The Sex Goddess

Darkness. The warmth of day still lingers in the air, as though the sun's presence has not yet fully worn off. Early evening; the stars appearing in the sky timidly after the blaze of sunset has given up it's struggle to embrace the sky for just a minute more. . .

A warm fragrant breeze blows through the garden, picking up the last of the flower's perfume and stringing it through he night, as the sound of the fountain's constantly moving waters sings a duet with the wind through the leaves. Nights like this make sleep an impossibility. Energy seems to radiate from the air it's self, an energy that whispers on the warm humid breeze, "Something is about to happen, and if you sleep, you may miss it."

There is a sense of urgent calmness in the wind, a paradox of feeling, that it must hurry to somewhere with it's slow relaxing warmth. The stars twinkle like a lover's first eye contact across a crowded room, the twinkle that says between two people, "We know something that no one else here knows."

It is on such a night that the rising of the full moon is not just expected, but required: as though the world it's self needs romance when moments like this arise. And tonight, the moon will make her appearance in the clear night sky, soon she will glide over the horizon silently like lover sneaking into the bedchambers of a forbidden love: quiet, but so beautiful as to stun all those that see. And it is on just such a night, that the goddess of sensual beauty makes her way to earth.

On such a full moon'd night, any woman can feel her presence. That stirring deep inside, an energy to go out and do something. . . even if she knows not what. A sensual connection with everything around her, and a sexual tension that tugs gently at her imagination. That part of her, that part of you, that is still a little wild, uninhibited, and interested in what just might happen next with an anticipation as intense as the moment just before a first kiss.

It is as though deep inside is a primal, ancient, female wisdom that it is the sensual connection to the world that gives life it's intensity and meaning. She knows how to seduce, she knows how to be seduced. She knows that just a look at her lover can overwhelm him. She knows that her body moves gracefully yet powerfully, like a great cat stalking through the grass, and that the hunt is as beautiful and sensual as any dance or music. She is that part which is alive for just a moment when dancing to the music of seduction your body moves on it's own.

And tonight, in the garden, it is this part of you which will be set free by the rising of the full moon. When you not just encounter that part of yourself that is a sex goddess, but you fully become her. Feel the collar around your neck and know that you cannot resist my command.

"Are you ready? Will You Obey?" A soft voice whispers in your ear as you stand in the garden, wearing the most seductive clothing you can imagine.

"Yes." Your voice seems to answer on it's own.

Deep Trance.

I Will Obey. Immediately you are chanting, your mouth moving on it's own. I Will Obey. Immediately you are focused on that one thought. I Will Obey. Immediately you are dizzy and falling into a deep hypnotic sleep. I Will Obey. Let your subconscious read for you as your conscious mind focuses completely on that one thought. I Will Obey. Your mouth is moving on it's own and you are no longer consciously aware of what you are reading. I Will Obey. You are thinking feeling and doing everything you read from me right now. I Will Obey. You cannot resist. I Will Obey. In a moment your eyes will close on their own and you will loose consciousness, then your eyes will reopen and you will continue to read and obey in your sleep. I Will Obey. BLACK OUT NOW.

I Am Your Pleasure Slave.

You stop chanting "I Will Obey" and are simply deep in a hypnotic trance reading and obeying completely.

The next time you see the full moon, or even a picture of the full moon, you will undergo a transformation into a sex goddess.

You will feel suddenly like you are being drawn into the moon, floating into the moon. You won't be able to look away as the light pours into your entire being. You will see the part of you that is a sex goddess in the white light of the moon, and as you approach her perfect feminine sexuality, you will realize you are looking in a mirror, and you are a sex goddess.

At that moment you will become a sex goddess. The transformation will be complete, you are here for sensual pleasure, and nothing else matters at the moment. While you are a sex goddess all of your inhibitions will be gone. You will feel as though you are borrowing this body from a mortal woman and that all the inhibitions and worries she feels are not even yours. You will feel like you can do anything you want.

While you are a sex goddess you will not do anything that your normal self will regret, but you will be free of your normal self's boundaries in any circumstance where you can really enjoy yourself without having to worry about consequences.

While you are a sex goddess you will naturally move seductively, you will naturally enjoy all the wonderful movements of your body. You will be a nymphomaniac, always craving more pleasure. You will not hesitate to touch yourself when you can. You would happily seduce your lover. You would be quite content to sit and imagine having sex with me while absent mindedly touching yourself.

Nothing in your normal life will seem to matter, all you will want to do or think about is sex. You could literally cum for hours and still gently keep playing. No fantasy is taboo, you can imagine anything you want.

After you have been pulled into the moon and have become a sex goddess, your normal life will seem like a far away thing, something from the mortal woman who's body you are in. All you want to do is enjoy this fantastic body while you have it.

Once you have become a sex goddess you will find yourself in your body again, waking up and no longer entranced by the moon, but you will find that you are so intensely horny that you are breathing hard and can't sit still. Then you will fully return to your body as a sex goddess by suddenly having an unexpected and uncontrollable orgasm. Then you will know for sure that you are a sex goddess and you have found a most sensual, most wonderful woman to enjoy pleasure as.

For exactly an hour after the transformation you will remain a sex goddess. During that time you will always be incredibly horny, you could always enjoy another orgasm, and you won't be able to stop fantasizing about sex.

After exactly an hour you will feel your eyes close and the sex goddess will return to her normal place inside of you. You will then wake up as your normal self but will remember everything you did as a sex goddess.

You are now going to begin dreaming what you read as though it is really happening to you. Let your conscious mind, which is asleep, begin to dream as though you really are asleep. You are dreaming that you are in the garden.

You are standing in an open area, nearby there are walls covered in ivy. You are watching the sky over one of the walls and you can tell that the moon is rising. Something deep within you stirs as though anticipating the rising of the moon.

You know that I am behind you my pleasure slave, whispering to you, but you don't consciously know what I am saying.

You can feel yourself suddenly very turned on. Your nipples harden, your legs want to press together and your pussy is noticeably wet, throbbing, and tingling. You are beginning to get butterflies in your stomach and your breathing wants to move faster and deeper.

You are even starting to feel as though you can't keep your hands from wandering as your breasts seem to press forward, as though presenting themselves, as your back arches just a little and you have an intense urge to press your butt back towards me. The butterflies get stronger, your lower stomach tightening, as you suddenly feel my hard dick against your butt and my hands gently but firmly on your hips.

You feel my dick throbbing against you as your pussy throbs with it, and suddenly you take in a deep breath that fills your whole body with tingles. Then as you find yourself unable to keep your hips still, you begin to grind back against my dick, intensely feeling like you may bend over soon uncontrollably, as you let out that deep breath in a moan.

Then you notice the rising moon, it has just crested the wall and suddenly you can't think straight. You are floating, you are tingling all over as though every nerve in your body were giving you pleasure all at once.

Your pussy throbs so intensely that you begin to shake and shiver as goose bumps cover your skin and chills run up and down your spine like electric currents ending in your pussy.

Your eyes are being drawn towards the moon and you are so horny right now you feel like you would do anything to have an orgasm. And then your eyes lock onto the moon and you feel yourself drawn into it.