Ignorance Is. . .

Contrary to popuar belief ignorance is not bliss. In life ignorance rather meens innocence and pain. You are innocent because every time something goes wrong you really didn't have any way of knowing that your actions would bring about this result: thus by not knowing you are never at fault. This is to a certain degree an upside, but then item number two kicks in; pain. Because you really are ignorant of what your actions are going to cause, you can never avoid, head off, or not cause yourself or others pain. So you are invaribly causing yourself pain by accident, it's not your fault because you didn't know, but bliss certainly wouldn't discribe your general state.

In all truth, what really causes 'bliss' as they say, is denial. You simply deny that you, could have avoided, headed off, or caused the pain you are feeling, thus you can be happy about yourself. Then you deny that you are even feeling pain, by saying things like, "oh it doesn't matter" when it does. In the end you simply say that everything is great and deny the pain. This way nothing is your fault and nothing hurts: denial is bliss.

Then the inevitible kicks in; no one can remain in denial forever, reguardless of how blisfull it is believed to be. How many people, staring at a knife wound can convince themselves that they are not in pain. Or, waking up in someone's house not remembering anything about what happened can deny that they have been stupid. At some point a person would have to bend their entire reality to it's breaking point to remain in their bliss of denial. Only the mad can succeed in this feet because only the mad can deny reality. Thus all people must be awakened from their blisfull dreem at some point.

This is where people's chance to be alive kicks in. Once awakened from the blisfull denial of the everything that hurts they have the choice to attempt to find another waking dreem to persue or to attempt to look around. At this point a person must decide to remain ignorant, to redeny the universe, or to look around at what is, learn, and be knowing reguardless of how scary things really look. If they choose to wake up they will spend much time fearfull of sleep, much time fighting fantom dreams, and much time fearfull of what really might be. They must also take responsibility for what it is that they do, for in becoming aware one sheads their ignorance and thus their innocence. But, in the end, one may be able to also shead their pain and see glorious reality for what it is.

The question is always one of fear: how afraid are you to not be ignorant? How fearfull of accepting responcibility for the pain you cause are you? How afraid are you of what reality and you really are? Will you choose blisfull/painfull ignorant denial; the path of sheep, or the path to enlightenment?