To Whomever Can Hear Me:

Some days I feel the empty vast beauty of space nestled in my heart. Some days, the sky, she looks down on me with such profound non-human beauty. She thinks nothing of me but I see her, and I think of her. So many places, so many things she nestles in the cold dark of her eyes. Eyes that see not as we see, eyes that see not but what is. It is in her that I am, and it is in me that she is. Between us there is infinity. Other then us, there is naught.

I sit and gaze deep into her to see myself. I can feel her isolation. I can feel her numbness, I can feel her lifelessness. And at the same time I can feel my heart beating in unity with her. I can feel my passion igniting her cold dark sky. I can feel my life, and being in her, I can feel her life.

Somewhere there must be another person who understands what I see. Somewhere there must be another person who understands her longing for us to see who we are. Somewhere there must be people who think, feel, breathe, within the love that only we can give her. She aches for us to awaken, to see her, to touch her, but we sleep. And in our slumber we make her alone. In our slumber we make ourselves alone.

She aches for us to see each other as we ache to not be alone. Yet we sleep. We kill. We hurt. We suffer for one and other only to go on sleeping. We seek to make our dreams reality and abandon what she has given us. We are not in her. We are in ourselves, and in being such, we are alone.

The more you seek the less you find. You must first listen to be able to speak. You must first sacrifice to gain. You must first be alone to be able to be one with another. You must first be happy with nothing before you can be happy with something. You must first accept things and people as they are, and love them for that alone, before you can love at all. Your love, must be complete for it to be eternal. Only children and those who see her can do this. Please god let there be someone else who can see her. Please, whoever reads this, just go out and see the beauty of the stars, and know: you make things beautiful. It is man's greatest ability: to love, to project a feeling of absolute beauty onto something. Fill your heart with it. Take the stars and make them yours, and in doing so, give them what they ache for: their beauty.