Roomies -- Chapter 2

The Autumn wind blew a chill across me, and I stirred from my angry reticence, noticing finally that I’d left the back door wide open. I flicked the television off and stood, listening, both expecting and dreading that I might hear the grunting and moaning of young lovemaking from the yard. But no such sound. All was silent.

I crept toward the door, silent in my socks. I peered cautiously through the doorway and into the backyard. Ryan’s telescope sat alone there. No sign of him or Angie.

Then, there came a faint creaking sound, carried down the long carpeted hallway which led to Ryan’s section of the house. I followed, intrigued now by any ghost of a sound that might explain where the two had gone. I followed the repeating sound right up to the closed wooden door of Ryan’s bedroom.

I paused, tensing my body into motionless silence as I put my ear to the door. For a moment, I heard nothing. Then, as before, I heard the short, crisp creaking sound, followed by a gasping sound that could only have come from a human. Then another creak, followed by a muffled scream.

What the hell was going on in there? My brain knew right away, but my body was so swimming with hormones that all my logic was awash. Abandoning without a thought the pact I’d made with Ryan to never, ever enter his bedroom unasked, I turned the brass knob slowly, pushed the door open just a bit, and let one eye peer inside.

There they were, Angie lying on her belly on Ryan’s bed, bare-ass naked, her slender behind upturned to receive the thrusts Ryan was giving her. He was naked too, and my eyes were treated to a feast of creasing muscle and sweaty sinew as he shoved his long cock, slick with Angie’s passion, deep into my best friend’s naked cunt. His hands had her ribcage locked in an iron grip, which he used to steady her against the force of his blows. Their clothes were strewn all over the floor of the room, and I could swear a great many of the articles seemed to have been shredded.

I heard the creaking sound again, its source the bed, which by now was squeaking and groaning beneath the energetic fucking. As for the two, Ryan released a soft grunt with each thrust, and Angie wailed into his feather pillow. They were locked in a genuine, knock-down, drag-out grudge fuck, and it was spectacular to witness the shameless carnality of it.

My heart was pounding in my chest, to the rhythm, it seemed, of Ryan’s pounding of Angie’s slick, wet pussy. They took no notice of me as I pushed the door completely open and strode into the room. I was behind and to the left of both of them, so I was able to approach stealthily. I stopped about four feet away from the edge of the bed.

Angie raised her head from the pillow suddenly, as Ryan shifted position, driving his cudgel into her at a steep downward angle.

“” she shrieked, spitting out each word separately on Ryan’s downstrokes.

“!” Cursewords were spewing from her deceptively pretty face, made even prettier by the pure ecstasy it betrayed.

I was dumbfounded. Out of all the things Angie had ever railed about, and there had been a great many since I’d known her, one of her favorite was the subject of sexual positions: “I would NEVER let one of those sweaty gorillas on top of me!” she would declare. “I always get to be on top; it’s a woman’s right not to be beat into the mattress just for some guy’s pleasure!”

And here she was with a “sweaty gorilla” right on top of her, her principle apparently abandoned. I’d have laughed if I’d had my wits about me. Instead, I reached out, leaned over, and let the palm of my hand come to rest on Ryan’s shoulder. The broad cap of his shoulder was the perfect mixture of hard muscle beneath soft skin.

He turned to me, and our eyes met. He kept fucking his prize as we locked gazes. To this day, I haven’t understood exactly what prompted me to lean in and kiss him, but I did. I locked him in a passionate kiss, our tongues caressing one another. The kiss was almost broken several times from the jarring motion of his body as he pounded my young shrewish girlfriend into the sheets.

Finally, he broke the kiss as Angie raised herself onto her elbows. From my vantage point, I could see her toes spread and her long calves tense. Her whole body followed suit, and as her orgasm washed over her, a stream of unintelligible, guttural moans streamed from her throat. Liquid poured from her hole, wetting the insides of her thighs and running in rivulets down to her knees.

She wasn’t human anymore, but some sort of writhing animal, lost in instinctual throes of passion. Ryan never lost a beat, ruthlessly fucking Angie’s bruised and spasming pussy with a fervor and speed increased by her screams of delight. I marveled at my bird’s-eye view of his beautiful slick cock sliding between the tan cheeks of my best friend’s ass.

Finally, after several long minutes, Angie’s body relaxed and she let her head flop back onto the pillow. Ryan removed his shaft from inside her, and I could swear her pussy made a soft kissing sound as he did so. He sat kneeling on the bed, his body glistening with sweat from his effort. His newly freed cock stood completely erect, resting against his chiseled stomach.

“I think we have a peeping tom,” he panted, slapping Angie’s outer thigh. This prompted her to look back, where she spotted me standing near the foot of the bed.

“Holy shit Melissa,” she scowled, though her voice was too weak to have any venom to it, “Were you watching us have sex?”

Now that set me off. “Hey, I didn’t come looking for you! I heard noises in here, and I thought...”

My voice tapered; I really had no good excuse for being there. My eyes went to Ryan, upon whom the real breach of etiquette had been performed. I searched the deep pools of his eyes for some sign of disappointment, scorn, or anger. There was none. Instead, I saw in them a great hunger, too hungry to be satisfied only with Angie. I felt his gaze drifting over my body, as if he had x-ray vision and was seeing me completely naked.

“Sorry,” I said, a rare thing for me to say. “I just...want you all to myself I guess.”

Ryan chuckled. “We’re just roommates, Melissa. Remember you said so? How can you be jealous of me being with a girl?”

I padded over to the bed and knelt down, my face coming level with Angie’s. She rested her cheek against the pillow, and her long brown hair was matted to her face with sweat. Her eyes were hard and she frowned at me. I kept my face serious, never flinching from her razor glare.

“I wasn’t talking about you, Rye,” I said. “I want you, Angie, all to myself.”

A shocked _expression began to flow across Angie’s face; and Ryan’s too, I imagined, though I kept my eyes locked with Angie’s. I reached out, caressing her cheek with my palm, sweeping the soaked strands of hair from her eyes.

Here was my best friend; no, more. Here was my soul-mate, a true soul-mate; not in the romantic sense that women blab about on Oprah. I’d grown up with Angie, shared the joys and hardships of becoming a woman with her. I let her ride my bike when she didn’t have one. She taught me how to draw ninja turtles when I was sure I’d never be able to do it. When she had family problems, I ran away with her, and when I had them, she ran away with me. I was the yin, and she the yang: opposites, yet very much intertwined, and with a little piece of one another nestled in our souls.

I said as much to her, without speaking, my gaze lost inside those rings of coffee brown. Understanding crept over her face, driving before it the scorn that had adorned it. The hard edges of her eyes softened, her lips relaxed into a calm smile; it was a beautiful sight to see, and I felt so empowered to have been the cause of it. I smiled with benevolent wickedness at this feeling of power over her. This must be why men are so possessive, I thought. To have total domination over a beautiful thing such as this.

Ryan shifted, becoming uncomfortable with our ignorance of him. I smiled at him, stood up, and slipped easily out of my house clothes. I felt a rush of excitement as two sets of eyes stared at my nudity. My exposed breasts hung full and pale above my taut tummy. My watchers’ faces betrayed their surprise at noticing my clean-shaven pussy, nestled happily between soft white thighs.

I knelt on the bed, moving next to Ryan. “If I have to share her,” I whispered, pressing my warm tits against his arm, “I’m glad it’s with you, Rye.” I took his earlobe in my lips and sucked it hard. He groaned, his unsatisfied cock pulsing against his abs. Angie rolled over onto her back to witness the exchange. She laughed at Ryan’s undisguised, building lust. My lips came away from his lobe and I turned his head to look into my eyes. Just as I’d suspected, I saw the very same surrender reflected there as I had seen in Angie’s. Right then, I resolved to nevermore be the quiet nexus around which the world fluttered, but instead the eye of the storm, calm and assured still, but with the whole of the winds and the direction of the storm at my command.

I laid my hand against his broad chest and pushed him backward. He stepped off the bed, my commanding gaze strong enough to move him where my arm strength was not.

“Stand there,” I said, “and watch.” I crawled over to Angie, nestling my body against hers, sliding my thigh across her battered pussy. My heavy tits brushed lightly against hers as I supported myself on my elbows. I meant to lean down to kiss her, but instead she tilted upward, wrapped her arms around my bare back, and pulled me down into the most passionate kiss I’d ever gotten.

We must have stayed that way for twenty or thirty minutes, locked in one another’s embrace, years of inhibition and denial fleeing us. Then, I pulled myself up and straddled her torso, my moistening pussy coming to rest against her lean stomach. She reached up and pressed her hands into my breasts, kneading the soft flesh. I grinned down at her, took her hands in mine, and together we played with my tits, our fingers laced as they wandered.

I heard a grunt from behind us, and turned to see Ryan jacking off in his isolation. His hand ran long strokes across his rock-hard cock, and the _expression on his face was priceless. I rolled off of Angie, laying on my back beside her, and pointed to Ryan. Her eyes went from my tits to him, and she broke into a girlish giggle at the sight of him. His eyes were wide and his face incredulous at seeing two hot girls tumbling around together on his bed. This was what Angie had wanted to see in the first place. This is why she’d flipped him off, flashed him, and fucked him, just to see his male bravado broken. I had to admit, it was quite a sight.

We giggled over him together, though he was lost in sexual pleasure and couldn’t have cared less, his eyes wandering over our naked bodies as he masturbated. I looked over at Angie and found that she was looking back at me.

“God, Angie,” I said, softly. “I love you so much.”

A tear broke from the corner of her eye, a sight I hadn’t seen since she was ten years old. “I...” she said, but I silenced her abruptly with a brief kiss.

“I know,” I said, caressing her cheek again. “I know you do.”

She shifted, rolling to place her body between my legs. She pressed her face against my tits and began to lick the soft skin of them, suckling at my little pink nipples as she passed. I arched my back, presenting my breasts as she pleasured them. I cooed as her hard nipples scratched against my stomach.

“You always bragged about being able to cum from having your tits sucked,” she said, looking up from between the mounds of my titties. “I bet you were shitting me, and I want to see for myself.” A hard edge had crept back into her voice, but it was playful now instead of venomous.

“I can, with the right partner,” I shot back, mimicking her sarcasm. She grinned evilly, and my body tingled at the sight of her beautiful face framed by my naked breasts.

Angie attacked my tits once again, sucking hard each time her lips came across my nipples. Where her tongue wasn’t licking, her slender fingers were caressing. A couple of times, she bit lightly on my sensitive nipples causing me to whimper in pain and pleasure. Her ministrations on my boobs were sending shivers up and down my spine, causing my pussy to come alive with desire. I began to move my hips, mashing my pussy lips against Angie’s stomach. I could see Ryan beyond, still jacking off furiously. I took the time to admire his muscular form in the lamplight. I could see he was close, could see the urgent need in his contorted features.

I spread my legs wide, pressing the whole of my lower body into Angie. Her tummy was already slick with my juices as my hungering pussy slid against it. Ryan began to groan, stroking himself in earnest. I felt a heat rising from my pussy, to encompass my whole body. My body began to tremble as an orgasm took root in me. My tits jiggled against Angie’s face as she struggled to keep me in her mouth until finally, I shrieked with unashamed delight as poon juice drizzled from my pussy and down between the cheeks of my ass, dripping finally onto Ryan’s sheets.

My ecstatic moaning was all Ryan needed. He gave his awesome cock one last long stroke and growled deep in his throat as a stream of dull white cum rocketed out of it. He came and came and came, spraying his seed all over Angie’s ass, back, and into her hair. A couple of spurts made it onto my naked tits as he milked himself dry, then slumped back against the wall behind him, his cock still rigid and erect.

“Who said you could cum on me, you cock sucker!” Angie wailed in mock rage. My hands went immediately to her bare back, massaging the pools of jizz into her soft skin. She returned the favor, and more, by lapping up those rogue splatters that were dripping down my tits.

I urged her up to kiss me, and took the opportunity to massage the cum into her firm, slender ass. When the kiss finally broke, we smiled at one another, closer now than we had ever been.

“I think he needs to learn patience,” I said to her, my eyes glittering with mischief. “Look at him. Thinks we’re finished with him.”

“They never learn,” her eyes reflecting mine. “You haven’t even gotten a good fucking yet.”

I laughed, rubbing noses with her. “Well, the night is still young!”

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