Sweet Revenge 4

She was wearing a black bikini and was laying on the deck next to the pool. I go and seat next to her and as she sees me she glances towards the beach house where our spouses are and sees its out of sight behind the fence she says ''Hi'' and lets her nails graze my thigh lightly.

I smile as my hand stroke her belly and move slowly towards her breasts. She groans softly and her nipples become very hard and poke thru the thin cloth, her little hairs on her body standing up from arousal. I stroke her nipples above the thin cloth as she moans ''oh god'' and arches a bit.

I bend and kiss her neck as she squirms on the hardwood deck, her tiny hands moving out to lightly rest on my waist. I feel shivers from her touch and move my hand behind her neck I undo her bikini and reveal her nice breasts.

Her hand sliding down my flat stomach...slips into my swim shorts touching my cock making me moan. She circles the shaft and pumps lightly on it as I kiss her hard nipples sliding my hand on her belly and further down. As she tugs my shorts down I raise my hips and help her take them off. I slip my hand inside her bikini bottoms and start stroking her pussy as she groans and arches her wetness against my hand.

"I need to be..fucked" groans and squirms under me as I finger her and untie her bikini bottoms I pull them off. She spreads her legs wide as I move over her and seal her lips with mine. She takes my cock tip and guides it to her pussy and rubs it along the slit. I moan feeling her wet pussy on my cock head as she opens her mouth to my tongue...kissing passionately. Our tongue dancing together as she spread her legs further apart for me and moans. My hands caress her hard nipples and entering her I go deep inside her slowly.

She grunts softly as my cock slides wetly into her tight pussy and wrapping her legs around my waist hooks her ankles behind my ass.

As I feel her velvet walls pressing my cock, which slides all in filling her, I moan as she submits to me again. I look in her eyes as I start to move, she lying under my body panting as I begin to fuck her increasing the pace slowly.

She lets me see her lust in her eyes as she takes my manhood deep. I rub her hard nipples and kissing her neck as she meets my thrusts moaning as we fuck each other, again, finding our timing. I start thrusting her as she matches my moves, her pussy clutching at my cock with each thrust for my pleasure. My balls slapping her ass as I listen to her moans.

"Harder..fuck me..HARDER" she moans into my ear and I thrust her harder as she starts moving her ass for me grunting as I pound her the way we both love it, her breasts shaking with each thrust. "Fuck me...god fuck meeeeeeeeee". My hand moves to her firm buttocks and strokes them as I nimble her neck. She begins to cum on my cock..moaning..thrashing under me. I feel her juices as I push my finger in her ass and my cock starts to throb inside her. Her breasts brushing my chest as she moves under me groaning as she cums on your hard cock. She knows she shouldn't let me cum in her...her married body writhing under me...but pumping up to take it. You are mine I whisper in her ear and push all the cock in as she says "I am...not..using..protection" and moans as she lay under me and takes all my cock deep. I kiss her and she moans, "yesss" whispering "Harder...fuck me..." into the kiss as a warm flood enters her deep filling her as she moans in my mouth. She moans loud ''uhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'' and cums again on my cock as she feel my virile semen fill her. I thrust her hard filling every part of her pussy with my hot seed. Her married body open and spread vulnerable under me as I fuck her and fill her pussy with my cum.

I kiss her hard as I pass my arms around her and hold her close as she moans and says "Doggy style...fuck me...that way...." as she pulls on my cock sliding out from under me. She moves over to grip the low brick wall, on her knees..ass pushed up..legs spread, looking over her shoulder at me. I let her feel my wet cock stroke her buttocks and sliding to her pussy as she watches my hard cock still leaking cum..covered in her juices. I smiles at her and send her a kiss as my cock presses her clit.

She grips the wall tighter...moaning, her eyes closing. head hanging down as my hand move under her body and on her breasts. Her full breasts hanging down, her legs spread, firm ass up in the air...her nipples so hard under my palms.

I push all the cock in with one move deep in her wet pussy as she grunts softly ''Ughhhhhhhhhhhh'' loving the feel of my cock as it goes deep as I fill her.I caress her breasts as they start to move from my thrusts as she squirms under me.

Playing with her lovely nipples as I enjoy her tight pussy, her mouth open. moaning as she gets fucked hard from behind. She feels my cum leaking out around my cock..running down my smooth thighs as my hands move to her waist and hold her tight. "Oh god yesss" she screams as she feels my hands and I start thrusting her hard and fast moving her body t my rhythm.

My husband never fucks me like this, she moans as I pound her, submitting to me completely. Kissing her back as I fuck her hard. "Harder" she asks as I pull almost all the cock of and pounds all in. She moves her ass back as she pumps for and back to get my cock deeper moaning ''Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'' as she cums again on my manhood.

I feel her juices showering me again as she begs ''Cum in me..cum on me''. My cock pulsates wildly as I thrust her. ''yesssssssssssss'' she moans as her body writhing before me and I push all in and holding it there not letting her body move, her shoulders rolling as she squirms on my cock. I moan loud as a new flood of hot seed fills her making her grunt loudly ''guhhhhhhhhhhhhhh uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh'' and cums again on my spurting cock.

She quickly pulls off your cock as it continues to spurt...turns around and gets on her hands and knees before me and sucks my cock into her mouth as I continue to cum.

Moaning and sucking my cock, as I moan loud as her soft lips move around my shaft. Her eyes locked on mine as she sucks it deep swallowing my cum. I smile and stroke her hair as she milks my cock with her mouth coaxing all of your cum out, cheeks sinking in and out, tongue bathing the shaft, her blonde head bobbing up and down on it as she sucks. Her eyes closing, sucking submissively on her lovers cock as I whisper ''I love you''.

She pulls off...moaning and looks in my eyes as I pull her up and take her in my arms. Her body close to mine still trembling as she rest her head on my chest. Stroking her hair I seat on the deck and take her next to me kissing her softly.

Let your body relax and after we go for a swim, naked. I bet you have never made love under water I say and smile…

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