First Time

By jasile07 ,

It would be the first time. Not the very first time, Linda had had sex before, lots of times, all different ways. She was no prude and she thought she had done it all with her husband Bob. They liked to experiment and try new things. He said it was healthy for their marriage. She had obliged and was happy with their sexual experimentation so far. Linda liked the sex toys, her dildo was her best friend when her husband was out of town on business or she felt like a self-service quickie in the afternoon. She even enjoyed the porn that they watched together, even though the women were almost always silicone enhanced and the men were almost always slimy. She liked acting like one of the women in the movies for her man. She didn’t mind him pushing a little too far into her throat when he really got into a blowjob. She didn’t mind having him cum on her; all over her, it was erotic. Hell, after the first couple of times even the anal felt good and made her cum. But this was different, a big step she wasn’t sure she wanted to take.

Bob’s friend Keith wasn’t unattractive. He was tall well built, better than average body and clean cut. If she were single again she could see going out with him. Bob was not quite as tall and married life had put a few pounds on him but he was still attractive to more women than just her and he was still very sexy. Bob had a nice sized cock for her, not too big to hurt and big enough to satisfy her. She made him keep his hair trimmed close and his balls shaved.

Linda still had to wonder about this experiment though. Would Bob actually be able to handle another man with his hands on her body? Linda’s body was in its prime. Her breasts were full and soft yet still firm. She still had a flat stomach thanks to her swimming routine and she constantly got compliments on her toned legs. Maybe she wasn’t a college girl anymore but she still had what it took. She kept her blonde hair long for Bob, but her blonde pussy was trimmed.

There was a sexual tension in the living room of the house. They all chatted, nervous small talk, waiting for something to break the ice. They refilled their drinks often and they were all starting to feel the effects. She could feel Keith’s eyes moving over her body as they talked, they were burning through her blouse and she felt her nipples stiffening. She almost couldn’t stand the tension. Would they go through with it? How would it start? She felt herself getting more and more aroused about the idea of seeing both of them naked and having them both take her, do anything they wanted with her. The guys were talking sports and office gossip, laughing nervously. Were they nervous about being naked together she wondered?

She stood to excuse herself and Bob whispered in her ear “Why don’t you go and put on something sexy?”

“Sure.” She said smiling coyly.

She could feel their eyes on her ass as she walked away and she exaggerated her movements making her skirt sway. In the bedroom she quickly stripped out of her skirt and blouse. She slid her bra off and massaged her breasts. Her nipples were stiff and sensitive. She felt her thong. The crotch was wet to the touch and she smiled at how turned on she had become just at the possibility of what looked like would happen. She brushed a fingertip across her swollen lips and shivered at the sensation it gave her. I could cum right now she thought. She slipped into a white tank top and looked at herself in the mirror.

“Here I go.” She thought.

Would she be able to satisfy two men at once? Was she woman enough?

She sauntered back into the living room to the sound of a woman in ecstasy. The guys had put on porn and were already stripped down. They were both watching the woman in the movie get fucked hard from behind by a very big cock. They were both hard and sitting on the couch next to each other, cocks in hand stroking.

“Well, well” she said, “starting without me?”

They both turned to her at the same time smiling. “Come here baby and show daddy a good time.” Said Bob.

Keith sat up a little higher and looked like he couldn’t stop smiling if he tried. His cock was longer than Bob’s and his whole body looked delicious to her. Linda had not looked at another man like this since she had married Bob. She had seen many she found attractive, but they were just another man until this moment. Now she saw one that she wanted, one that she could have.

“Maybe it’s the liquor.” she thought, “Maybe I can do this.”

She leaned over Keith brushing her hard nipples against him and stopped the porn, “I want all the attention.”

She stepped between Bob’s legs and dropped to her knees, his hand stroking his cock in front of her face.

“I love a woman who loves it on her knees.” Quipped Bob.

“She does look like she is ready for it, give it to her man.” Added Keith.

Linda purred rubbing her hands up and down Bob’s thighs. She took his cock into her hands it felt warm and throbbed. She blew cool air over the tip and it quivered. Her tongue flicked out and tickled the swollen head. She looked into Bob’s eyes and she knew how much he loved it. Her breasts heaved and her nipples pressed against the tank top as her head lowered down his shaft. She heard Bob moan and suck air through his teeth. She looked at Keith as her head moved back up the hard cock leaving the shaft glistening with saliva. She exaggerated her moves like the girls in the porno for Keith’s benefit. Keith’s eyes were wide and his hand slide slowly up and down his cock. Linda watched Keith as she rubbed the wet head of Bob’s cock around her mouth and across her cheeks. She could feel her wetness growing and her pussy burning. She liked teasing Keith and watching him massage his cock. She surprised herself at how easily she could perform in front of Keith.

Bob pressed his hips upward and she let him press his cock back into her mouth. She knew it well after all the blowjobs she had given him. Her head bobbed up and down in his lap matching his upward thrust. She moaned louder than normal did for their pleasure, wondering if just watching her give head would get Keith off. Linda took Bob’s cock in her hand and traced a line with her tongue down the bottom of the shaft. He lifted one leg over her shoulder exposing more of him to her mouth. Gently she sucked one of his smooth balls into her mouth. She slide one finger to her thong and into her pussy, it was wetter than she could remember it ever being. Her pussy gripped her finger and she felt her muscles quake. Gathering some of the wetness onto her finger she rubbed the tender spot between Bob’s balls and ass. Bobs hands ran through her hair and he murmured her name. She teased his tight ass with the wet finger and felt him clinch and release. Keith’s cock stood rigid from his body and his hands stroked it with long and slow pumps. He had turned toward her and she stared at its length and girth as she sucked her man’s balls. The sight of his beautiful stiff cock while she serviced Bob was so erotic and enticing that the floodgates of her passion opened and her juices flowed down her leg.

Linda had a burning desire all over her body. At first she had wondered if she could satisfy them both, now she wondered if they could satisfy her. She sat back on her heels spread her legs and lifted the tank top off. Her tits were now exposed to another man for the first time since her and Bob had met three years ago and she liked it. She felt sexier than she ever had. Right there in front of them her tits were in her hands massaging them slowly and her lips were swollen from being stretched around Bob’s dick. Her pussy ached under the thong. She slipped one finger into her thong and deep into her pussy. She moaned loudly and deeply and she felt her wetness and desire flaming in her. She bent her head down and lifted her nipple to her mouth licking it herself. She shuddered and felt the pleasure spread to the quivering muscles of her velvety pussy. The men groaned and pre-cum formed at the tips of their manhood. Linda squeezed her soft tits together and fingered her clit.

“You are a lucky man Bob.” Said Keith admiring Linda pleasuring herself for their delight on the carpet before them.

“You are too tonight, man.” Added Bob grinning.

“Someone fuck me.” Linda said in a deep lusty voice almost panting

At dinner, when Bob had suggested the threesome with his handsome friend, she had been apprehensive and felt like their prey. Now she felt like the predator, a sexual predator. They weren’t going to use her for their fantasy; she was going to fuck them. She felt something awaken in her and she felt her sexuality taking control. Linda felt herself becoming a purely sexual being.

Linda practically pulled Bob off the couch and threw him onto the floor on his back. Bob lay there on his back in amused shock. She mounted him and flung her hair back over her shoulder. She slid her thong to the side rubbed the head of his cock on her opening and he felt and saw her juices run down his cock.

“Is it wet enough for you?” she said looking down at him

“Oh god, yes. I have never felt you this wet!” he replied moving his hands to her tits.

She slid the head of his cock into her pussy and felt her muscles grip and quiver around its delicious width. Without warning she slammed her pussy down around his cock. She felt it pierce her and open her. They both cried out as pleasure spread through their bodies. She took him all the way in and grinded her clit against him. The head of his cock hit her in exactly the right place and she raised back up again. With his hands on her nipples she slammed back down onto him shoving his cock back into her hitting her spot. She watched Keith as she fucked Bob hard.

“You like this? You like watching us fuck, Keith?” she demanded her eyes set on her next quarry.

“Oh yeah baby, you fuck like an animal.” He said.

She leaned back on her hands still grinding his cock in circles with her pussy. Her hand moved to her clit and she rubbed it hard and fast for Keith and Bob to see. She threw her hair and her head back arched her tits upward and moaned deeply.

“Bring me that cock, Keith or do you want to jack yourself off all night?” she said in a lust filled voice that she had never heard before.

Without hesitation Keith leapt off the couch and stood next to her head presenting his cock to her.

“Put that big beautiful cock in my mouth.” She demanded and he leaned forward easing his throbbing head into her full wet lips.

Bob lifted his head to see Keith’s cock enter his wife’s hungry mouth and hear her let out a long muffled moan. He marveled at the look on her face as more and more cock entered her mouth. He never thought she would enjoy it this much. He thought she would do the same thing as Keith’s girlfriend had done and lay there letting them fuck her. If he had known how much she loved cock he would have suggested the threesome sooner! He thought it would bother him more seeing his friend’s dick in her mouth but she loved it so much and looked so good.

She held Keith’s cock and looked at Bob “Do you like this? Do you like seeing me with a cock in my mouth?”

Where was this coming from? She didn’t even say cock to Bob when they were alone. Something had blossomed in her and she loved it. Their sex would never be the same again.

“Oh baby you look so fucking hot.” Said Bob thrusting up into her soaking blonde box and rubbing her exposed clit.

She turned back to Keith and cupped his balls taking his member deep into her mouth. She felt the veins of his cock against her tongue and felt the head tap the back of her throat. She loved the feeling of a different cock in her mouth and the different weight of his balls. Her fingers explored him and rubbed between his balls and ass. She felt Keith shudder and press towards her. She looked up at him and slid her fingers around his ass. Looking at him she rubbed the head of his fat cock over her face.

“Do you like me playing with your ass?” she said

“Do what ever you want baby.”

“I will.” She responded

Her tongue bathed his cock up and down dousing it with her saliva that dripped from its tip. She craned her neck under his balls and soaked them too. He lifted one leg putting his foot on the couch giving her easier access. Her wet finger pressed against his ass and she felt him open to her. His ass was tight but she felt him relax as she increased the pressure. Her mouth covered the head of his cock and her tongue massaged the tip. His hand rested on her head to steady him as he took her slender finger in his ass. He leaned over cupping her heaving breast, pinching her nipple.

“Oh god this bitch is so fucking hot.” thought Keith as he felt her finger rubbing the spot in his ass that always made him cum hardest.

He concentrated hard not to spurt his seed into her mouth but this was the best head he had ever gotten. One hand stroked him as her mouth sucked hungrily at his cock; the other hand fingered his ass. Bob pounded furiously up into her; she had never taken it this hard or long before. He felt the surges welling up in him from deep in his balls as her pussy milked his seed from him. He watched as Keith’s hips thrust toward her soft hand and expert mouth.

She heard Bob’s grunts and moans and knew he was ready to erupt in her. She turned her attention to him and leaned over him dangling her breasts in his face. She lifted her ass up and he thrust higher getting long deep powerful strokes into her grateful pussy.

“C’mon baby, c’mon, fuck me fuck me, FUCK ME!” she wailed urging him on.

She looked back over her shoulder at Keith, “You too, fuck me too, I want it in my ass.” she said.

Keith kneeled behind her and grabbed her hips steadying her as Bob pounded up into her. He spread her cheeks wide and leaned forward and licked her ass moistening her. She shivered and concentrated on opening for him. She felt his big cock pressing against her ass and bit her lip as he stretched her. Taking Bob in the ass had never been this hard, but she wanted it. She wanted both of them, bad. Keith pulled back and ran his fingers around her dripping pussy getting some of the wetness for his cock. He pressed again at her ass and this time his cock slid slowly inside her. Her back arched and her mouth opened, but no noise could express the ecstasy she felt as both her holes were filled. She felt both cocks rubbing together in her, barely separated. An intense feeling began to spread in her and she could no longer hold herself up. She dropped her chest onto Bob leaving her smooth ass in the air for Keith to continue to ravage. She felt their thrusts match and open her like she had never felt or even imagined before. Keith pounded her tight ass continuing to lube his cock with the ample supply of juice running down her leg. She felt Bob under her press into her deeply and deliberately knowing that he would fill her with seed any second.

“Oh yes baby, cum in me, fill my pussy with your cum, give it to me.” She breathed into his ear. He cried out as it felt as though the tip of his cock had erupted and his milky white seed spewed into her. His legs tightened and his whole body released into her.

Keith pressed deeper into her and she felt him tighten and grab desperately at her hips pulling her further onto him. She strained to take all of him in her and felt him release. He moaned and continued to pump her.

“Ohhhhhhhhhh.” She whimpered into Bobs ear. “He’s cumming in my ass. It feels soooo good.”

Her body on fire she desperately reached under herself to rub her swollen clit. She found it and like touching a match to gunpowder, the most intense and powerful orgasm flashed all through her body. She bit into Bobs shoulder and gripped the carpet with her hands. Wave after wave of intense burning passion rippled through her originating where the spent cocks were.

Keith slipped out of her and collapsed onto the couch. Linda rolled off of Bob’s sweaty body, cum still oozing from his cock. She lay there on the carpet on her back basking in her orgasm feeling like a new woman, spent and satisfied.

She turned to Bob “Do you have anymore friends?”

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