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Name :   shalina
URL :   
Comment :   damn nice stories i wish i could be the inspration of the next story!!! good job
Name :   crystal
URL :   
Comment :   Hi these stories are really good. Never seen better but i was also wondering if you could do one about me *smiles* cant wait for more!!!
Name :   alicia
Comment :   hi, i was suprized to find out you was a guy, But any way these stories are great!! I really like them and i cant wait for more! I would also like to read more on the on about the romates!!! If you know how i can get the rest of the storie you can e- ma
Name :   Ashley
Comment :   I love the stories and thanks for the kudos! My friends really like them and cant get enough. I wonder if any might include me in the future? *wink wink*
Name :   Heliotrope
Comment :   Hi Justin, Im new here too. I really like your stories. You write very well. When you have time, take a look at mine and let me know what you think. Keep posting!
Name :   Kim
Comment :   Hey there sexy man.. remember meh.. *smiles* oh yeah.. when are ours going to be done babe? im awaiting *giggles*.. nah justin .. i love u . u know i do..
Name :   Doug
Comment :   wonderful stories, do one on forced fem, shemale. some bdsm
Name :   Courtney
URL :   
Comment :   this site is the best one ads, no popups, just erotic stories. i definately have your site bookmarked...and will definately be back to read more! and more often! absolutely great stories! please dont stop adding them. thanks a lot for the site!
Name :   Angie
Comment :   Only a sick motherfucker could come up with stories like these! Just kidding, Justin. Theyre really great. Thanks for sharing them. Hi from all the circlers.
Name :   rahul
URL :   
Comment :   your site and writinfs are sexy .do write something about male tricked into tranny by naughty girls and /or girls dominating guys .. thank you .keep the good work going....
Name :   AJ
Comment :   Hey, I talked to u before in a chat room. Im also interested in creating website to post my stories. I need your help creating the links. Could u please help me out? -Thanks AJ (
Name :   Terry
URL :   
Comment :   Wow! You are very descriptive in your writing. I enjoyed Surrender most of all. A few pics would be nice.
Name :   Kippers
URL :   
Comment :   I like the stories, keep up the good work
Name :   Gin
URL :   
Comment :   You are very talented - thank you for sharing it.
Name :   Shelly
Comment :   I love the style that you have and the way that you get into a womans mind. A lot of us think the way your female characters think but we dont say it. Sometimes I am feeling my own thoughts expressed.
Name :   kimberly
URL :   ... url?
Comment :   HEY.. come on.. and do more with us.. butt head.. somthing with.. *thinks*.. you be the master and meh being the slave we have 3 already.. ya know.. *smiles*
Name :   Marie
URL :   
Comment :   youve got lots of grammatical errors (title wave should be tidal wave), techinical stuff like that, but your stories are great. There is a permeating quality that gets to you when you read. Share your work with someone and have them read over it if you wa
Name :   Savannah
URL :   
Comment :   I really loved the Hawaai Stories. Please post more of them, theyre really hot. I think I might read them again with my vibrator very, very close to me.
Name :   padoor ramaswamy
URL :   
Comment :   good collection if possible give me a mail when new addtions
Name :   Diania
Comment :   The stories of yours i read on my list seemed very good, and maybe you could add pictures, that also tells the story,,,,
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