She tells him to go on to bed that she has one more surprise for his birthday. He looks at her funny but doesn't ask what she has planned. She turns back and says there is a note for you on the bed.

He walks in to the bedroom and looks at the room amazed at his room. When had she done all this. There was a new comforter and fluffy pillows. There were candles and a small lamp beside the bed. It looked so cozy. His excitement started to build as he wondered what she had planned. He picked up the envelope from the bed, inhaling deeply at the scent that drifted up to him from it. He turned it over and noticed the pink imprint of lips upon the seal. His breath quickened and he realized he had hardened at the thought of what might happen later in that room.

Opening the envelope he pulled out a handmade birthday card. It was full of her feelings for him. He noticed a small note at the bottom that told him to undress and turn on the lamp. His pulse raced as all kinds of thoughts entered his mind and he wondered again what she had planned.

She entered the bedroom. His mouth dropped open and his eyes glazed over with lust at the sight of her. She had on a light blue lace teddy that didn't cover but merely enhanced her beauty. His eyes feasted upon the site of her full breasts that he couldn't wait to taste. As his eyes traveled down he realized she had shaved - he couldn't believe what he'd seen but as he looked back in her eyes he realized she did it for him.

She turned around and walked forward with a small cake that held a few candles. He noticed her full glossy lips and he hardened at the thought of them wrapped around him. She told him to blow out the candles and she'd make his every wish come true tonight as she winked at him. He smiled and would have laughed if he hadn't of been so turned on as he blew out the candles. She put the cake down on the bed and raked a finger through the icing. She put her finger against his lips and licked the icing that was left. She then put her finger in his mouth and let him suck the sweet cream from her finger. It made him think of other sweet creamy things he like to taste like her breasts and the juices from her lower lips.

She looked over him admiring his body and smiling at how hard he already was. She kissed him as she stood between his thighs letting him fondle her. She then said I have a treat for you as she knelt before him. His hands stroked her hair as she placed a kiss on the tip of his velvety hard cock. She then ran her finger through the icing and placed it along his cock making sure a generous portion was left on the head. She broke off a small piece of cake and gave it to him - with a wink she said who said you can't have your cake and eat it too as she quickly enclosed his throbbing hardness in to her mouth. He let the cake fall to the bed as he held on to her head and moaned out loud. She pulled her mouth off long enough to lick the length of his shaft until she could suck on each of his balls while holding him firmly in her hand. She pumped him while she sucked on his sac, rolling her tongue around them. She then licked her way back up his shaft and again sucked him deep in to her hot mouth. She held him at the back of her throat and ran her tongue on the underside and the sides of his shaft. It turned her on so much to feel him pulsate and throb inside of her.

She started sucking again - moving her head back and forth as she milked his cock with her mouth. He looked down getting harder at the site of her soft lips spread wide around him and the look of pleasure as she bobbed her head up and down, up and down. He felt the tightening in his lower stomach begin and firmly held her head while thrusting up to fill her with his own cream. She swallowed several times to drink of his thick hot cream. She pulled her mouth off of him and licked her lips. It was then that she said Happy Birthday! They both smiled knowing that indeed his every lustful wish would be fulfilled tonight.

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