A Quiet Night at the Club

It was one of the quite nights at the club. Mike (the barman) was at his usual mischief talking about who did what to whom providing me with the latest gossip and passing the time also but at some time making me wish somebody ordered something to drink.

She walked in and looking at the bar and me walks directly and confidently. Reaching were I am seating looks at me and asks if the seat next to me is taken. While she was walking towards the bar mike told me that she was asking about me the other day. By his comment i knew that he happily provided much more than a few information about me.

Taking the rose from my breast pocket i offer it to her smiling. ''thanks, I love roses" says and accepts it with a reserved smile. How about a drink some were more private i say suggesting my private room. Smiling more broadly she orders vodka looking at mike and we walk off to my room.

She was watching the room while I walked to the table and smiling i start walking towards her. looking a little afraid she asks "what are you going to do with this rope?".

Without responding I take her hands and raise them above her head a little harshly making her comment "lovely hands, but you are hurting me". I just tie her hands and pull her gently to the wall making her comment "oooooooohhh you love playing games, don't you?".

I just smile and reply that I like games and I like to make the other to enjoy them also. "mmmmmm do you think I'll enjoy them" she asks complaining that the wall is very cold and harsh. Placing the rope on the clip securing her hands I start unbuttoning her shirt and expose her breasts stroking them as my fingers play with her soft nipples feeling them respond and harden prompting me to kiss and suck them feeling their hardness. "mmmmmmm, my nipples love your play" she moans as my tongue teases them making hard like small diamonds and then i bite them softly as one hand pulls her from the wall caressing her back as i stroke her soft belly. "why must I be tied" she asks adding "i could help you with my hands". i can feel her desire growing as i just smile enigmaticaly and start unzipping her skirt. ''take it out, quickly, pleaseeeeeeee" she moans as i let it drop to her feet and start stroking her pussy above her panties moaning "oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeeessss" as she feels my hands playing with her.

I slip my hand in her panties and passing my finger between her soft and tender lips rubbing them feeling them moist and start fingering her slowly teasing her as she moans "oooooooohhhhh deeeeeeeeaaaaaarrrrr". i feel her pussy becoming wet as she confesses that it feels soooo good as i slip her panties off and start working my finger faster inside her as i play with her hard nipples with the other hand. i feel her body moving agitated and shaking full of desire. i pull my hands from her body and take off my trouser and shirt, my erect manhood standing up, i look at her. She stares back and smiles "ooooooooohhhhhhh mmyy gooooooodddnneeeeeesssss" "i really want it now" she says with a sexy voice.

I move to her and passing my hands behind her thigh i spread them and pass the around my waist as my cock strokes her pussy. Giving herself totally to me as i slide my cock steadily inside filling her as i lower her body and all slides in. her moans become louder as i feel her tight pussy gripping my cock. My hand strokes her back as my mouth attends to her hard nipples. i start moving inside her as she tries to follow my rythm feeling her body coming close to her climax.

With every move my cock gets deep filling her pussy and feeling that she cannot move the way she would like i tell her to lock her legs around my waist. She does as my vains start to throb inside her as she moans out of control "yeeeeeessss oh yeeeeeeeessssssss" making me move faster making her body bounce on my cock " oooooohhhh deeeeeeaaaaaarrrr" she shouts as i bite her nipples softly triggering her orgasm as she anaounces "i'm i'm i'm cuuuuuummmmmiiiiinnnnnnggggggg".

Her juices running all over my cock as i press deep and let my orgasm flow inside her holding her body close to me feeling her body shake as she climaxes over and over. i kiss and nibble her neck as i untie her hands.

I kiss her on the way to the couch and pressing the release button i let it open to a bed and lay down taking her with me. She kisses back, her kiss full of expectation as i caress her body. She looks at me whispering "mmmmmmm i want you so much". i reply by kissing her soft lips passionately making her want me more as our tongues start dancing together.

I move my hands to her breasts and pussy as she looks and with her voice trembling say's "everything is so sweet now, I'm in heaven" i slip my finger in her wet pussy and start playing with her as i want her again feeling the heat starting to raise al over my body as he hand move to my cock finding it erect but not yet fully hard. She starts to caress me telling me that she needs more and more of me as it gets harder from the touch and attention it gets. i love playing with it she whispers making me moan and shiver enjoying her touch and attention. ''what can we do with it now?" she asks teasingly. i just smile and suggest to make a wet pussy happy taking her body and rolling over feeling her body shaking in antcipation. I look in her eyes as her body is over me feeling her soft skin on mine and tell her to ride me. Not wanting too much encouragment she moves her body and takes me inside her raising her body making her full breasts stand up. i cup them as i moan feeling the warmth of her vagina engulfing my cock.She starts jumping up and down happy as her hands caress my body making me want her more than before as i llok in her eyes. as she looks back at me, her eyes glowing with happiness she asks "yeeeeeeeeeees deeearrrr?". I want you I reply and moving my hips I push all my manhood inside her feeling her body being drenched again as she starts moaning again. i move my hands and hold her waist pressing her down and pulling her up commanding the rythm as i feel her juices start to run on my shaft and down my balls making my body tremble. surrendering to totally "ooooooohhhhh how much I love this gaaaaaammmmmmmme, my juices are all yourssssssss" she moans and shouts as i move my hands back to her breasts letting her ride me to her own pace. She rides me hard feeling our bodies tensing and reaching slowly their climax. Cum for me my love i whisper to her as she pushes and takes all my cock inside her faster. Her juices run from her pussy and explodes with a loud moan "yeeeeeeeeeeessss, cccuuuummmmmmmmiiiiiiiiinnnnggg" making my orgasm rip through my body in a frenzied rythm as i moan also lost in a cloud of passion as our bodies shake.

Reaching up I pass my hands around her and pull her close blowing soft kisses to her face as she whispers that she wants to go on forever moaning as she rests happily in my arms. Smiling at her I just stroke her gently letting morpheus takes us in his arms.

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