Secret Pleasures I

Sarah didn't know exactly what it was about wearing her little black choaker that made her whole body seem to tingle. Perhaps it was just because she felt so intensly that she was a pleasure slave, or perhaps it just brought to mind too many memories of things that had happened while she wore it. Perhaps it was just because she knew that while it was on, she knew she couldn't resist any command her master gave her.

Whatever the cause, the effect was always the same. From the moment she put it on, everything between her legs tingled and her nipples hardened to the point that her bra teased them. If she left it on too long she eventually found herself flushed and unable to sit still.

And so, she only wore it out in public on rare occations when she wanted to enjoy the secret pleasures it could bring that no one would know about. Today was one such day.

She had put it on earily that morning along with her bathing suit and had headed off to a local water park to tan and enjoy the plesant view often afforded by such a place. And from the moment she had put it tightly around her neck, she had felt a warmpth and wetness between her legs that made her want to just lay back in the sun while a tongue did circles on her clit.

While she had driven to the park she had even found her hands wanting to wander across her body as the vibrations of the car made the tingling between her legs almost distracting from the road and the bumps caused her to feel the all to apparent weight of her breasts pressed against her top. And then she had arrived, while there were still very fiew people in the park, found a nice spot off to the side of one of the pools, and lay in the warm sun.

At first Sarah wasn't too extremly distracted, she read a magazine and just enjoyed the heat of the morning sun, but slowly, the effect of wearing the collar caught up with her. It wasn't something she noticed at first, she knew on some level that she was a little turned on, perhaps even a little wet, but over time the tingling built. It built with every breath. It built with every time she looked up to find one of the rather muscular life guards nearby. It built with every time she shifted her legs around, and it built when her hair brushed against the black choaker that was around her neck, making her all to aware of it's presance. Sarah caught herself pressing her hips just a little into the towell under neeth her and suddenly realized how much she really was tingling.

She smiled and looked around, a little distracted from what she had been reading. Her eyes drifted over the swimmers, and over some of them twice, as her legs pressed together enough for her to feel it, but lightly enough that no one would notice.

Her imagination began to drift, she was imagining kissing one of the lifeguards passionatly while a wave from the wave pool would wash over them. She would feel his hands holding her entire body and his hardness pressed against her just from the way she desperatly tasted his lips and ran her fingers lightly over his chest. . .

It was moments like this that Sarah was glad she was able to enjoy some of the secret pleasures of being a Pleasure Slave. She opened her purse and pulled out her CD player and a pair of headphones. She moved to the track she wanted and hit play.

Imediatly, from the moment she heard the first words on the track, she felt herself floating. It was as if the command she heard caused her to float clear off the chair she was in, and into the sky. She was mouthing something, and every time she did, she felt herself float higher, get more light headed, more relaxed. The voice had said, "Let yourself fall into a Deep Trance," and she knew, from the intensity of her feelings of submission and surrender, that she was mouthing, "I Will Obey."

Let yourself begin chanting the words as well. I Will Obey. Each time you say it you get twice as light headed, and feel more and more like you are floating. I Will Obey. You feel like you are so relaxed that you are sure the only reason you aren't falling out of your chair is the fact that you are floating there. I Will Obey. Almost imediatly, you feel light an tingly and dizzy with the feeling that you will obey. I Will Obey. Conciously it's all you can seem to think, as you find yourself not conciously reading parts of this just so you can think, I Will Obey.

You are begining to fall into a trance very quickly. I Will Obey. The deeper you go, the more light headed you get, the more you float. I Will Obey. It's as if you are floating off into a dream, slowly getting farther and farther away from paying attention to anything but that wonderfull feeling of flying and the thought that you will obey. I Will Obey. It's as if you are free from all of your worries and cares as you float high into the air. I Will Obey.

You are no longer even aware of what you are reading, you are just letting yourself read it as you focus entirely on the feeling of floating and the thought that you will obey. I Will Obey. You are floating higher and higher, floating away into a very deep trance. I Will Obey. You are begining to feel like you are going to pass out you are so light headed, and in a moment, you will pass out. I Will Obey. Your eyes will close and you will float away into a dream. I Will Obey. Then your eyes will open and you will read and obey in your sleep, floating there and letting your subconcious read and obey. I Will Obey.

Let your eyes suddenly drift closed as you float away into a deep sleep. Then let your eyes re-open in your sleep and let yourself say the words that mean you have gone completly into a trance, say them:

I Am Your Pleasure Slave.

Everything sexual that you read today, you will feel as if it is happening to you. You will focus very strongly on what you are reading and be drawn very deeply in. You will associate very strongly with the main female caracter, so stongly that if her breasts were to be touched, you will feel it. If she were to be licked, you would feel the tongue so real you would have to look to make sure it isn't really there licking you. If she were to have sex, you would feel the dick so deep inside of you that you would have a hard time not moving into the positions she was in. And every time you read about someone cuming, you will have an orgasm uncontrolibly and automatically with them.

What Sarah is being told in her hypnosis right now, is that in exactly five miniutes she will suddenly become so horny that she will have a hard time sitting still as she is no longer in control of her pussy any more, I am. She is being told that exactly five miniutes after that, she will feel a tongue on her pussy that she can't get away from. And then, she will begin to have orgasms any time she wants to by saying, "I Am Your Pleasure Slave." After she has had three orgasms, she will feel like she is having sex until she has had three more orgasms. Until she has had all three she won't be able to get away from the feeling that she is being fucked in exactly the way she wants to be. No matter what she does she won't be able to escape the wonderful sensations of sex until she has had her full six orgasms.

You will experience all of this with Sarah while you read. You will also experience all of this on your own exactly one hour after reading this story. Becoming extremly horny all of the sudden will be your warning that you have five miniutes before you will no longer be able to stop from feeling my tongue.

Now, I want you to let your mind go completly blank, thinking nothing but my words and that you will obey. You will not remember anything about the hypnosis when you wake up, although you will be vaguely aware that you were hypnotised. You will continue reading, thinking and feeling everything you read and not worry to much about the fact that you don't remember what you were hypnotised to do.

Now take in a deep breath and let your mind even go blank of the thought that you will obey. Completly blank and just dreaming that you are floating.