The Awareness Project

Trees begin with a seed, one heart pumps the blood of a person, storms have centers, planets can only have one axis of rotation, galaxies rotate around a central gravitational point, the universe originated from a single starting point from which all other forms followed, such is the nature of existence, all things must have only one central quality of being around which all other qualities of a thing rotate.

An apple is an apple because it is an apple. All of it's characteristics circumlocute it's central thing-ness. Even it's atoms circle it's form. Thus forms are central, but hidden, clothed in their attributes. One sees first the waves and wind and fury of a hurricane, and only last, after traveling through what swirls around it, can one see it's center.

Conversely, as the stone in stone soup does not make up the soup, an object's thing-ness would not exist without the attributes swirling around it. An apple that was not red, did not grow on a tree, not composed of atoms, not juicy, not of the taste of an apple, not of any weight, is not an apple. Thus thing-ness, the central core of something is both it's beginning and it's end, it's many qualities surrounding it's thing-ness, and it's thing-ness being of it's qualities.

The center for a human is consciousness. One cannot observe consciousness without first observing the behaviors of consciousness, love, thinking, choice, communication etc. Yet these things, love, thinking, choice, communication, could not exist without consciousness. A consciousness is simultaneously composed of, and generates these attributes.

Consciousness: An alert cognitive state in which you are aware of yourself and your situation

To be conscious is to be aware of one's self and one's situation. Thus, consciousness can be equated to awareness of self and of the world. To be aware is to be in relation, the self, to the world. To be aware of something in the world and to be aware of a resulting feeling is to know how to love.

It is the hypothesis of this site that all one need do to become a functional human being is to remain aware. All things will follow from that. Thus the center for this cite is a central principal: awareness. All else, is merely the storm surrounding the center, which is to say, nothing on this site will be awareness, for that mater, it may almost never be mentioned again, just like the color red does not mean apple.

Confused? That's ok, things are always formless and empty at the beginning.