Heather closed the program just as Bell returned from break. She couldn't believe what she had just seen. It had worked, just as it had said. She could now speed read and she quickly jotted down even more numbers in the sequence of pi then she ever would have imagined possible.

She put the pen down and rubbed her forehead in amazement.

"I know, isn't that crazy,"Bell's voice came from behind her, "When I took the application test I could only recall four in the first sequence. I now know pi to fifteen places."

Heather couldn't believe her ears, "But, how do they. . "

"I have no idea. Only people in research and development know how it works. I'm sure you've seen some of them, they are the ones allowed to dress differently."

"And there's no side effects?"

"None that I know of, unless you count passing algebra as a side effect."

Bell pointed to her own screen and Heather's eyes quickly darted over the girl's current grade report. All As. Heather just stared for a moment, then excitedly, "What kind of stuff do they have on that program?"

"All sorts of things, like, I know how to do yoga. The have a training program for it specifically so you know what's going on before you go to the yoga class in the mornings. But that's nothing, have you used the interface on your own yet?"

"You mean made the buttons appear like it says I can? Not yet. So it's real, it's really in there?"

"Yep, it's like a little robot assistant in your brain now."

Heather cautiously imagined the record button, then imagined clicking it.

"Oh my god!" She said out loud as it appeared. She knew there were seven buttons on Bell's shirt. The smell of her perfume was memorized. She could navigate their cubicle in the dark it's layout suddenly seemed so familiar.

There were five pencils in the cup at Bell's desk. The girl had a freckle on her left breast. The time was 9:37. She hastily clicked the button off.

She didn't say a word, Bell talked, but she didn't hear it. She turned back to her desk in a flurry and pulled up wikipedia.


By the time noon arrived Heather knew the Greek alphabet and that there was no record anywhere on the internet that a technology like this one had ever been created. She knew that brain interfaces had been attempted, and she knew the names of the scientists who made it so that monkeys could move a mouse with their minds, but none of that even compared to the little buttons she could now turn on just outside of her vision.

Bell had told her to take it easy, she was going to wear herself out, that her mind wasn't used to this kind of thing, but she hadn't listened. Heather had always had a thirst for knowledge that was insatiable, it was one of the reasons she didn't do well in school. She disrupted class with questions the teachers couldn't answer and spent her time reading instead of doing homework. For her, she had found the holly grail.

At lunch she barely ate, her mind playing back over all the incredibly accessible information now in her head. She had always had an incredibly good memory, but now, it seemed nearly perfect. She knew there were seven buttons on Bell's shirt after all.

After lunch when she saw the girl again, she had questions, "Did it work this immediately for you? Was it dramatically effective? Did it change your entire way of studying?"

Bell laughed, "They say it can only process as well as your mind's top performance can, after all it is written on your mind, but yes, it was very different for me, I suspect I didn't use my mind much before this."

It was then that a woman in a white shirt and black skirt arrived at heir cubicle. She had no nametag but introduced herself as Catherine. She gave Bell a book, and Heather a piece of paper, "Assignments for the day ladies."

Bell immediately set to work reading. The book title was "Reminiscences of a Stock Operator." And it suddenly dawned on Heather that if they could record this kind of information and process it this company could make incredible amounts of money on anything that required research . . . stock trading would be one of them.

Once the woman had left, Heather read the piece of paper. Her assignment was to compose a list of goals, what she wanted to get out of her time at this place. It also said that based on her performance they expected her to have her associates by the end of the year. It took her the rest of the day to write the essay prompted. She still didn't know exactly what she wanted to do with her life, only that she wanted it to be extraordinary. In the end it was titled, "To be a powerful woman."

Heather went home that night exhausted. She only managed to microwave dinner before passing out. All night her dreams were strange, the information she had studied kept appearing vividly along with the buttons. When she awoke to her alarm clock she was happy to find that she still knew there were five pencils in the cup on Bell's desk.

Heather arrived at work determined and focused. She didn't know what exactly she wanted to learn or do, but she knew she was going to become a force by the time she left this place.

When she arrived at her desk she found a note that instructed her to go to the boss's office so that he could put a face to her name. She did so quickly, wanting nothing more then to get going with her school work for the morning.

She arrived at the large black doors where a secretary pressed a button and informed the man inside that Heather Smith was here to see him. The doors opened on their own and she walked through quickly, her heals now clicking on the black marble floor.

Heather's first impression was that the man behind the large desk was very attractive, so much so that she was caught off guard by the thought the casually passed through her mind; He is so hot he makes my pussy wet.

"Welcome to the company," He said as Heather tried to ignore the tingling between her legs.

"Thank you sir." She said, trying to hide the fact that the excitement and need for answered questions mixing with arousal was making her want to explode.

"Do you find your study partner to be satisfactory?" He said, never looking up from the paperwork on his desk.

"Yes, though if you could make her a little smarter I think it would make both our lives easier." She said half joking, half serious.

"And that we shall." He said with a little half smile, "I think you will find that we are both on the same team when it comes to that. Well, that and everything really."

Heather hadn't felt butterflies in her stomach like this since her first disappointment of a boyfriend finally figured out how to touch her, "Can I ask how it works sir?"

He smiled and looked at her and she almost melted, "Yes, you may ask, but you won't find out for quite some time. I admire your curiosity though, it's why we picked you actually. That will be all."

"Thank you sir." She said and walked back out quickly, her panties noticeably sticking to her. For a moment she just stood outside the door trying to get a hold of herself. She had never been a sexual prude, but she had never felt so instantly attracted to someone either. It frequently took months with someone before she found herself interested in them at all, let alone like that. For a moment she considered going to the restroom to take care of herself, but thought better of it, she had studying to do, she would just have to deal with the wet panties for the rest of the morning.

The first three hours passed rather quickly as she did the opening assignments for each of her classes. After break she eagerly ran the tutorial again, trying unsuccessfully to figure out how it worked. Then for her last three hours she speed read a psychology text book she was given. It didn't tell her anything about how all this worked, but she knew what parts of her brain must be effected. That and everything else in the book.

When she got home she wasn't quite as tired, but she went to bed early anyway for personal reasons. Her pussy had been wet off and on all day and she needed to take care of that after waiting for so long.

She got a towel and slipped into bed in just her nighty. Her fingers slipped quickly between her legs and her mind went adrift as the sensations poured eagerly up into her body. As the butterflies returned she found her mind drifting back to her boss's office. At first she tried to push the thought away, but then decided it was harmless. That night she fingered herself to an orgasm while imagining him fucking her.

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