Countdown to the Worlds Bigest Orgasm

I am purposing a hypnosis comunity event on this New Years Eve. I'm looking for hypnotists who would be willing to contribute one hypnosis audio file each, that will cause an orgasm during every countdown on New Years Eve. Idealy the hypnosis should center around count downs to orgasm and even perhaps on the droping of the ball in time's square, weather it is seen on TV or in person.

Hopefully, if this works, and enough people join in, we will have the largest mass orgasm in history, everyone cuming together as the year clicks over.

Here is a New Years Resolution for you: "I will obey and cum uncontrolibly every time anyone counts from ten to one on New Years Eve."

Any hypnotists who would like to be part of this project, please e-mail me with a link to your site and a link to the audio file you want to contribute.

Anyone who wishes to participate by listening and then cuming as each timezone clicks over, check back here frequently to download hypnosis audio files from your favorite hypnotist.

Hopefully by the begining of December this site will be fully up and running, at the very least, my audio file for this event should be up by then.

My message boards will be hosting discussion of this event in both it's posting area and it's chat room. Check out My Message Boards

Have a Very Happy New Year. --Julian D'Angelos

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