I woke up in a strange room. It took me a minute to adjust to the dark and realize where I was. I did a quick assessment of my surroundings - it's a bedroom, my clothes are still on and no one else appears to be here. My eyes are hurting and my mouth feels full of cotton, have I been drinking? Then it hits me - the Party - I push the button on my watch and see it's a little after 3 a.m. I open the bedroom door and peer out quietly, everyone else is passed out in my friend's living room. I smile to myself remembering all the crazy things that went on last night. I'm glad I didn't drink too much. I'm in his bedroom, so I walk into the bathroom to splash some water on my face. That takes away some of the pain in my eyes, I squeeze some toothpaste on my finger and rub it across my teeth. That helps the cotton taste disappear. Oh man, that shower looks so inviting. I decide what the heck everyone else is asleep. I grab a big towel. I take my clothes off and leave them in a pile on the floor. I walk into that big shower and turn on the water. Oh my gosh - this is one of those showers that has a nozzle on each wall. One is down pretty low. The main one has a massager attached to it. All that hot water coursing over my tired body feels so good. I take the bar of soap and lather my hands up and start moving it over my body. I soap my breasts, my arms, my legs and as I start to reach around and do my back, I hear something. Then I feel someone standing behind me as I hear the whisper "You look like you could use some help." I just stand real still for a second, maybe longer. God what he's doing to my back feels so good. He has nice strong hands and a great feeling chest. He seems to tower over me, but I don't feel afraid. He begins to tell me how he'd been watching me while I showered. He whispers things in my ear that I've only heard in my fantasies. I begin to think I'm in one until he starts pinching my nipples between his fingers, then I know this is very real. He won't let me turn around, I'm not even sure I know who he is. He just keeps washing my body and driving me insane with his touch and his words. I can feel his hardness press against me every once in a while, but he never leaves it against me for long. He bends down to do my legs - all the way to my feet. He then turns me to face him and rinses off the soap. He starts kissing his way up my legs, first one and then the other. When he has finished that - he places a kiss right on top of my mound, his fingers have been getting so close to my pussy and I want him to touch me so badly I can taste it. He doesn't and I just groan from the pent up frustration. He then kisses up my belly and when he gets to my breasts, he licks around each nipple. He uses his hand on one, pinching the nipple, while he licks and sucks on the other one. He alternates between the two of them and I'm so close to cumming. He stops right when I'm about over the edge. I'm so hot by now that I feel like I'm going to explode. He begins kissing on my shoulders, and then he kisses my neck. Ohhh - he found that spot on my neck that drives me instantly wild. He is licking on it and sucking on it, I can feel a hickey start to pop up and I don't even care. He then starts running his hand down my body. His fingers find my clit, then spread open my lips and as he inserts his finger into my very wet pussy, I cum so hard I almost push his finger out. He then goes to the other side of my neck and does the same thing, my breathing is getting shorter now, and it's not long before I again cum all over his finger. His hands are dripping with my juices. He then kisses my lips, a long slow kiss at first. He runs his tongue over my lips and then darts inside my mouth for a most tantalizing french kiss. Our tongues dance around each other and I don't even realize I've began touching him until I am squeezing hard on his arms. I cum one more time and he then pulls his finger out, sticking it in my mouth. I run my tongue around it and suck on it. He then turns me around keeping his finger in my mouth. I am moaning and groaning and I'm surprised I haven't woken the whole house.

He pushes me against the cool tile wall of the shower and my nipples get even harder. He removes his finger and places both hands over my breasts squeezing the nipple between his fingers and the tile wall. It feels so good and I don't know how I'm still standing. My legs are quivering and feel like Jell-O. He runs in hand between my legs from behind and whispers in my ear, "You are so wet and ready for me." He then spreads my lips apart and places the head at the opening - wow he is huge - I feel the head press against me and wonder if he will fit. I don't even want to know how big he is right now - it would scare me probably and I need to relax so I can feel this hard cock filling me up. I take a deep breath in through my nose and blow out through my mouth, relax I tell myself, just enjoy the way this feels. He starts to enter me and I feel it as his cock spreads me apart, I feel like I might rip, but he is so gently with me. I calm down and he whispers now baby and I take a breath in and hold it as he pushes through. It hurts, but at the same time it is starting to feel so good. I don't know if he'll get that huge cock all the way in me or not, but what is in there feels so good and so rock hard. I feel as if my pussy won't give him anymore room and the first few strokes are still hurting me a bit, but it is getting better with each stroke. I want him to stop and just let me feel him inside of me. However, we both know that he can't do that or it would really hurt. OHHH - MMM - it is feeling so good now, that I already want to cum, my breasts are pressed against the tile, he is kissing me on the lips and down the back, making me press against him harder. He is whispering in my ear, helping me to relax, starting to increase his pace. It isn't long before I am matching his pace, leaning back into him. Screaming at him to fuck me harder and faster and deeper. I know that I am getting loud when he kissed me and kept kissing me until it passed. I cum so many times, hard ones that just make my body freeze and little ones that just bring a tightening of the pussy walls. I have so many that I don't know how I kept standing that night. He stops and I just keep thrusting against him, oh it feels so good to be thrusting against him, controlling the pace, being able to milk his hard cock with my muscles. Cumming over and over again. Finally he grabbed my hips and thrust into me hard and deep. He was slamming into me so hard that I you could hear our skin slapping together, you could hear squishing as his cock entered and existed my dripping pussy. He was pressing me harder into the tile wall of the shower. He did one last thrust, this one was deeper and harder than all the rest and he shot his cum into me so deeply, it filled my pussy to overflowing. I could feel the cum splash against the back of my walls and run down the top and sides, spilling out between his cock and my pussy. I came while he was doing this and continued to cum for a full five minutes. It was the most amazing shower I have ever taken. I think I need to clean up again before I get out. The funny thing is the hot water was just getting cold when we stepped out. He dried me off and kissed me so deeply while doing it. I thought oh my gosh I may just have to cum again. He stopped and put my shirt over my head and then took me back to the bed where we lay there and cuddled. I don't remember falling asleep. I woke up to sun streaming into the windows and the coffee brewing. I don't know what happened to him, but there was a note beside my clothes telling me thank you and that he hoped he could shower with me again sometime. I wonder if he has my number and when I will find out just who this man was.

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