him as he made long slow strokes in and out of her. Each stroke in would push her clit down in to mine and cause the most delicious tingling that seemed to move up from my clit to my nipples and back down as he pulled out.

He leaned his back over Jana and pushed his fingers inside of me as he pulled his cock out of her. Jana and I were kissing would go from kissing each other to licking each others lips. It was as if every sensation was magnified. She could feel my clit push against hers as his fingers entered me. I could feel her clit push down against mine as he entered her. It was almost as if our clits were thrusting against each other as his cock and fingers thrust in and out of our pussies. My arms wrapped around her back and her hands gripped my hair. We were both feeling as if we were going to explode. He was getting so hard inside of her. I didn't even mind that he wasn't inside of me because it felt as if he were. He pressed harder into Jana's back and grabbed my hips as he lunged in to her harder and faster until the three of us were breathing hard and thrusting in unison. I have never before felt so many sensations at one time it was as if I had no control over the movements my body made. Jana and I kissed deeply swallowing our screams as the three of us felt the strongest orgasm we'd ever had wash over us and flow from body to body to body and back again.

When our breathing came back to normal and we'd all calmed down. Officer Rob kissed us and watched us as we dressed. He walked us back to our cove to pick up our stuff and kissed us goodbye as we all agreed we wouldn't mind having another night together. Jana and I went back to my place, took a shower together, then feel in to bed exhausted but feeling completely satisfied. We drifted off to sleep snuggled up together with smiles of contenment etched on our faces.

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