I was walking in the woods one afternoon - when I saw what looked to be an over grown path. I had the strangest feeling that I should travel down that path - even though I knew not where it led.

Getting through the brush and brambles was not easy to do - the scratches on my face and hands were proof. There were rocks blocking my way - so I had to gently make my way over them. I thought maybe I should turn back - then realized I had come to far to quit. I looked ahead of me on the path and saw what appeared to be an arch or maybe even a door. I walked closer - realizing it was all natural - just the way the tree trunks, bushes, and ivy had grown together. The closer I got, the stranger I felt - like I belonged here. I still don't know how I found the way to get in through that natural door, but suddenly I was in a clearing, there was a beautiful stream running through it. How had I not heard the gentle rushing of the water? There in the middle was a large rock with a flat top - I walked over to it - and climbed on top. I just sat enjoying the tranquillity of this place. I had found my own special paradise. I had a feeling that I was not the first person to happen upon this place - and then I felt I was being watched. I never saw anyone though. It must have been my imagination. I calmed down and decided to lay down for a little while. I looked at the play of light as the sun peaked through the trees - it seemed to dance upon the leaves and branches. I don't know when I closed my eyes or even when I feel asleep.

The next thing I know I felt the most wonderful pressure on my lips - a tender kiss - a caress. My lips started to tingle immediately - they felt so warm. I am so afraid to open my eyes, I donít want this feeling to end, but I would love to find out if itís real or a dream. My mind battles back and forth and all of a sudden I canít remember, what Iím worried about. I can only think about how that kiss is making me feel. I canít focus on anything but his kiss, on the sound of my heart as itís beating, the rush of blood through my veins. I hear and feel his breath as it falls against my mouth. I feel a tiny electric current travel from my lips to the deepest part of me. I feel like I am special and well loved. In fact I donít even register fully when that kiss changed into a deeper more passionate one. As his tongue darted between my lips - my mouth opened to his and a pressure started to build inside of me.

I have to see who this is. What he looks like, even though I feel as if I know him, have always known him. I hear this whisper in my head, ďShhh - my Darling it is okay, just feel the love I have for youĒ. This caused my pulse to quicken and allowed me the freedom to just feel and not think. Allowed me to be able to trust my heart and listen to it, for I was in no danger. I was with a kindred spirit, possibly even my soul mate. I knew I was safe, but more than that, it was deeper, like I was a precious jewel. These kisses were sweet and tender one minute and hot and passionate the next. I never wanted this feeling to end, it was as if my whole being was centered around my lips. Could a kiss cause this much enjoyment? I feel like we are making love, yet I know we are not. Finally the kiss ended - and after a moment I was able to open my eyes. No one was there! Did that kiss really happen? My lips felt swollen from the pressure of those kisses - but were they really? Was this just the product of an active imagination or the kiss of a stranger - who disappeared as quickly as he came?

I may never know the answer to that, but I do know that I will visit this place again and as often as I can. I know not whether I will have this experience again, but I will always carry it in my heart. I will come back to this place in my mind when the world gets to be too much, and I need to get away for a few minutes. I will always find my way back to this place, for the way is mapped out in my soul.

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