I stand here on a mountain top looking over the world as the sun breaks full over the horizon filling the earth below with the light of life. I climbed up here to see it all, to look around and see what others didn't, to get ahead and to become more then they could ever be. I wanted to see universe below my feet so that I could be it's master. I wanted to be special, beyond all others.

And so here I stand now, looking around in disbelief. For when I arrived, I found that there was more here then the eye could possibly see. And suddenly I realize, I am the only person seeing this, I am alone. I came for the world, I got a great view. The answer wasn't at the top. But rather, as I realize that I wish I could share this with someone, the answer was far below. In the valleys and in the towns, in the people I left behind to climb. No one could ever experience this vast landscape, it is beyond us, and even if you could, you're still alone.

Down below are the people. And each and every one of them has a piece of this vast landscape stored deep within their hearts. The people are what matter, and with every life we touch or allow to touch us, we grow beyond simply being part of the landscape, we become human.

So now I pack my bags, to climb back down into the valleys, and the fields, to find every person, every dream, and every experience. So that all of us may understand. I bring my pieces of infinity, they bring theirs, and somewhere beneath this great mountain we will find each other, and grow beyond ourselves into what man was meant to be.

We do not seek money, power, or ideals. We seek each other, and the simplicity of life. We seek to understand, and to be as one. We seek life, beauty and the immortality of the human soul in the memory of life. We seek that all may find.