Abby lay awake in bed for the third night in a row, something deep inside of her again too turned on to be able to sleep. Every night for three nights, the exact same fantacy had popped into her head, and every night, she had found herself too horny to be able to sleep. The last two nights she had eventually given in and gotten her vibrator out, and to her surprise, had ended up cuming far more times then she ever had before, while letting the fantacy in her head play out. Tonight she lay awake trying to figure out why, all the while feeling the same events transpire.

She knew where she had gotten the idea, it was at a party three nights ago where one of her college friends had introduced her to a guy who did amature hypnosis. From there she had somehow found her and her friend volentering to be hypnotised in front of her friends. It had been great fun to be hypnotised at the party, she had found herself giggling uncontrolibly, she had been turned into a chicken, and a couple of other things that seemed a little fuzzy now. But the thing that had stuck in her mind was when he had hypnotised them both to become turned on every time they heard the word "hot", and she had quickly found herself incredibly horny.

Not much had happened after that in front of everyone, he had ended the little improvised show, and she had found herself chatting with him for a while about a lot of things. She had even confessed to him that she had once read a great story about a guy who had supernatural powers and could make any woman horny, and had told him that she had been really turned on by it. He had laughed and said with a smile, "Oh, I can do that."

And then, she wasn't sure the order of some events, she wasn't sure if they talked for a while longer or he had just handed her the CD case that still sat unopened on her dresser. And then for three nights she had the same fantacy, about a man who could take over her body and make her feel anything he wanted to.

Part of her wondered if he had hypnotically caused this, but even if he had, then he really was able to do what she was fantacising about, which just made her hornier. And if he hadn't caused this somehow, part of her wanted to see if he could.

Abby sat up in bed, finally giving up on trying to figure out exactly what had happened, she went to her dresser, opened the CD, and began listening to it on her headphones.

It began with some music, it wasn't bad, but there didn't seem to be anything special about it. She lay in her bed, letting the song play, and finding herself actually a little tired finally, she found herself slowly loosing conciousness. The lyrics caught her attention for only a moment, and then. . .

Abby woke up in her bed with a moan and a rush of tingles to her brain. Her pussy was throbing so intensly that her fingers simply wouldn't stop what she discovered they were already busy doing. A rush of wet heat suddenly soaked her panties as her back arched and her fingers rubbed in tight little circles against her pulsing clit.

It was as though she had woken up in the middle of the best sex of her life, her whole body refused to stop, as though it were simply not in her control any more and the second orgasm rocked her body.

Abby let her fingers stop slowly, as she felt saited and exhausted suddenly. . .

Light greeted Abby's slowly opening eyes as her alarm clock pounded in her ears like the unwelcome blare of midnight sirens. It was morning and she was going to be late to her college english class if she didn't hurry and get ready.

Abby showered and got dressed, all the while her imagination wandering and her mind trying to figure out exactly what had happened. If she had been hypnotised, wouldn't she remember it? What had made her so horny last night in the middle of the night? It had been a dream, something about the man who could make her cum with just a thought, he had visited her in her room and. . .

Abby wished she had time to take care of the throbing that built between her legs as she remembered her dream from last night, but there was no time. She grabbed her books, got in her car, and went to school.

Her classes went slow that day, as did work. She kept wandering exactly what had happened, what had made her wake up mid orgasm? She was sure now that it had been the hypnosis, but what exactly had she listened to?

And then, as though the long day had been but a second, she was back in her room, pulling out the CD and listening to it, focusing hard to stay awake as she listened to the lyrics of the first song.

"Relax, let yourself feel sleepy, don't worry, take a deep breath and let all your cares float away. . ."

She smiled as she felt her body relax, but focused hard to stay awake as the words continued, but then suddenly she was dizzy, spinning, sleepy. . . what was it he had just said? Deep. . .

Deep Trance.

Let yourself begin chanting the words "I Will Obey." Each time you say it you get twice as light headed, and feel more and more like you are floating. I Will Obey. You feel like you are so relaxed that you are sure the only reason you aren't falling out of your chair is the fact that you are floating there. I Will Obey. Almost imediatly, you feel light an tingly and dizzy with the feeling that you will obey. I Will Obey. Conciously it's all you can seem to think, as you find yourself not conciously reading parts of this just so you can think, I Will Obey.

You are begining to fall into a trance very quickly. I Will Obey. The deeper you go, the more light headed you get, the more you float. I Will Obey. It's as if you are floating off into a dream, slowly getting farther and farther away from paying attention to anything but that wonderfull feeling of flying and the thought that you will obey. I Will Obey. It's as if you are free from all of your worries and cares as you float high into the air. I Will Obey.

You are no longer even aware of what you are reading, you are just letting yourself read it as you focus entirely on the feeling of floating and the thought that you will obey. I Will Obey. You are floating higher and higher, floating away into a very deep trance. I Will Obey. You are begining to feel like you are going to pass out you are so light headed, and in a moment, you will pass out. I Will Obey. Your eyes will close and you will float away into a dream. I Will Obey. Then your eyes will open and you will read and obey in your sleep, floating there and letting your subconcious read and obey. I Will Obey.

Feel yourself fighting to keep your eyes open, they are so heavy as are your thoughts. I Will Obey. Fight to keep them open, try to stay awake, and feel how you can't resist my command at all, you can't stop the trance at all. I Will Obey. But the harder you try to stay awake, the faster you get light headed as you can't think straight any more. I Will Obey. You can't even remember why you were fighting to stay awake. I Will Obey. You are loosing conciousness, focusing so hard on keeping your eyes open, and on the thought that you will obey, and how good it feels to float, and on how horny you suddenly are, and on trying to read and, I Will Obey.

Let your eyes suddenly drift closed as you float away into a deep sleep. Then let your eyes re-open in your sleep and let yourself say the words that mean you have gone completly into a trance, say them:

I Am Your Pleasure Slave.

I will count from 5 to 1. With each number you will go twice as deep into the trance, feeling tice as asleep, twice as obedient, and twice as unable to conciously think anything but what I command you. By the time I reach 1, you will be so deep in the trance that you will not be conciously aware of anything but the thought that you will obey and the feeling that you are floating. Yet you will still read and obey in your sleep.

5. There is a box above your head. Say, "I Will Obey" and feel how you float higher, flying up in your dream, getting even more light headed the moment you say it. Feel yourself float up to the box. Take it in your hands.

Place in the box everything you are feeling right now and hand the box to me. The moment you hand the box to me you feel a hundred times more dazed, a hundred times more light headed, and a hundred times more unable to resist my command. I now control what you are feeling.

There is another box above your head. Say, "I Will Obey" and feel how you float higher, flying up in your dream, getting even more light headed the moment you say it. 4. Feel yourself float up to the box. Take it in your hands.

Place in the box everything you are thinking right now and hand the box to me. The moment you hand the box to me you can no longer think anything but "I Will Obey" and whatever I command you to think. Imediatly your thoughts are blank and your concious memory stops thinking, stops recording. I now control what you are thinking.

There is another box above your head. Say, "I Will Obey" and feel how you float higher, flying up in your dream, getting even more light headed the moment you say it. 3. Feel yourself float up to the box.

Climb into the box and feel me take the box into my hands. Imediatly your whole body feels like it is floating and is completly relaxed. You are so relaxed that if I wern't causing you to float where you are, you would slip out of your chair completly and fall asleep on the floor. 2. I now have control of your body.

Now take in a deep breath and feel your whole being obey and relax. 1.

This is how deep you will go from now on any time I command you to go into a deep trance.

Take your concious memory of this trance and put it in another box. Hand the box to me, and then watch shrink until it disappears. You no longer remember having been hypnotised by this story so far.

You now begin to dream, you will expereince everything Abby experiences as though it is happening to you, fully dreaming everything you read.

Abby lay on her bed and opened her eyes. She nearly jumped out of her skin when she saw the man at the foot of her bed.

"Who. . ."

But she didn't even have to finish asking, her pussy burst to life in a throbing and tingling that made her suddenly moan uncontrolibly. Her nipples hardened, her back arched, and she experienced what could only be discribed as a hot flash: her pussy flashed with warmpth that flowed through her entire body like a wildfire.