I was visiting a friend who lived in a community with a pool. To keep people out - everyone that lived there had a key to the pool. It had an 8 foot privacy fence all the way around it. I asked her if I could borrow her key while she was at work. I went up that morning to swim and saw how beautiful of a place it was. In the corners there were a gazebo, a Jacuzzi, a kiddy pool, and then there was a slide and diving board in the other corner - at the deepest end of the pool. It was Olympic size and went to 8 feet deep. No one else was around, so I was able to enjoy swimming my laps in peace. After I swam for a little while - I didn't feel like getting into the Jacuzzi just yet, so I swam by one of the jets in the pool and leaned against it just enough so that the stream was hitting my lower back. The stream of water hit my back very hard, but it was relaxing me. After a few minutes I turned around and let the water rush onto my stomach - pulling myself up enough so that it hit the front part of my mound and clit area. It felt so good - but I knew I couldn't do it for long. Besides, it was only making things worse. I decided to go home for lunch and come back again late that evening - I was getting hot and knew I needed a break from the sun.

Later that evening after the sun had already set I returned to the pool. There were more people there now - so I sat in the Jacuzzi and then found a lounge chair and laid out relaxing. I must have fallen asleep - because when I opened my eyes again there were only 3 people in the pool, myself and a couple. It was obvious they were together from the way they were kissing each other. I got up and went to the shallow end - not wanting to disturb them - but needing to swim some laps to limber up after being asleep in that chair. I walked into the pool and tried my best to give them some privacy. I began to swim side to side laps to warm up with - then I said to heck with it and swam length laps - I needed to burn up some energy. I needed a break - and realized I was in the deep end - near them. I just smiled at them and then closed my eyes for a moment. I wanted to be the one getting kissed like that and to have my body caressed by those hands. I heard something and opened my eyes - they were closer to me - and she started up some small talk - he was behind her. I had the feeling that his hands were busy under the water by the look that sometimes came across her eyes. I continued to talk with them - they were new to the area and hadn't met many people yet. I told them that I was just visiting. During our talk they had gotten closer to me - and she reached up to touch my necklace and commented on how pretty it was. When she dropped her hand it rubbed across the top of my chest. I told them I needed to swim two more laps and then I was getting in the Jacuzzi to relax before heading out. They asked if they could join me and I said sure. We swam our laps - the girls won of course and we were laughing as we entered the Jacuzzi.

We are sitting in the Jacuzzi and he splashes her, she splashes me and then I splash them both. They immediately said no fair, and I tell them all's fair in love and war. We all ended up close to each other splashing and play fighting, when all of a sudden they both reached over and kissed me on the cheek, trailing kisses to my mouth - now this is something I've never experienced before, but it is not unpleasant. When they get to my mouth, he turns slightly and kisses her, she then turns to me and kisses, and I turn and kiss him - which surprised them they thought I'd kiss both of them. Then he gave her one of the most deepest passionate kisses I'd ever seen and turned to do the same to me. Then she did the same - it was almost as if we were playing follow the leader. When I gave each of them their kisses though - I added a twist, I bite his tongue and ran my tongue around it and then sucked gently on it, while pulling her closer to me - then I quickly kissed her doing the same thing. That's when follow the leader turned into a free for all - I still don't know who touched who first or where. All I do know is that I had my hands on her breasts and on his nipples and they each had a hand on me and each other. Then we stopped and looked at each other and knew that while this was great it wasn't going to get us very far. So we decided that the oldest would get first pick - give or receive. Guess who happened to be the oldest - me. Now normally I like to give more than I like to get, but since this was a new experience - I decided to be different and I opted to receive first. That's when I realized that is exactly what they had in mind. He started kissing my mouth, working his way down my neck, and then started kissing, licking, and sucking on my breasts. His tongue swirled around my nipples and then he drew in his breath causing a cool wind to go across my nipple making it harder than it already was and sending shivers down my spine. He then gently nipped it with his teeth - I felt like a flow of molten lava was traveling from my breasts straight to the center of my being. Then she kissed my cheek, down to my ear and whispered in my ear - I bet you taste so good. Then she started right underneath where his hands were holding my breasts and worked her way down my stomach until she was stopped by the water - then she touched him and I was lifted to the upper deck - so part of me was still in the water - but enough was out so that she could continue what she was doing. She then licked around my navel - dipping her tongue inside of it. She finally reached my mound and started licking, kissing, and blowing on it - slowly easing toward my clit - without actually touching it or not touching it for long. Then she spread my lips apart and started flicking her tongue across my clit - I didn't know whether I was coming or going. I had never experienced something this intense in my life. I felt like I was learning how to feel for the first time - everything sounded, felt, tasted, and sounded so much clearer. Then she spread my legs and placed a kiss right over my clit and then started sucking on it. This sent me over the edge for the first time that night - but not the last I can assure you. She seemed to be so turned on that I'd already had an orgasm - so she started licking down my lips - spreading them apart with her fingers until she could see all of me - she was licking and sucking on my clit while fingering me when all of a sudden she stuck her fingers up to my mouth and I greedily sucked on her fingers tasting my juices for the first time - it was very exciting. She then replaced her fingers upon my lips - rubbing the clit with one set of fingers while ramming her tongue deep within my pussy. What each of them alone was doing was enough to bring me intense orgasms, but the both of them together - seemingly working in perfect harmony was enough to cause me to explode several times. She finally stopped and rubbed her body along mine until she reached my mouth and was laying on top of me - she kissed me so deeply our tongues were dancing with each other. She then stopped - whispered in my ear - I knew you'd taste so good. Then he slipped behind us - so that he could get a good view of our pussies touching. He touched my puss with the head of his cock - slowly pressing into me - I was well lubricated from the tonguing and fingering she'd given me, but I was still very tight and it took him some time to bury his cock deep within me. He would slowly remove it until just the head was left in and then he would slowly oh so slowly plunge it back in deep. He went slow like this for several times until I felt like I was gonna bust - then all of a sudden he plunged so deeply into me that all I could do was lay there and cum - it lasted for a couple of minutes - she kissed me to keep me from holding my breath. He then started fucking her, and then he'd go back to me - until he'd established a rhythm of going out of me into her - out of her into me - I couldn't believe he was literally fucking both of us at the same time, but he was, It felt so good - our clits and nipples rubbing against each other - while he was going in and out of us. It was pure ecstasy - I had came more than I ever had before and finally at the very end - he just entered me and kept plunging into me until I thought he was gonna knock her off the top of me - she was kissing and fondling me - I felt so full and right before he came I had the strongest one of the night - it lasted for a full 5 minutes and at the end he shot his load so powerfully into me - that I knew a mini one was again about to happen. He was kissing her back and shoulders, rubbing our breasts from the side and she was kissing me. I love to kiss and found that it can be just as exciting with a woman as with a man. We just let ourselves slowly unwind and rest up before it was the next persons turn

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