I'm wearing a pair of denim shorts, a pale, yellow cap, a sleeved short t-shirt, and a pair of matching yellow cuff anklets. I was at the house cooking us a very special dinner, prime rib, baked potatoes, fresh salad, and for dessert, my special strawberry shortcake. I had the table set beautifully, with crystal stemware and china, linen tablecloth and napkins, and floating candles in a bowl of fresh flowers. The steaks were marinating, and I had the potatoes in to get them started. I had washed the vegetables for the salad and had started making it when the doorbell rang. I thought, "Gee, I hope that isn't Jen; I've been having such a great day." To my surprise, it wasn't, it was a lady I'd never seen before and she said she had a special delivery for you. She was dressed in a green, short skirt with a matching jacket. I could see not shirt under the jacket though, which seemed odd. I asked her if I could sign for it and she said no. I just needed to bring it inside for him. About that time, I heard the timer go off. "Oh my gosh, my dinner rolls." I had forgotten all about them being in the oven. I dashed into the kitchen yelling over my shoulder, "Just place it inside the door and if you don't mind shut it on your way out, Thanks." I heard the front door shut shortly after pulling the rolls out of the oven. I finished the salad and set it inside the fridge. I pulled out the strawberries, cleaned them, and then sliced some of them. I then sliced the angel food cake, spread on the whip cream, and layered the fresh strawberries, finally spreading cool whip over the top and decorating with some whole strawberries. I knew that I had about 20 minutes before you would be home, as everything I could do was already finished, I decided to go shower and change. I bought a new dress for the occasion and couldn't wait to see your reaction to it.

As I entered into the living room, I couldn't believe my eyes, my jaw dropped open and I couldn't think of anything to say. There was that woman laying naked on our couch. She just stared at me with this silly grin on her face. I finally said, "Excuse me but what the heck are you doing naked on my couch?". She said, "I'm his package can't you tell, and it's not your couch, aren't you just the frumpy old maid?". I sneered at her, "I'm the mistress of this house, you Bitch." I walked over to her and she kind of tried to sit up - but I grabbed her by her ponytail, yanked her up and said, "I'll give you less then five minutes to be dressed and out that door. If you aren't I'll boot you out as you are." She started stammering saying "But...but...you can't do that; I was told to come here."

"You were told (about that time you opened the front door) by who to come here." She pointed to you and said, "Him, he told me to come here." I looked at you with questioning eyes and you looked at me and I said, "Honey is there something you need to tell me?" You said, "Not that I know of." She said, "Mark, darling, thank God you got here in the nick of time to save me from this - this sorry ass excuse for a maid." I was about to pounce on her for getting so damn close to you - when you held out your hand and said to her "Do I know you?" She said, "Yes, you flirt with me at work all the time, you are always looking at my legs." I had to laugh then and I said, "Girl, he looks at every woman's legs, to see what kind of socks they are wearing, you aren't special." She started crying and I had enough and so I picked her up and said, "Your five minutes is way up - so out you go." She took hold of my wrists and said, "Please you've got to believe me - he wants me, he told me so." I said, "No he didn't, he has me." She then got so pissed off at you that she went to attack you - but I stepped in between you and told her to back off or else.

She slapped me and said, "You should have told me you were his mistress." I put my hand to my red cheek and said, "You shouldn't have done that!" I then slapped her in the face and punched her in the stomach. "You should have left when you had the chance, you slut." I then snatched up her clothes and took her by the arm, digging my fingernails into her flesh and started to escort her to the door. She kicked me in the side of the leg, (AHHH), causing me to stumble. She started screaming at the top of her lungs, "You piece of shit, you fucking cock-sucking whore, you can't have him; he's mine and I want him." I went to the ground with her and we rolled over a few times, a tangle of arms and legs, each of us pulling at the other's hair. I finally landed on top of her and sat across her stomach, she reached up and grabbed on of my nipples, pinching it hard - and said, "Get off of me, you whore." I said, "Hell no, you slut," and punched her in the nose, making it bleed. She let go of me and held onto her nose. I then grabbed both of her ears and slammed her head into the floor, it made the loudest smack when it hit. She looked dazed and I started to lift her up off the floor by her ears. Since my legs were still spread because I was lifting her up through them, she brought her knee up hard, (UUUUNNNNNNN), you could hear the sound of her knee hitting my pelvic bone as I fell backward and she landed on top of me. I barely missed the coffee table with my head, but hitting the floor knocked the wind out of me. She slapped me and tried to punch me but I was able to ward it off. I just protected my face the best I could until I could find leverage to get her off of me. I tried rolling side to side, lifting my hips up off the ground, none of it was working. She got my t-shirt by the neckline and tried to pull me up by it, but it ripped. This really made me mad, she not only ruined our dinner, but now she tore the shirt you bought me. I made this growling sound and grabbed her by the shoulders, pushing back with all my strength and knocked her off of me backwards. While her legs were flailing in the air, I started kicking them. I could see the red marks starting to come up. I was covering from her ass to her knees and had such a grip on her calves with my nails digging into them that she couldn't get her legs very far away from me. One of my kicks missed and went through her legs, which gave her the opportunity to get a hold of my leg. She pulled it towards her face, making me do the splits across her body. I had one leg between her legs and one up by her shoulders. I was scratching, hitting, everything I could do to her on my way down. Shit, my hair had fallen out of the ponytail during the fight and was now hanging all wild around my face. She wrapped her hands around it and pulled my head toward her, I lost my balance and our heads cracked together, dazing us both. We lay side by side both of us trying to regain our focus. You could see these big bumps forming on both of our foreheads. We both had claw marks all over our arms and legs, there was splatters of blood here and there. I finally was able to roll over and get up on my hands and knees. I pulled her up by the hair, said, "I've had enough, you have a choice, either get dressed and get out of here, or I'll have to whip your ass all the way to your house." She looked at me and said, "I guess I've had enough," she got up, got dressed, and I asked you to please show her to the door.

I tried to fix myself up before you got back in, but I was a mess and there was nothing I could do. You walked over and hugged me, giving me a kiss on my lips, the only part of me not bruised and battered I think. I told you that dinner was probably ruined by now, but if you give me a minute to go freshen up, I'd be back down to start it. It took me just a short time, to clean up and change into that dress. It was a short black one and instead of hose, I had found a pair of black anklets in a specialty catalog. These were made of the finest black lace, with a rose print to them. I then stepped into my black pumps. I walked into the kitchen, and you had already started the prime ribs, pulled out the salad, and unwrapped the potatoes (luckily they didn't burn during all of that). I walked up beside you telling you thank you as I kissed you. You just looked at me for a minute then your eyes finally dropped to my feet and you just stared. I didn't have to ask if you liked them, cause I knew the answer when you pulled me into your arms giving me a deep kiss. I led you out to the table and had you sit down, while I finished dinner. I brought out the plates, turned down the lights. You had already lit the candles and poured the wine. Soft music was playing in the background as we enjoyed our dinner. We didn't talk much, but our eyes said exactly how we felt. After dinner I cleared the table, and asked if you were ready for dessert. You said, "Yes, I am." I brought back one slice, and set it down in front of you. You reached out, took my hand, and pulled me into your lap. Feeding me one of the strawberries and then kissing me. We kissed and fed each other. I asked if you were ready to open your present and you said, "YES!". You were trailing kisses down my jaw and onto my neck. I reached over behind you and pulled out a box. I handed it to you, and you said, "What is this?". I said, "It's just a little something." When you opened the box your eyes got wide and you said, "You did this for me," and I said, "well for us." It was a dozen pair of those lace anklets in different colors and patterns. You kissed me, and got up out of your chair still holding on to me. You set me down gently and asked me if I'd like to dance. I just walked into your arms as my answer and we swayed back and forth to the music. Soon we were caressing and kissing each other. I knew it wouldn't be long before I came out of the dress as we made love (with my socks on of course).

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