We are laying back down on the blanket - taking a much needed rest. I get up and pack up the stuff we won't need and take it back to the boat. I pick up the waterproof bag I had stowed on the boat and bring it back. When I got back you said, "What's that?". I just winked and said this will complete the next 3 things I owe you for losing that bet. You just got a puzzled look on your face. I sat down on the blanket next to you and started to unpack the items - one by one. I will explain to you what they are for as we go along.

First I pull out a Hershey's chocolate bar, graham crackers, and marshmallows - you said S'mores and I shook my head yes. I then pulled out a little pup tent - our love nest for the night. I then pulled out a small plastic vial with a pink liquid in it and a bottle of lotion (I'll tell you more about these later).

We both go gather more wood for the fire and settle down to watch the sunset. I am sitting between your legs leaning against your chest. I am holding onto you thighs - massaging them gently as we are watching the sunset. As the last rays of the sun dip beyond the horizon I get up and pick up the sticks we found and go towards the fire. I start roasting the marshmallows - when they are golden I take them off and make our S'mores. I walk back and join you on the blanket - handing you on of the S'mores. You have a bit of marshmallow stuck to your lip - so I reach up and lick it off for you. You then reach up and smear some on my lips - you reach up and lick and kiss the sweetness off my lips. I never knew eating S'mores could be so erotic. We both start licking and caressing each other - our body heat rising. We start licking and tasting each other - laying down on the blanket. You bend over me and kiss me so deeply that I feel the tinkling in my tummy. Then you start trailing kisses down my neck - licking, sucking and kissing your way to my breasts. Your mouth feels so good - my nipples are getting even harder than they were. You take each nipple in your mouth - giving each one special attention - your teeth then gently graze the tips and it puts me so close. You work your way down my stomach - I want to touch you - but you won't let me. You know that I enjoy it and have found that teasing me adds to your pleasure - I feel like putty in your hands. You are kissing my mound and my legs spread wider for you - you gently spread my lips apart - running your tongue over my clit - that puts me over the edge and my orgasm is short - but intense. You then move up and straddle my body - placing your cock - in front of my mouth - I reach out and lick the tip - and then place it in my mouth. We enjoy several minutes in this position - I am so wet - you have already cum several times. My juices are dripping down my thighs - as you get close to cumming - you shove your fingers into me - and we cum together.

You move off of me and we lay side by side on the blanket. We are softly touching each other. I ask you if you are ready to go into the tent and get some sleep, then I wink at you. I ask you to put out the fire and clean up the camp area so the animals won't get into our stuff. You agree especially when you find out I need to get ready for your next prize installment. I get up - shake the blanket off and take it into the tent. I spread it out, and then go back out to get my little bag of tricks. I go back into the tent, with the electric lamp on you can see inside of the tent - you watch as I pull out the tubes and then you see me pull out something - but you are not sure what. I am sitting up when you come inside. I ask you to lay down on your stomach - you just look at me - and I tell you to please trust me - I won't hurt you. You give me a kiss and turn over. I pull out the lotion and you hear me open it, then squirt it out in my hands. I rub my hands to get it warm - then I spread it on your upper shoulders and back. I tell you that I am going to give you a full body massage - I want you to relax and enjoy it. I am gently massaging your shoulders working my way down your back - then back up - sometimes my breasts brush across your skin. I run my hands up your neck and into your hair. I then go back down your back - rubbing out your knots, and then I work on your bottom for a while and then go down your legs. I ask you to turn over and then I work my way up your legs. Then I skim over your private areas - but don't worry - I'll get back to that area. Then I work up your chest - and upper shoulders. You start trying to touch me, because my breasts skimming over your skin is really getting to you. I ask you to just wait and let me make you feel good, and you agree to that - reluctantly - but you agree.

I then pull out a small plastic vial - you see it is filled with a pinkish gel looking liquid - you are very interested in what I plan on doing with it. I twist off the top of it and say - ready for the rest of your massage? You just shake your head yes. I squeeze a small amount out on my finger and gently rub it over the head of your Dick which is already growing hard. You start to feel a warmth spreading over the head. You ask me what that is and I tell you wait - then I reach down and blow on the head - it gets warmer - then I lick the tip and it gets warmer still. I tell you it is strawberry joy jelly - it gets hotter the more you rub, blow and lick on it. I can tell that you want to try it out - maybe you can later. I start to massage your hard cock with my hands then my mouth. You are really hot and I am getting that way.

I then ask you if you want to try it - so I rub some on my nipples and place your hands on them as I move them towards your mouth. You rub my nipples and they are so hard, then you blow across them and they get warmer - then you start licking and sucking on them - you are driving me wild. Then I straddle you and ride you to the most intense orgasm we've ever had. I lay down beside you and we fall asleep wrapped up in each other's arms. We wake up to watch the sunrise and agree that this has been the best fishing trip we've ever had.

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