Mental Massage.

Deep trance.

My mind is so open Iím beginning to think these words as though they were my own thoughts. Iím even saying them in my head as I read them, and I am going deeper and deeper somehow. This is so weird, Iím not even sure where I am. I think I was getting a massage, then had sex and came more times then I can count, I feel like I am still getting a massage.

I feel strange, like I am somehow not conscious, but I keep reading. It seems like there is a weird echo in my head. Am I thinking or reading? These words make me feel so good, like I am getting the best massage of my life.

My body is changing, I can feel it. I feel hyper and giddy, giggling, my breasts are getting bigger, they are swollen and full. I feel so sexy all the time now. Iím becoming the sexiest woman alive.

I canít seem to think on my own when I am getting a mental massage like this, itís like there are fingers rubbing my mind into a wonderful submission where all I want to do is obey. This massage feels so good after cuming so many times. Itís like I am being massaged inside and out.

The afterglow of cuming feels so nice, itís made my days just that much better to be cuming every morning. Oh my god, I feel so sexy right now, what is happening to me?

I think when I am done reading today I am going to get dressed up a little, something nice and hot, although with as sexy as I am right now I would probably look good in anything. But a body like this feels like it just wants to be dressed up.

I wonder if anyone would believe me if I tried to explain that somehow I am becoming. . . I donít know what I am becoming? Some kind of incredibly sexy woman. God I canít think right now. How did I get so hot?

I need to write some of this down or I might forget it, my mind being massaged like this I can hardly think at all. I almost want to touch my body all over just to see if I really am this sexy. How can I possibly still be horny, I just came a million times.

Woa, got distracted, feeling so sexy. I need to write some of this down before I canít think straight at all. I think I was going to start a blog. Iím going to write about what is happening. God, I hope I can remember that. Must write this down. Must write this down. Must slide hands down. How did I get so hot? God my pussy is wet all the time.

Maybe one more orgasm before I write.

Blank this trance.

1 Waking up. My mind feels so tingly. Where do thoughts come from?

2 Waking up. Iím too sexy for my shirt, giggle. Woa was I asleep?

3 More awake. Something looks different about this webpage but I donít know what. Oh wow, I wasnít dreaming about my body looking and feeling like this how can I possibly be changing?

4 More awake. How the hell am I still turned on? I just came. Wow, I really am hot.

5 Wide awake. I was supposed to do something, what was it? Cum? Oh yeah, write. Maybe after I cum.

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