Wishes. . .

Imagine for a moment, that any fantasy you could possibly have, could come true. Anything. That it is possible to cum for hours. That it is possible to be turned on uncontrollably just by someone's presence. That it is possible to feel such intense desire that your inhibitions are shattered. Imagine that with just a wish your pussy would flood and your dream lover would be there instantly, licking you. Imagine that just by calling out a word, you could have an orgasm anywhere, any time, or that you could feel all the pleasure of sex, secretly while sitting at work. . .

Imagine a day where you would uncontrollably cum every hour, on the hour. Or that on every full moon you would become a sex goddess. Imagine that pleasing your man would always make you cum, that he simply could not cum without you, because you would automatically cum every time he did. Imagine that by just wearing a specific item of clothing, you would immediately forget all your worries and cares and become a complete nymphomaniac, unable to do anything but enjoy pleasure uninterrupted for hours.

Imagine that hard shaft inside your wetness right now, how good it would feel to just moan and rock back and forth on it, tightening, flooding, tingling, aching. . . Imagine being out of control completely, truly letting every naughty thought come out in the most seductive way. . . Imagine a kiss on your lips that sends a shiver down your spine. Imagine a tongue licking circles around your hard nipples as they feel so hard your breasts feel like they are swelling larger. . . Imagine a hand gently caressing your neck and back.

Imagine your naughtiest, hottest, most secret, fantasy, coming true just by asking for it. . .

Welcome to the life of a Pleasure Slave. Where your only true master is your own imagination and your own desire, and we can explore any world of pleasure you want, and even some you don't expect. My goal is to be the personification of uninhibited, wild, passionate, adventurous desire. I want to push you to your limits, take you places you may have never been, and fulfill my own desires and pleasures while exploring yours.

Now you don't have to imagine: you will obey, and deep in your mind that phrase is repeating and becoming more true with every moment. Feel your pussy tingle and come to life by my command, almost as though I am your desire, and because of that, I can be your master for a time to bring that part of you to life. Feel the beautiful energy of arousal flowing through you because of me, and know that I feel that same thing because of you, and that by sharing our desire, the energy grows stronger. When I am not present you still feel such things, but I can bring them to life any time I wish, and so whenever you wish, you can let me become your desire, and let me move you to places you may not explore on your own.

Now you don't have to imagine; your body feels so hot now, so tingly, as your breathing deepens. Feel yourself so ready to cum, so ready to live out every sexual fantasy to it's fullest, to bring not just your body to pleasure, but your entire being. To use your mind, your body, your imagination, every part of you in living out the art of pleasure. So that instead of your parts fighting against each other, they find harmony in bliss. Pure uninhibited bliss as your pussy lips swell, the wetness pouring out, your clit throbbing like the beating drums of passionate sex while you free your imagination to truly think of the things you often don't let it. To let your imagination focus on your deep fantacys.

Now you don't have to hold back your imagination, you can imagine anything and when my command reaches you, it will happen. Now you can bridge the gap between imagination and reality, as simply reading my words makes you actually feel a light kiss on your lips, making them part and tingle in a moan of overflowing desire.

I can take you to a place where your deepest desires can be fulfilled by just letting go. There is only one catch. I can push you wherever I want very easily, but to go where you want, you have to tell me where you want to go.

Feel your heartbeat quicken at the thought of actually letting yourself speak your deepest darkest desires. And even more so, at the possibility of what could happen if you spoke them. You are nervous, you are overwhelmingly turned on, you are excited, you are unsure of yourself, but you want to see where this goes. . .

As your master I will make you a promise: any fantasy, desire, wish, or fetish, that you tell me about in some detail, via e-mail or my message boards, I promise to turn into a story, hypnosis audio file, or even more so, I will try to cause it to come true in some way. Feel yourself so turned on right now that a thousand ideas are coming to mind, and your pussy seems ready to go completely out of control into an unprovoked orgasm.

Any time you write to me a request, you will find that the entire time you write me, your pussy is out of control, and your body is overwhelmingly horny. Simply typing such fantasies to me will often cause you to orgasm repeatedly and uncontrollably. Feel free to tell me or not tell me what is happening to you while you type to me, but either way, you will cum. . . again and again and again, even for almost a half an hour after you have sent a wish to me, you will remain incredibly horny because of the possibility of what may happen in response. . .

If you have something in mind right now, go ahead and click one of the links below to type it to me, otherwise, take the link back to the main site, but know what will happen if you ever have a request.

What do you imagine?

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