Fate can often times lead us down paths we never expected to journey. Let me explain what I mean. A friend sent me a link to a website. Her words were, "You have got to read these stories. They are so hot." I went to the website and ended up feeling things that I thought were only in my dreams. One of them touched me to the point of tears. I decided to IM the author and tell him how much I enjoyed them. From that one IM a unique relationship grew between us. We were able to talk about anything sexual or not. We've talked on the phone and in general enjoy the time we spend chatting and experimenting.

For several months we had been working to see if I could go under hypnosis. I know, I know - I should know better than to trust someone online, but I did. I can't explain why, I just trust him. He also trusts me, so it's mutual. I have been under several times and always have the feeling I've experienced the most powerful sensual sensations of my life.

I work for a company that sells sign making equipment, software, laser engravers, etc. We had never planned on meeting each other. I saw him online and told him that my company had wanted me to go to a sign show in CA. I told him where it was and asked if it was a possibility we could meet. I know the kind of work he does and many times there will be vendors who sell tile flooring there due to the use of tiles with laser engravers. He said that he might be able to make it, and might even be there. He has seen pictures of me and knows I have red hair. I really don't know what he looks like. My first question to him was, "How will I know you?". His comment back to me was, "*smiles* you will know". I kind of chuckled. We both enjoy teasing and being teased.

I got to the hotel and found out I was to be in a room by myself. I finished up the work I was assigned to do and went to the vendors sign in area. I helped set up the area we would be in with tables and made sure the plastic bags we would be handing out were ready to go. I went back up to shower and get some rest. Sign shows are an all day affair. You are on your feet a lot and you get to rest by walking around checking out the other vendors. We are expected to wear nice pant or skirt business suits. I had bought a new skirt with a blouse. I don't normally wear jackets. I decided to go with lace top stockings and a lace bra in case he did show up. I applied my makeup with a light hand and brushed my hair until it shown.

I am one of the first ones down to the show floor. I admit I had a case of butterflies at the possibility he might show up here today. If he doesn't I might be a bit disappointed, but that is erased by the memory of his voice in my ear. I can feel my body responding so I mentally shake myself and get back to business. I have handed out bags, answered questions, and helped out the sales people so much I'm ready for a break. I usually walk around with a co-worker but found myself wandering around by myself. I let my mind wander to thoughts of what might happen if he did show up. I felt someone brush against me and heard "tighten Gini". I immediately tightened my pussy muscles. It's an automatic reaction for me now, almost subconscious. There were many people around so I had no clue if I had really heard it or imagined it. I find myself moving on and being short my breasts were being brushed against as I moved in and out of people.

As if my thoughts weren't bad enough those sensations had my nipples rock hard. I was looking at some screen printed t-shirts when I felt a hand brush against my butt. I started and turned but it was an older man who just looked at me like what is your problem lady. I could feel myself getting wetter so moved on to the laser area knowing I'd have to be back at work soon. I was looking at some beautiful tiles when I looked up and my eyes locked with a very handsome man. He winked at me and went back to what he was doing. It happened so quickly and I wasn't sure if it was him.

Finally the day ended and I was so worked up from my imagination I couldn't wait to get back to my hotel room. I begged off going out afterwards with my co-workers by saying my head was hurting.

I walked on to the elevator and immediately pushed the button to my floor. There were a few people on there, but I wasn't really paying attention. I was tired and was letting my thoughts wander to several conversations we had and the affects of our hypnosis sessions. Suddenly I felt a warm breath on my ear as I hear "tighter", "tighten more Gini". I feel hands run down my arms and as I started to turn was told to stay where I was. Just my luck you couldn't see your reflection in this elevator or I could have gotten a good look at him. He starts talking to me, telling me to listen to his words, let them wrap around me. I love hearing his voice, it's so soothing, so full of passion and sexual energy. In fact if anyone would have walked on that elevator they would have been able to feel the electric charge filling that small space.

I can feel my eyes start to drift. He tells me to walk straight to my room and open the door. I just nod my head. I don't know if he is hypnotizing me or if my own desires are causing this obedience. I don't really question I just walk straight ahead and open my door.

I walk to the center of the room and hear the lock click in to place. I am then told to close my eyes and I feel him walking around me. He can see the way my breathing has increased, hard nipples, chest thrusting out just begging for attention. I hear him talking again and the next thing I feel is the coolness of the air against my bare skin as I remove my shirt. I shiver as it dances across my nipples, my stomach. I feel my skirt being pulled up as my hand rubs across my crotch. I am holding my hand out showing him how wet I am. I know he is talking to me I can feel the warmth spreading all through my body. I feel my skirt slide to the floor as I step out of it.

I can now feel hands roaming over my body in soft teasing caresses that almost tickle. I can feel my orgasm building as my mouth opens and a moan escapes me. My mind is screaming Please but no words come out.

I feel his chest against my back, as his hands come around and cup my breasts weighing the heaviness. His fingers come up and brush across just the very tip of my nipples. My head leans back as I let out a low throaty moan. One arm is kept across my chest the forearm pressing firmly against one nipple while the fingers twist and tease the other. His hand moves down my stomach slowly leaving a trail of fiery heat. His hand rubs around my mons and down slowly to spread my lips apart. His finger found my clit and started rubbing slow circles with just the tip. Suddenly I feel the heat spread through me, I inhale sharply as my first orgasm racks my body, paralyzing me for an instance. When I start to breath again. I feel his hands slide from me and I am turned around. I can feel the pillow beneath my knees as I kneel to the floor. I can see the throbbing hardness held inches from my face. I move my head forward wanting more than anything to taste him. The need is so strong I ache for the feel of his cock in my mouth. He smiles down at me as he rubs it against my lips, letting me flick my tongue across the tip. He then slowly pushes just the head in to my mouth.

I do what I've been wanting to do for months. I suck on the head and then pull him out of my mouth. I start licking around the head in slow strokes, bringing the tip of my tongue back to the tip to teasingly dart in and out of the opening. I then curl my tongue around the underside of the head, before continuing down the shaft. I don't know how long I licked and kissed on his shaft and balls before gently sucking each one in to my mouth. I was getting so turned on just from being able to bathe his cock with my tongue and mouth that I was close to having another orgasm. I finally licked my way back up his shaft in long flat strokes, like he was my own personal ice cream cone. When I reached his head I sucked it in to my hot waiting mouth, holding firmly to his shaft. I could hear his moans mixing with my own. I took him as deep in my throat as I could swallowing so that he would feel the constrictions as if I were milking him. I pulled back and started moving my head up faster and faster building us both to an incredibly intense orgasm. I knew that as soon as I felt the first hot spurt hit I was going to cum hard.

I could feel my own juices dripping down the inside of my thighs, feel the heat, and smell the muskiness that is my own scent. I feel that tiny burst of air right before he fills my mouth with his hot cream. I swallow several times not wanting to miss one single drop as my orgasm begins to explode through my body. It feels as if it comes from my nipples, my clit, the center of my very hot wet pussy, as my muscles clinch and relax more times than I can count. I sit back and smile like a Cheshire cat knowing I have sucked every last drop of his cum. He tastes so good, a sweet salty tanginess and I have to lick my lips. I lay my head down on his thigh to catch my breath for a moment. It's been a long time since I've felt this much pleasure. I'm sure my eyes are very green and glazed over as if I am high. I feel him pull me to my feet and hand me a cool glass of water. I didn't think I'd be thirsty but I was.

We kiss and hold each other tight for several minutes. He lays me on the bed and spreads my thighs as he licks my inner thighs. I can't believe how great that feels. I feel his fingers start to play as his tongue runs up each of my outer lips. He takes his time teasingly torturing me, knowing I want more as my hips thrust toward his mouth. He spends time licking, sucking, and tonguing my tight wetness. He moves to licking on my clit as his fingers slide in to me. He can feel my muscles tighten around his fingers as another orgasm hits me. I lose count of the orgasms his skilled mouth and fingers bring me too. I'm sure I passed out a few times as well. I feel myself being turned over and my hips pulled back. He knows that being taken doggy style is one of my favorite ways. I love the deeper penetration. I lift myself up on my knees, noticing my legs are a bit shaky from the aftershocks that still rock my body.

He slowly rubs the head of his cock up and down my labia, before finding my clit and teasing it. This causes another small orgasm and he feels the liquid heat of my juices flow around him. He slowly pulls back and pushes just the head inside of me. I'm murmuring please and trying to push back against him. I am still feeling so horny even after all we've done. I can't believe I could want anyone as much as I want him inside of me right now. I gasp as I feel him plunge completely inside of me. I feel another orgasm rip through my body, sending shivers up and down my spine. My breasts rock forward as he starts to slowly thrust in and out of me. This is the most incredible feeling as he is stretching me and on each inward stroke pushes against my g-spot. I am moaning loudly enough at this point I'm sure the whole floor must hear me. I am pushing back against him meeting him stroke for stroke. Wanting him to go faster, harder, and yet not wanting him to stop this either. I am feeling more turned on and even hornier if that is possible. I feel each orgasm as it rocks through my body.

He reaches around and finds my clit as he thrusts in hard and just stays inside of me. I can feel my muscles tightening on him each time he says tighten. I am milking him and feeling another orgasm build with each tightening of my muscles. No matter how close I get though I can't seem to go over the edge. I wonder how it feels to him with my hot pussy walls clinching around him like a vice grip. I can feel my hot juices gushing out of me and around him. It drips on to the bed and our thighs. I am saying please begging for release but yet not feeling as if I can utter anything resembling a solid thought. The words 'so hard', 'so wet', 'so hot', 'so horny', just keep rolling through my mind over and over. I can only feel the overwhelming desire to cum and knowing I'd do anything to get that release. I feel him start to move again and my body reacting to him. My body is not in my control any longer it is just reacting to every sensation. Finally I hear "cum hard Gini" and my orgasm crashes through me causing a flood of heat to course through me from head to toe like molten lava being blasted from a volcano.

The next thing I know I'm standing under a spray of hot water wondering if I dreamed it all or if it had really happened. I feel a tenderness in my breasts and a soreness that wasn't there before, but I also know that hypnosis can make me feel like something has happened when it hasn't. I smile and know that I feel fully sated and decide not to worry if it happened or not. I feel the tingling in my body as thoughts begin to come back to me of what happened. I remember sounds, sights, smells, feelings, and definitely the taste of him. I walk back in to the room and find a rose on my pillow with a note that says "Tighten Gini" and of course I do. I lay down with the rose in my hands and smile, still not sure if it was hypnosis or real and not really caring. I just hoped he enjoyed it as much as I did.

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